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Due Sept '08 - Counting Down Rather than Up Now!

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Sunshinemummy Mon 19-May-08 13:19:26

Thought I'd do this and post my last comments:

Hi all. Glad to hear more good scan news!

We had MIL visit this weekend and she is such hard work. She literally never lifted a finger and kept going back to bed every couple of hours. I've asked DP not to let her come again for a while as it's hard work waiting on someone.

We also finally put DS in his 'big boy bed'. Went quite well - he went to bed no problems, but he woke up at 2am crying as he'd got stuck under the duvet. He was then awake for a couple of hours so I'm feeling shattered today. Anyone of you with older children got any tips?

Slinkie we'll be near each other for mat leave won't we? We can have some fun together I'm sure.

Meglet I'm the same as you with the whole bf thing. I hated it last time and was relieved when I gave up. I keep veering to and fro with regards to trying it for this baby. I had such a happy time last time round, really enjoyed the whole experience, and am worried that attempting to bf will make the whole thing fraught.

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StarlightMcKenzie Mon 19-May-08 13:23:09

Message withdrawn

eandz Mon 19-May-08 13:36:53

hi guys!!

surelyyoucantbeserious Mon 19-May-08 13:38:33

oo well done sunshine!!

MissusH Mon 19-May-08 13:45:10

Found you.....

Sunshinemummy Mon 19-May-08 13:55:38

I think I may have been a bit unclear in my link. I've gone back to correct it but if you find anyone lost can you direct them here?

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eandz Mon 19-May-08 13:56:10

is anyone dreaming of that first trip away from baby/children?

becaroo Mon 19-May-08 14:04:09

Hello all.

Nothing to report other than hayfever and toothache.

Busy weekend - ds went to 3 parties in 3 days smile

eandz...I dreamt of trips away from baby before I had my ds and then I couldnt bear to leave him! He has only just started to have sleepovers at my MIL and he is nearly 5!!!

slinkiemalinki Mon 19-May-08 14:04:12

Hi sunshinemummy yes we will, which will be nice! Hopefully (particularly if we are in with the same NCT group) we will meet a nice crowd as well. Very excited your DS is in a big boy's bed now... we are moving my daughter in a month's time (my dad has to come and do the assembly/disassembly etc!) and she is already excited about it. I have been staying up late this weekend choosing the bed, mattress and bed linen online, what a saddo am I?! But can't offer any tips yet but sounds like it's going pretty well for the first night.

Glad scans are going well still, I have a detailed cardiac scan on Wednesday (whim of doctor I think - nothing has showed up so far) but another chance to see the lad!

eandz we don't go away much without our daughter. We did a couple of weddings last summer and a birthday party; that was about it. My husband can't bear it. So I doubt that will change when this one comes along! But everyone's different, I know people who do, but if you are breastfeeding it will be a while before you get the chance!

mustsleep Mon 19-May-08 14:06:27

hello new thread

i have just been to see the nurse and have come away with a variety of precriptions grin i even have one for gaviscon which is nice!!

i would just love any holiday at all with or without the kids but we are sooo skint at the mo that it doesn't even look like we'll be going next year at this rate! sad

bloody npower have just gotmy final bill cos i've switched gas supplier and its for £200 for three months, but the readings are estimated!! i'm sure that southern electric took a reading when i switched over but don't know what that was and the reading on the gas meter now is more than on the npower bill but then it's a couple of months since their estimate angry

meglet Mon 19-May-08 14:12:59

mustsleep I think I have piles too, but nothing too bad blush. But I think worse may be to come. I had an anal fissure after DS was born, I got constipated on the painkillers following my cs and was in pain several times a day for months, couldn't sit down either. I can honestly say the pain from the tear was worth than being in labour sad. Its still not 100% better and I reckon it will come back again this time. I had to stop bf last time to take stool softeners and I starved myself as I was so scared to poo (TMI, sorry!).

I was thinking back about some of my pre-baby assumptions and plans and realised how much everything changed. See below...

Pre baby;
Wanted natural birth, no pain relief.
Fully intended to bf (hey, what can go wrong!)
Would use reuseable nappies.
Not fussed about a routine.
DS would use a Stokke high chair and sit at the table.
DS would be veggie like me.

Post baby;
Had em c-section.
Bf was a disaster, although I did try.
Reuseable nappies are still in the packet unsed.
Was on Gina Ford by week 4.
Am e-baying the Stokke chair.
DS eats meat.

Its nice to plan but I think I have learnt my lesson now grin.

eandz Mon 19-May-08 14:17:03

we're just fantasizing about a holiday. i have a feeling a real one wont happen for a very long time...

becaroo Mon 19-May-08 14:20:12

Meglet - we all have a a list like that, I think smile

I hope I will be a bit more relaxed this time round and not so hard on myself....but we will see!

On the name front, we are going with either "Harry George" or "Toby George" but dh still undecided. I know they say not to tell people your name choices, but I would value your opnions (you all being so enlightened and full of good taste!! grin)

Really need to go and fold some washing now - dh wet the bed last night and it must have been 3 pints worth!!!

meglet Mon 19-May-08 14:22:34

becaroo I prefer Toby. There are an awful lot of Harry's these days. Its a nice name, but so popular.

Sunshinemummy Mon 19-May-08 14:22:41

meglet for me:

Water birth with no pain relief
Baby Whisperer Routine

Induced, 55 hour labour followed by EMCS
Didn't breastfeed, expressed for three weeks until I had to go back into hospital
Tried to do BW (heck we even had a spreadsheet listing everything he'd done) but we ended up giving up and letting DS settling into his natural routine

On all the other things we used disposables, DS does use his Stokke and we eat meat anyway.

Re. hols - we love taking DS away as he always has real growths in development when he gets to spend a lot of time with us both. I miss him too much when I'm away from him.

We're planning on booking a Mark Warner holiday for a week in Corsica in early June. It's not normally our bag, as we're normally the type to do independent holidays, but I just want an easy life in the sun with a pool at the moment.

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hopefully Mon 19-May-08 14:25:26

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. I went for a walk with DP in the morning on Sunday, only about 90 minutes, not too hard but quite brisk, and was absolutely exhausted for the whole rest of the day. Ended up getting really upset that I was being so knackered and unhelpful and DP ran me a bath and brought me dinner in bed! He is good, bless him, if a little perplexed by the mad hormonal lady he finds himself stuck with...

Love your lists meglet, I think I have a mental one somewhere between the two, but I am fully expecting my few ideas to be blown out of the water within in a week or two of the birth!

Pidge Mon 19-May-08 15:00:20

splishsplosh - you mentioned on the last thread that your eczema has flared up - Me too sad sad sad. It's been pretty terrible all pregnancy, and I've been battling it with hydrocortisone as they don't want to give me anything stronger. I've also had two bouts of folliculitis - a really deep seated infection, which comes up like boils on my legs and is so painful walking is difficult, and that has been triggered by infected eczema. Anyway, I've had two lots of oral antibiotics, but I've just noticed today it's coming back after a two month break. Also my eczema is now head to toe - and so sore even the softest clothes feel like sandpaper on my skin, and our bedclothes are covered with blood where I've scratched. Sorry - this is a bit of a moan, as it's really getting me down now, not to mention that it looks awful. Anyway, went back to the doctor today and she was great - offered more oral antibiotics for the infection, which I've refused, as I want to see if I can get away without them. But she's also referred me to a dermatologist, so here's hoping they can come up with something to help.

Meanwhile - I'm greased head to foot in epaderm, diprobase and hydrocortisone. I'm like some kind of cross channel swimmer!!!

Sorry about that extended whinge.

On the bonus side, I got to cuddle a gorgeous 4 day old baby today, not to mention a lovely 4 week old too. Very, very precious.

eandz Mon 19-May-08 15:05:28

where did you find these two lovely babies to cuddle? should i practice holding my relatives kids? should i maybe offer to babysit to see what i'm getting myself into?

mamamufin Mon 19-May-08 15:20:46

Hi guys
Ive found the new thread. Just caught up on things. Got to take ds to swimming lessons now but will be back for a chat later. x

surelyyoucantbeserious Mon 19-May-08 15:37:56

*pidge and splishsplosh* just wanted to say poor you two re: the eczema. Must be horrid to have all the usual pregnancy stuff to worry about and eczema as well. DH has had psoriasis all over for yrs so I have a bit of an idea of what its like to suffer from skin conditions like that, bloody bedclothes included. Different condition I know, but just wanted to empathise and say hope it calms down soon These aren't conditions that are talked about that much but in fact so many people have them. As for you saying it looks awful - psoriasis can look pretty nasty but I have never seen it that way IYSWIM. DH has always been the best looking bloke on the planet as far as I'm concerned - people that love you simply will love you whatever your skin does!!

Hope the dermatologist helps - DH was referred to St Thomas' and they've been great with him.

DebitheScot Mon 19-May-08 15:50:52

sunshinemummy I liked your comment "Re. hols - we love taking DS away as he always has real growths in development when he gets to spend a lot of time with us both." I hadn't consciously noticed that but now I think about it, it is so true. Also ds loves to tell everyone for weeks and weeks afterwards about what he did and saw on holiday and if he wasn't there I'd be really sad that he'd missed all the exciting things.

Having said that the odd night away on our own would be nice. Left him with my parents for 2 nights about 6 months ago and that was really good. If we had family nearer I'd prob leave him more (still only every few months tho) for 1 or 2 nights at a time.

Also sunshinemummy how old is your ds? We're wondering about when we should put ds in a proper bed too. A few people have said it's better to be done before the new baby arrives in case he thinks it is pushing him out of his bed.

Sunshinemummy Mon 19-May-08 16:15:31

Debi we've noticed it all along with DS, from him being 9 weeks old, when he went on his first holiday with us. There is something about having both of us there that makes a huge difference - whether it is the attention or what. This last trip to San Francisco his language came on amazingly.

He's 2.2 and, like you, we've been getting him in it in readiness for his sister coming along and having his cot. I also think that he's ready really, but the adjustment is difficult as it is with anything. Potty training next - woo hoo!

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DebitheScot Mon 19-May-08 16:24:48

DS is only just 2. He's shown no signs of trying to climb out and is happy when he wakes in the morning to lie in the cot and play for ages so I'm not too worried about the getting up in the morning thing. Its more the getting out of bed when we put him down that could be the battle. But then if he's the same as when we've been fighting other battle (like when he learned to stand up in his cot) it should only take a few days to get him sorted. I'm thinking that we might get the bed for the start of the summer holidays when I won't be working so if he does cause us problems and keeps us awake I should be able to catch up on sleep when he naps.

DebitheScot Mon 19-May-08 16:26:21

oh and I'm not even going to think of potty training anytime soon

Sunshinemummy Mon 19-May-08 16:32:07

DS wasn't trying to get out of his cot yet either Debi. He would sit there and wait for me, or start calling my name if he had gotten fed up of waiting. Like you I wanted him settled before we got ready for the baby so he didn't think the two were related.

I'm hoping it will be a short time to sort it out as he's usually a good sleeper and he went to bed last night with fewer problems than I expected. When I went in this morning he was sat on his bed waiting for me - bless!

With the potty training, I'm also thinking I should try and get it out of the way before Baloo comes. He's not into sitting on the potty at all at the moment though, and we've had a few accidents when he's been rudey nudey!

Then of course there are the dummies to take away. Definitely last of my priorities though as he only uses them for sleeping and they haven't caused any problems with his speaking or language.

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