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Due in June - Creme eggs are long gone and our own eggs have started to hatch. Who will be next?

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Upsidedowncake Sat 17-May-08 09:50:56

We are two down and have another 30-40 to go. Makecakes and Gemma have probably popped by now, then G43! It's all happening!!!!!

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bitofadramaqueen Sat 17-May-08 10:12:27

Morning all!

Happy birthday ernest - hope the day improves!

Weather rubbish here, and DH is working today. He's given me strict instructions to take it easy as I've been so knackered all week but I'm bored already so going to potter about in baby's room I think. Few things to take out of boxes etc. I'm also going to pack what I already have for my hospital bag and make a list of what I still have to get.

Question for those that have done it before or who've had some good tips from elsewhere... what do I need clothes-wise for the baby? I've got my fingers crossed for a 6 hour discharge so what would I need for that time? Obviously the LO will need something to go home in but what will it need to wear while in the hospital?? I'll pack a second bag just in case I have to stay in longer, so just trying to figure out what I'll need for those first hours.

Also, on the subject of dressing babies generally (this is where I start to sound a bit thick...)... In the summer (assuming its a nice day) would a baby need a vest/bodysuit underneath their outfit or not? I've got/been given a few little jersey trouser and jacket/cardi style sets and wonder if just a bodysuit would be fine with those or if they need another bodysuit or vest under that?

All suggestions/advice welcome!

Have a good weekend everyone.

PearTart Sat 17-May-08 11:32:25

Hi DQ, a NB should have one layer of clothing more than an adult would so if it's T-shirts for us add a layer for them. Bodies (vests) keep them snug and stop draughty gaps between tops and bottoms. And sleepsuits are easy and comfy.

I rem being amazed at the range of sizes, but then new babies grow so fast. DD was average size (7 1/2 lb) and was in Newborn size for a month before going into 0-3 month size. If you have a big baby they may go straight into 0-3 (or 1-3!) months size. There are Prem/ small baby sizes if you think you'll have a smaller/ earlier babe.

I'm taking 2x NB bodies and 2xNB sleepsuits into hosp, as well as a cardi, 2x pairs of socks & scratchmits and a hat. And a little blanket. Also hoping not to stay in long.

After delivery our baby was wrapped up by MW in a hospital cotton suit and a cellular blanket- the MW's are a whiz at swaddling- don't forget to ask them to show you how it's done- it's great for making a NB feel safe and took me quite a few tries to get right. You'll be well looked after. There were also loads of NB nappies on hand so I will only take a few.

bitofadramaqueen Sat 17-May-08 11:43:51

Thanks peartart that's a good way to remember it. Bodies and sleepsuits sound ideal for hospital. I keep getting told the baby is a 'good size' whatever that means!!!! We do have to take our own nappies etc in though so I'll put a few in.

Oh, 5 weeks to go - am feeling a bit excited about it today!

debinaustria Sat 17-May-08 12:07:27

Udowncake - thanks for starting the new thread. Shame that your ds has chickenpox too, ds1 had it when I was pregnant with #2, I was just relieved that it was before ds2 arrived. When ds1 had it he was ok in himself once the spots came out, just a bit itchy(calamine lotion), and I did take him out for a few little walks , just made sure it was somewhere quiet and with no other children.

Dramaqueen - I agree with Peartart, one more layer than you are wearing. If you're hoping to be out quite soon then 2 or 3 bodies and sleepsuits and an outfit to come home in if you want to get baby dressed up! When you are learning how to do the nappies, you can expect to sometimes have to change body and sleepsuit at each change.When I had ds1 and 2 in hospital you had to get them changed in their plastic fishtank cot, it wasn't the easiest of things and boys wee so high!!

Sophie - my secret weapon (dh) is painting so there's no chance of help there, I do get the boys to fetch and carry as much as possible. They do have their uses - they will also fasten my sandals for me!!

debinaustria Sat 17-May-08 12:10:18

I want to feel excited(3 weeks for me) but I am so worried about the work we have to do this week before the guests arrive, I can't relax yet. I wish I had a normal job and I was off on Mat leave now with just my own house to get in order and bags to be packed. Roll on 28th May when MIL arrives and she can help out.

sophiewd Sat 17-May-08 12:26:35

Its all done now, DD watching Fireman Sam and DH taken dog for walk, can't complain, its is just bizarre as to where all these people are coming from, never been that busy during the week in May and June.

PearTart and DQ - take more sleep suits and vests, you never know what is going to happen and how long you are going to be in there for, also hospital is very hot, DD was born in January and just wroe a sleepsuit and had a blanket over the top, which we could take off if she was too hot.

Parofleurmapu Sat 17-May-08 12:28:18

Morning thanks for reassurance with LO turning . I dont know but possibly she has as feeling kicks up top although she could have strong hands!!!

Debs- not long now thats what i keep thinking!!! these weeks just fly by

So re DQ question do you think the one more than us layer will be the same over here bearing in mind it will be july august with temps of 38 C sometimes!!

Happy bday Ernest

oh and feeling wierd since yesterday backache and crampy but no contractions not even BH!!

I think this last stage is exciting, DP keeps glancing at me in shock every time i go ooh aah and says your not in labour are you?!!!

sophiewd Sat 17-May-08 12:30:29

Deb don't panic please - we have a couple of rooms to painty before we move out in July so DH will have to do that on our 3 days off before baby comes or the few days I am in hopsital, we also are painting our buy yo let flat as well but that will only be a day when we are not here anyway.

PiggyPenguin Sat 17-May-08 13:08:51

So how many babies do we think this thread will see? Bet you any money it won't be mine!

I wouldn't bother taking any posh baby outfits into hospital, especially if you're not planning to be in long. Vests + babygros are ace and easy to get on and off which is very important - I was terrified of hurting ds by trying to get him into more restrictive clothes.

Greenfairy - so sorry to hear about the change to your planned birth, but don't give up all hope, there is time for it to change yet. Also, at the end of the day, as disappointing as it is not getting the birth you really wanted, once the baby comes how it got there will seem much less important.

Upsidedowncake Sat 17-May-08 13:31:25

I'm hoping we won't see mine either, as if LO is born at 35 weeks and contracts chicken pox, it will not be good.

But based on last time, I think I am unlikely to go into labour early. [fingers crossed emoticon]

DS deosn't have a fever, is eating like a horse and mostly OK in himself. But he is very sensitive and cries at the slightest thing. (position of pasta on his plate, the pencils being 'wrong' for drawing with, etc) so we're all getting a bit fractious round here.

Paro, hope your baby has turned.

Debs, hope the painting goes OK

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bitofadramaqueen Sat 17-May-08 13:38:04

Thanks Sophie - I'll have a second bag packed if I have to stay in longer. They were discharging new mums at 2am shock when I was at hospital last weekend so I think they definitely dont keep you in any longer than necessary round here! Fingers crossed I get my early discharge though.

UDC - sorry that everything is a bit fractious round your way.

Paro - at 38C even one layer would be too hot for me, so on that basis I reckon one layer only would be fine for a baby grin. No worries about that in Edinburgh I think!

debinaustria Sat 17-May-08 14:43:42

Dramaqueen - shock at discharging new Mums at - what an awful time to be going home from hospital with your new baby,, struggling with that new car seat in the dark etc etc... I think it's terrible.

debinaustria Sat 17-May-08 14:48:56

Sophie - I'm trying not to panic too much, I can't help with the painting or laminate flooring anyway so it's out of my control. Instead I'm cooking a proper dinner tonight - roast chicken and might do a few scones whilst oven's on, and maybe some flapjacks ( just a little comfort eating) And I wonder why I can't get into some maternity trousers already!!

Paro - the mw's will tell you what baby should be wearing at those temps. Maybe just the bodysuit and a sheet , depends if there's air conditioning in the hospital too. Do you have air cond at home or fans?

Baby clothes are provided at our hospital - which is a bit weird.

bitofadramaqueen Sat 17-May-08 15:48:28

I was very surprised deb. The hospital has a certain number of rooms for low risk pregnancies that you basically labour/deliver/recover/do all the post-natal stuff and then get discharged from. If you cant be discharged then you get transferred to the labour ward to free up the room for the next woman. At 2am I dont know if you would get given the choice of whether to go home or get discharged. I guess she might have really wanted to go home? Will need to report back in around a month when I go through the process myself grin.

Have done some hospital bag packing and written a list of what I still need to get. Still to pack stuff for the baby but I'd like to wash all the clothes we've already bought first and not planning to do that until I finish work next Friday. Do most people wash stuff first or am I being a bit mad? I'd never do if with my own clothes.

Ooh, also got these from mamas and papas. They're under the bump so figure they'd do post baby. Lovely and soft and comfortable (although no doubt will be very crumpled after 1/2 hour wear).

debinaustria Sat 17-May-08 15:56:42

Most people on MN seem to wash the baby clothes beforehand but I never have.blush I wash secondhand/old stuff that's been stored away but not new.I've washed bedding as it had been stored and new muslin cloths because they were a bit stiff otherwise.

debinaustria Sat 17-May-08 16:00:02

I'm rapidly running out of energy, I've managed the roast chicken and the scones but now I have to think about veg, gravy etc... I have a chair in the kitchen and I keep sitting down but I'm still v uncomfortable this afternoon. Few crampy pains, those sharp stabbing pains as baby bashes my pelvis with his head(I think) and a few BH contractions.
Everytime I say ouch or take a sharp intake of breath, dh says - you can't have him this week, I haven't finished the room.

Parofleurmapu Sat 17-May-08 16:23:51

Hehe to your DH Debs, arent they funny!!

In hospital we get baby clothes given too, have been told that just need clothes to go home in. Dont even need nappies,wipes, creams pads or even nightie for me!
But have packed one as the hospital ones leave not much to the imagination

And here no discharging at 2am you HAVE to stay in min 48hrs regardless of what you are like

I personally havent washed anyhting and no time now as not allowed to do stuff like that. I figure new baby clothes will be ok and my friends who have given me stuff washed it before hand.Why do they recommend it? is it cause of chemicals etc? But isnt it best to let baby build up immune system?

Take it easy debs!! gonna catch up on latest eastenders and shipwrecked that i have downloaded. Does your DH use uknova debs?

Upsidedowncake Sat 17-May-08 16:24:04

Wuick strawpoll. DH and I were supposed to be going out tonight. As DS is so sensitive, (and which is putting both DH and I on edge) I have cancelled the babysitter. I have been working on and off today to make up for the time I shall miss next week. DH is really disappointed that we are not going out together, but I am feeling pretty tearful and really don't feel like going. I am doing the right thing, aren't I?

Debs, sorry you are running out of energy. It sounds like you have achieved a lot!

I wash baby clothes but only cos everyone else does so I think I ought to IYSWIM!

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foxythesnowfox Sat 17-May-08 16:26:30

<<Sticks head in>>

Just wanted to wish you lovely June 2008 ladies lots of good luck and happy birthing! Can't believe it was a year ago that we June '07s were popping!

Good luck to you all smile xxx

bitofadramaqueen Sat 17-May-08 17:00:15

UDC if you dont feel like going then you've done the right thing. Couldn't you plan a nice night in instead? Nice dinner or cuddle up on sofa with dvd and some chocolate?

Paro - not sure re: washing of baby clothes. I know that manufacturers coat all clothes/fabrics in stuff to make it really soft and cosy (hence why nothing you ever buy feels as soft as it did when it was in the shop).

I was thinking of washing the baby clothes just because I like the idea of them being all clean before they wear them for the first time as they will have been handled in the manufacturing process, delivery process, unpacking in the shops, and by any tom, dick or harry who handled them on display in the shop grin. That and I like the idea of seeing them all out on the washing line!

Hope you're taking it easy deb I've just been ironing some sheets (my least favourite chore in the world) and kept having to sit down because my back was aching. Have a summer roast lunch with salad and no gravy!

Upsidedowncake Sat 17-May-08 17:07:32

DH is going out - which I thoroughly endorse. He just wanted us to be out together as we so rarely are nowadays.

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bitofadramaqueen Sat 17-May-08 17:18:54

Are you ok having a night in by yourself?

dylansmumplusone Sat 17-May-08 17:23:40

hi all, busy again and a new thread!

been suffering with SPD a lot but trying desperately not to think about it. and praying for the baby to come early. went to the osteopath and she is amazing and helps enormously but there is only so much she can do.

anyone who wanted the baby to turn - our hypnobirthing instructor told us that hypnosis has an 80% success rate to turn the baby - much higher than acupuncture, etc. have a look at this.

UDC sorry you're feeling rough. this is such a hard time anyway, adding external stresses really wears at you. sending you a virtual hug. smile

happy birthday ernest!!

deb hope your dinner turns out, sounds lovely. don't wear yourself out too much though.

hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend. x

thegreenfairy Sat 17-May-08 17:31:44

Paro - can DH wash the baby's clothes for you? Baby clothes are normally coated with fire retardant chemicals, and it's pretty grim stuff. BUT am sure it won't matter if you don't - no doubt we had far worse things on our clothes!!! (lead cot paint anyone?)

Happy birthday ernest - I hope it gets better. If you need a present, have a look at this and wrap up your iPhone - or your house! My favourite book when I was a child...

UDC - thanks for asking, and thanks again to everyone for the kind words yesterday/ today. I do feel better, but have been a bit hurt by well meaning RL people saying 'it's the baby that counts' to me over the last 24 hours. I wanted a home water birth because I thought it was best for our baby (not everyone's, just ours - not judging AT ALL). I'm not squeamish and bounce back fine from surgery - but I wanted my daughter to have a gentler entry into the world if possible.
Anyhoo, it's out of my hands. Hope moxibustion on Monday/ ECV on Friday does the trick, as there's not much time left....
I did have what definitely felt like a HUGE contraction this morning - could barely speak and almost threw up from the pain. Had another smaller one a few minutes later, and then they stopped again. Just hope I can hold off til Friday!

Well, enough about that. Excited to hear from makescakes and gemma - wonder how long we'll have to wait til someone else pops too!?

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