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Due September, and no NCT course in Notting Hill available. HELP! [angry]

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MacMac123 Fri 09-May-08 12:19:08

Hi there
Am a bit peeved, looked like BirthEd (which I believe is the local equivalent of NCT) enjoy a nice holiday in late July/August, which is no good if you're a mum having a baby in September. Unless I attend a course for mums with babies due in July, then the earliest course I can attend is literally a week before my due date, which I think is cutting it a bit fine.
The people who run these courses keep sending me pathetic nonsensicle emails telling me to go to a course in Putney, but that is miles away and I thought the entire point was to meet people locally. Anyway, sorry I'm ranting, I'm just really pissed off and worried and irritated by their lack of help.

Can anyone help? Has anyone been to a course in Notting Hill or know of one that is taking place in August?

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TheBlonde Fri 09-May-08 12:28:48

Never heard of Birth Ed
NCT usually have July and Aug off due to school hols
Have you tried your local NCT branch?
course finder nct

idano Fri 09-May-08 18:08:25

macmac i am in exactly the same position; have been fobbed off so i have emailed them again asking whether or not they are thinking of adding more courses for september babies. i have not yet heard anything back. it might help if more people email asking whether or not they will add? otherwise I will either do the course that ends at the end of june(!) and hope that i don't forget everything OR i looked at the portland website and they offer more timely courses but also v expensive- £375!

harpsichordcarrier Fri 09-May-08 18:10:25

birthed is nothing to do with the NCT afaik.
tbh, antenatal classes are often booked up months and months in advance in any event.
have you actually checked with the NCT?

harpsichordcarrier Fri 09-May-08 18:13:00

oh I stand corrected, looks like birthed are a clearing house for London antenatal classes.
NCT classes do run through July and August, but you may need to separate out - meeting local mums (maybe through your local NCT group/antenatal yoga/ antenatal swimming) and antenatal education (which you could do anywher)

Lulumama Fri 09-May-08 18:14:47

have you tried for antenatal classes run by a doula and mumsnetter! grin not sure if it is the right area as not au fait with london, but have a look x

Rocky12 Fri 09-May-08 18:32:58

Very jealous of you having a Sept baby. They will be the oldest in the class when they start school. I have a son born late August and I have got to say you have a real advantage having one in Sept. Very well planned!

slinkiemalinki Mon 12-May-08 17:17:50

MacMac - whatever you sort out for your antenatal, make sure you go to Frances Gordon's (is she the pathetic nonsensical emailer?!) postnatal group which will start up in September after the holidays. My antenatal in Notting Hill never really clicked as a group but I met a great crowd through FG's postnatal group so well worth attending that as well.
I'm having a baby in Sept as well but it's my second and moving to sticks in December.

LaLaB Wed 21-May-08 20:42:38

HI MacMac/Idano - same happened to me here in Islington, so I opted to go with the antenatal classes at the hospital UCH - which were free, 3 nights a week for 1 week (or you can go on different weeks - just turn up, 5.30-6.30, classes were 1. Stages of Labour 2. Pain Relief 3. Baby & Beyond, NCT was booked out till beyond my DD even though i contacted them when i was 3 months! To be honest I personally think the long classes run by NCT are if you have zero zero experience of babies/siblings who have children etc. Plus as Slinkiemalinki suggest = postnatal groups are a great way to meet mums

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