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Due Sept '08: We're halfway there part 2....

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LittleConnie Wed 30-Apr-08 14:42:29

Come on over!

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mama2bee Wed 30-Apr-08 14:46:26

Hello! smile

Lots of scan news, mine is still over a week away, can't wait though.

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 30-Apr-08 14:51:11

Message withdrawn

jenpet Wed 30-Apr-08 14:51:27

I'm here! and I'm determined to keep up better with this thread too! Anyone think of any French-ey sounding boys names as I'm getting nowhere fast!

eandz Wed 30-Apr-08 14:52:52

ohh no, i didn't see that you started one and i started one too! ok i'll delete it now

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 30-Apr-08 14:58:12

Message withdrawn

jenpet Wed 30-Apr-08 15:13:34

I like it a lot Starlight, but my good friend over here has a boy called Oliver too....

hopefully Wed 30-Apr-08 15:18:37

Happy new thread!

Re the names, DP and I decided on a girl's name about a week after we found out, but a boys name is taking a little longer. My current favourite is Alistair, but think it's a slightly funny name for a baby (can picture an older child or adult called alistair, but not a baby!). It also sounds v scottish with the middle name I've chosen, but not so concerned about that, my scottish dad will be pleased!

Is alistair hopelessly old fashioned? Also, it's the name of one of DP's cousins, but not one we're desperately close to. Would you find it weird if a cousin used your name for their child? In this instance, DP probably only sees said cousin a couple of times a year, and they get on very well...

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 30-Apr-08 15:19:36

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 30-Apr-08 15:20:48

Message withdrawn

jenpet Wed 30-Apr-08 15:21:26

I like Alistair hopefully - does it go with your surname? Can you ask DP's cousin what he thinks? I don't know anyone I've ever met called AListair that I didn't like (which is my choosing names scale!)

eandz Wed 30-Apr-08 15:23:34

Ferdinand is a cool name...not sure about if it's french.

Francesca for a girl
Jean Paul
Jean Pierre

named every french person i know.

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 30-Apr-08 15:24:16

Message withdrawn

mama2bee Wed 30-Apr-08 15:29:29

No, I wouldn't find it wierd hopefully I think if you love the name then you should go for it. We can't agree on boys names at all! Everything I like, he doesn't and vice versa - still plenty of time though (for me to talk him round!)

hopefully Wed 30-Apr-08 15:35:14

Am loathe to ask DP's cousin as he probably would tell people, and we're trying to keep the names we're considering secret. Since he falls into the category of nice alistairs (I too have never met a nasty one jenpet!), perhaps he'll be fine.

I am really pilfering names from all over the family - boy middle name is my uncle's and grandfather's (same name, not two middle names), girl middle name is grandmothers. Only girl first name is original!

I'm so glad we haven't struggled to agree on a name - I think if we did I would wait till after the birth and demand the name I wanted based on the fact I had just gone through childbirth!

eandz Wed 30-Apr-08 15:35:54

we're naming our son Noah...i hope it's not a mistake.

bogie Wed 30-Apr-08 15:36:05

Hello everyone I have my scan on friday
I can't wait to find out what were having.
We have loads of boys and girls names, but I think our fave girls name is phoebe rose but we have too many boys names and haven't picked one that we really really want yet.

slinkiemalinki Wed 30-Apr-08 15:36:23

I love Alistair hopefully. I might call a baby boy Allie as a nickname until he grew into it!
We used a cousin's child's name for our daughter. Fortunately they were emigrating! When I married my husband (he is Indian; I am not) I always knew this would be our choice for a little girl and when they had a little girl a year before us and I heard her name, my heart plummeted!
But my husband said we should have it anyway and we did grin. I think the cousins (although not close at all) were a little surprised, but it hasn't been a problem as I don't think we've seen them since given their move.
I think we are going to call our little boy Arun. Not my first choice of name ever (and certainly not my husband's!) but when you are from different cultures, you have to compromise! I like James as a middle name. My husband thinks it's too investment banker-like... but I am working on him!

hopefully Wed 30-Apr-08 15:36:56

By the way, my mother did that - when I came out she decided that she liked a name that they hadn't even considered, so when the hospital phoned my dad in Japan (visiting a car manufacturer hmm) she just informed him of my name and told him he couldn't argue as she had just given birth. Strangely he didn't... wink

mama2bee Wed 30-Apr-08 15:40:05

^I think if we did I would wait till after the birth and demand the name I wanted based on the fact I had just gone through childbirth!^

LOL! hopefully

Sunshinemummy Wed 30-Apr-08 15:43:35

Funny DP and I have a boys name set and two girl's name options with a middle girls name set (after my mum who died of cancer when I was 18). The main thing we're discussing is the boy's middle name. DP wants Marriott, which I loathe!

Sunshinemummy Wed 30-Apr-08 15:45:12

With DS he was Felix right up until he was born and then he just wasn't a Felix. We spent the weekend deciding on a name for him, which we both love and it totally suits him. When we told DP's dad he dais "You can't call him that, what if he wants to be Prime Minister"!

ellideb Wed 30-Apr-08 15:45:30

Hello everyone just checking in and letting you know about my scan today. All is fine with little one, turns out we're having a wee laddy, we could see his dangly willy! (so much for mother's instinct!) I'll update on the guess the sex list. He's got long legs apparently (God knows who from???) hence the strong kicks! Got a really clear picture of his profile and scan took about 40mins. I had to empty my bladder about half way through to try to get him to turn around so she could check out his heart. I was really sure we were having a girl so have to get my head around the boy thing! Been around the family showing the picture so just chilling at home now with a cuppa and a biscuit. Good luck to mamamuffin with your scan this afternoon!

slinkiemalinki Wed 30-Apr-08 15:45:53

That's not a "family" middle name is it Sunshinemummy? I am arguing against one of those! ("Boys in our family always have the middle name X...") or is your hubby fond of mid-market chain hotels? wink

ellideb Wed 30-Apr-08 15:46:59

Crabby - boy??
Kiskidee - GIRL
WombFor1More- boy? BOY
Debithescot- boy ??
lollyheart- boy?
Starlight- girl?
Barnpot- boy?
jearund- boy?
Potxola- boy- GIRL
Sassafrass- girl- GIRL
biglips- girl?
becaroo- boy??
Talia1- boy - GIRL
izzybiz- Girl??
slinkiemalinki- boy? - BOY
Carrieon- girl?
MelT76- Girl?
LittleConnie- boy?
Micromum- Girl??
mustsleep- Girl??
Lollipopmother- Boy? - Confirmed as a girl
kel78- Boy??
expatmom2be- boy? - GIRL(?)
charitygirl- boy ?
ellideb- girl?- BOY
feelingpositive- girl? - Confirmed as GIRL!!
Gracie14 - boy? BOY
Bogie - girl?
eandz - boy - definitely a boy!
Worthog - boy?
Luboo - boy?
KashaSarrasin - boy??

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