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Due July 08 - Third trimester - we're on the coundtdown YIPPEE!!!!

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minipinkscottish Sun 27-Apr-08 12:33:11

Couldn't fix the title so thought I'd start again - hope this is okay now!!!grin

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EEC Sun 27-Apr-08 12:42:38

DH back from France today and have managed to relax a bit more this week. Am feeling loads calmer and back ache even a bit better.

Long may it last (and the good weather).

Can't find what it is I want to eat at all at the moment.
Hope bump has had a wriggle now Kaz. Mine doesn't seem to react when I manhandle it, only when I lie down.

Libra1975 Sun 27-Apr-08 12:54:47

Mummywannabe, are the rolos for you or to help the baby move! wink

isaidno Sun 27-Apr-08 13:40:03

EEC - keep the calm and relaxing frame of mind! It sounds like you have been doing far too much!

RUMPEL Sun 27-Apr-08 13:45:23

Hi All,

Am a bit of a zombie at the mo' as DD has had me up every night for the past week. She keeps awakening between 2am-3am and won't settle for ages. Her teeth are really bothering her so I am considering giving her half a bottle of clapol tonight to knock her out! Either that or a wee nip wink

Went to the baby show yesterday - was nealry crying, had to get DH to drop me off near the door and was practically running in - so desperate for the loo! LO was bouncing off my bladder every bump we went over and I start getting a runny tum form now until when baby comes - think it must be all the pressure down there.

Anyway had agreat day and got all I wanted:

A Phil and Ted in apple green - we got the double kit free and free delivery and it was on special too.

A lime green one shoulder with rings sling.

Tots bots bamboozles (nippa kind) for £4.50 each - bargain! 2 wraps and a free bag with them.

A cloth chair seat - you can take it out with you and it holds baby on to any type of seat - so no need for highchair.

A medela electric breast pump special price and free breast pads.

Another hotmilk bra.

A bouncy zebra for DD for the playroom and a monkey clock for the playroom - the tail swings. A giant monkey hand puppet with magnetic paws so you can hang it up - for the playroom too - am still working on the safari theme mural.

The only few bits I'd like to get now are some new bottle teats/dummies/ some cross over vests and some nightgowns.

So feeling like I have achieved something smile

DH is finishing the greenhouse today too so will be able to get grwoing soon.

I have put on loads of weight the past few weeks now shock am up to 14 4lb!! I was 14 10lb with DD so I really don't want to put much more on.

My Mum has to go back for an angiogram - she has scar tissue on her heart so must have had a small heart attack sometime in the past. She has to go on high cholesterol tablets and ace inhibitors now too. Apparenlty she has something wrong with 1 of her left ventricular valves. I looked it up and I think she will need surgery so I am a bit overwhlemed with it all at the moment. She is only 55. I love my Mum and am really lucky to be close to both my parents and be loved and supported by them so well. They live quite far away and I haven't lived with them since I was 14 but they have always been there for us. That's the worst thing about getting older - you lose a lot of people on the way sad.

DISNEY - am very smile to hear you are going to GP Tuesday - me too! Mine is keeping a close eye on me as I am on anti-ds.

KAZ - sounds crap but fingers crossed you will be fine. And sending you house selling vines smile

Hope everyone else is okay ansd welocme CALIC.

Must go and try to do some more work on this infernal essay as DD is lseeping at last - Rumpel goes off to try to find her brain and focus her eyes.............

CilC Sun 27-Apr-08 15:48:19

Ooooh it looks like I found this site a bit late - the baby show sounds great - do it all in one go! I am suffering Symphis Pubis disorder so trawling shops is almost beyond me! Thank goodness for online shopping!

I am sure when I logged on I came across a link to all of the abbrevations but now I just do not seem able to locate it. I want to be able to type DD2 DD and DH but have no idea what they mean! Can anyone recall where it is? Sorry my brain is so bad it is almost disabling me! It was not so bad last time... but then neither was the stretching, the aches, the tiredness and complete and utter destruction of my body bits!

mummypig Sun 27-Apr-08 15:49:59

hi everyone dp has taken the kids out leaving me a little time to do some paperwork wink.

Kaz sounds like the GTT result should be fine but I can see it's annoying to have to go through it. Hope you've had some movements. Similarly to EEC I only get wriggles when I'm fairly stationary.

Min glad your ds is walking now, hope it makes everything easier for you.

hello CilC yes I am suddenly feeling very pregnant but I guess this is the stage when the baby grows an awful lot each week.

Rumpel glad you got what you wanted from the Baby Show. I must get myself another bra as I'm getting fed up with my current ones. But I'll probably go for Bravado this time as my sis has promised to get me a hotmilk one after ds3 is born. smile And I'll probably need all the help I can get to feel sexy and attractive by then.

Had a great meeting with the herbalist yesterday and I think the tincture and lotion are already making a difference to my itchy skin. I'm getting through the lotion quite quickly though so might have to ask her to supply some more.

Right, my paperwork includes printing off the contract for my doula and I wouldn't want to lose her as she is lovely. I'm glad I looked around for another one now.

Best wishes everyone.

MINNIE1 Sun 27-Apr-08 17:24:19

Yippeeeee 11 wks and counting.
Have'nt been on this is a few days, hope you all are doing ok... Its raining here and its cold o how i would love to curl up beside the fire and watch TV, not going to happen with my two LO's grin roll on bed time.

Have a wedding at the wkend and have nothing to wear what so ever!!!! SO have to go out and buy an outfit that i will only wear once angry

wow rumpel
That is some shopping..

isaidno Sun 27-Apr-08 17:30:42

CilC - look at the top of the page. Under useful stuff there is a link for acronym list. I have been on mn for 4 years and still have to look them up.

Kaz1967 Sun 27-Apr-08 17:55:52

Sorry ended up going in and being strapped to a monitor. The little horror is fine just playing possum hmm They are still very quiet but the trace was fine and have had a few movements since.

Mummywannabe Sun 27-Apr-08 18:39:18

Rumpel - wow lots in one go. Just been sorting out my bits and pieces, have lots of some things and none of others - must write a list.

Kaz - glad all is ok.

Just had a curry and little one is protesting lots!

Oh and rolo's --- well make baby move lots but mostly for me!! grin

sweetkitty Sun 27-Apr-08 19:21:17

So this is where you have all been hiding!

Minipink - thanks for doing new thread didn't mean to be horrid about no Due in July thing blush feel bad now

kaz - thats great news about the trace, DD3 did that to me yesterday the little minx no movement for ages and just after I had read that Coronation Street storyline about Maria's baby dying at 30 weeks and her not feeling movement, talk about being paranoid. I'm sure DD3 was doing it on purpose.

EEC - welcome back and take it easy this week

Rumpel - am so envy at your shopping list Not that I need much but still must have been great fun buying all of that. So sorry to hear about your Mum being poorly as well.

CliC - hello and welcome unfortunately there are quite a few of us on here suffering from SPD, horrid nasty thing that it is.

Big hello to everyone else as well

Still feeling terrible today, think I either have toothache or it may be the cold as my whole jaw hurts. I just feel so bunged up and awful, wish it go soon. On a brighter note what a lovely day, went to the garden centre spent loads on plants and spent the afternoon planting them all with the "help" of my little helpers. You should have seen how dirty they were afterwards, DP is upstairs bathing them as we speak.

Mummywannabe Sun 27-Apr-08 19:25:35

Rumpel - meant to say i completely understand about being overwhelmed with your mum ill. My dad had had a serious heart condition for past 10 years, told at time he wouldn't survive past 5 - he is a stubborn bugger i tell ya! He is doing well at moment but had a period last year where he was very very ill and was assessed for a heart transplant (too well apparently). If you need to chat about it i understand and would be happy to listen.

pigleychez Sun 27-Apr-08 19:44:23

Hello everyone,

found you all on our new thread
Just read the other one to catch up with everything.

been away visiting friends with thier 2 girls this weekend. Was great seeing them but i must say im worn out now! Didnt really DO anything as such apart from chilling in the garden enjoying the sunshine watching the girls on the bouncy castle. - I really wanted a go!!

DH bought the new Wii fit board on friday so took to our friends with us and been trying it out. All been having such a good laugh with it. I could only join in alittle bit as my centre of balance is way out now and i was all over the place! Gave everyone a good laugh. Worryingly though the best at most of the games was a 5yr old!

Kaz- glad babys ok and was just being a sleepyhead

SK- I too heard about that storyline on corrie and every time baby has a quiet afternoon or something its there in the back of my mind.

Rumpel- Glad you enjoyed your shopping trip. Sounds like you did well.

Clic- Welcome aboard!

Im now 29 weeks! Were on earth has the time gone!- Anyone else think its gone really quickly lately?

sweetkitty Sun 27-Apr-08 21:57:37

Don't want to upset anyone with the Corrie storyline I don't think I will watch it (I don't really watch soaps now anyway).

JODIEhavingababy Sun 27-Apr-08 22:09:15

Evening all!

Right before I forget -

Rumple so envy of all that shopping! I love the Baby show and am going to the birmingham one in 2 weeks, I don't need anything, but love having a good nose, and all those baby things under one roof! Heaven! And I'm sorry to hear about your mum, it must be horrid sad

minipink Thanks for doing the new thread!

kaz I hate it when this monkey has quiet moments, my BF lost her baby at 39 weeks 6 weeks ago and I get REALLY paranoid, but luckily a good sharp poke in the belly usually wakes the little bugger up!

Pigley Weather was lovely wasn't it, glad you had a nice weekend away.

Disney Good luck at the doc's on Tuesday, I hope he makes you feel better.

Clic Hello and welcome...

I hope I've not forgoten anyone. If so I'm sorry!

I've been to a christening today and I am now the proud owner(!!!) of a godson. Was really nice and an honour! I've also bitten the bullet and ordered Davina Mccall's Pre and Post Natal Exercise DVD, So I hope to find some time to do that soon, I'm hoping to start my Maternity leave Bank Holiday Week, so it's not long now! Just depends on when the Jobcentre people get round to paying my Mat Allowance (as I am self-employed)

Also, so exciting... My new laptop has arrived!!!! grin It's ace. I can now access MN anywhere in the house (and garden!!!) BRILLIANT

I'm going to make a start at moving lists over now, wish me luck!

JODIEhavingababy Sun 27-Apr-08 22:11:48

*Hospital Bag*

For you

2 or 3 nighties or PJs
Sanitary pads (heavy duty about 2 packs)
Knickers (disposable, old or tesco value!)
Toileties - shampoo, soap, etc
breast pads
Lasinoh cream (start slapping it on as soon as you are feeding to prevent sore nips)
Pampers bed mats (good for underneath you just after the birth saves you having to ask the MWs to change the sheets)
Disposable wipes for cleaning the toilet
money for phone etc.
Clothes to go home in (comfy, stretchy ones - do not pack your size 8 skinny jeans unless you are Posh Spice)
Make-up to perk yourself up for visitors

For baby

nappies, nappy sacks
cotton wool or wipes (cotton wool is useless at getting meconium off)
hat (even in July)
pair of scratch mitts
vests and babygros (number depending on how long you plan to stay - I would say at least 3 of each)
cute outfit to go home in

Birthing bag

TENS Machine - unless you are already wearing it.
Birthing Ball - great for getting those contractions going again incase they ease off once you get to the hospital.
Old nightie / t shirt to give birth in
Pair of socks - believe it or not your feet can get really cold!
Disposable / old / cheap knickers and a couple of sanitary pads for afterwards
1 x nappy, vest and babygro & vaseline - smear it over baby's bottom before putting first nappy on. Makes the meconium very easy to get off without making baby sore.
Some CDs so you can have whatever music you like playing in the background to help you relax.
A couple of flannels for DH to 'mop your brow' (makes him feel useful!)
2 towels (red or navy)
Some snacks to keep your energy up. I've been told those Lucozade glucose tablets are good.
Straws - rather than trying to sip from a cup and spilling water, much easier to sip through a straw whilst DH holds the cup.
List of people DH needs to phone to announce the news phonenumbers
Maternity notes and birthplan
Socks, feet get cold during labour

JODIEhavingababy Sun 27-Apr-08 22:14:44

4 -02JUL BABY3 (DD8 DS5.5)
6 -02JUL BEEPBEEP (DD 1.1)
11 -05JUL PONTO (2DD 4.6 & 2)
13 -06JUL NANNYJO (3rd baby) BOY
16 -07JUL HATRICK (3DD 4, 2.8 & 15 MTHS) BOY
20 -08JUl JOCESAR (1st baby) BOY
24 -10JUL MINNIE1 (2DD 1.10 & 11MTHS)
26 -10JUL Hubarbspong (1st baby) GIRL
27 -10JUL CASS66 (DD 5 & 3) elective section
29 - 11JUL ICHEF (DD7 & DS3) BOY
43 -16JUL UMLELLALA (2nd baby)
44 -17 July, Umm Fulaan (1st baby) SUPRISE!!!
50 -18JUL LOVELYLOU (DD 2.8)
53 -18JUL KAZ1976 - Supprise
56 -20JUL RUMPEL (DD 17 months) - SURPRISE
57 -20 JUL Fenlondon (first baby) GIRL
58 -20 Jul Cilc (DD 3)
60 -21JUL MIN912 (DS 1)girl s.oxfordshire
61 -21JUL MrsHOP (1st baby), S. London, BOY
62 -21JUL MONKEY24, (1st baby) Bristol
64 -23JUL BROWNOWL18 (DS9, DD7) York GIRL
65 -24JUL TWINKLE(DS8 DS2 DD 6)Hadfield TWINS
66 -24JUL SHROOMS (DS8 DD 6)
67 - 24JUL SQUARAH (FIRST BABY)Warwick, surprise
68 -25JUL FEB (DS 10 MTHS)
71 -27JUL DIVVY (DD 18, 15, 13, 8MTHS)
74 -28JUL CUPCAKE76 (first baby) BOY

Hope I have everyone in

JODIEhavingababy Sun 27-Apr-08 22:15:56


1. It is quite common for baby girls to have a mini-period a few days after they are born. shock It is a withdrawal bleed from the exposure to all the hormones in the womb.
(My friend told me this when she had a DD, otherwise I would have been frantic when it happened to my DD) RUMPEL

2. When your milk comes in (about 3 days after birth) they will be enormous, hot and rock hard. This extreme discomfort coincides with a happy hormone drop so don't be surprised if you spend the day sobbing. You'll feel better soon! ISAIDNO

3. Do not buy disposable paper knickers and maternity sanitary pads for after the birth, they are really uncomfortable. Instead buy some really cheap supermarket pants and Always nighttime pads. You can then throw away the cheap pants. sweetkitty

4 There are very few musts in either pregnancy or child rearing. Treat all childcare and pregnancy advice like a pick and mix counter take what works for you and ignore what does not. KAZ

5. The Lochia starts immediately after birth for which you require some form of sanitary pads. You may continue to experience pains similar to period pains for a couple of days after and possible pass a largish clot. This happened to me (the size of a small side plate) and I panicked thinking it was an undeveloped twin. After speaking to my midwife this is quite common (she'd had one the size of a dinner plate - I don't mean to alarm anyone!) but I had absolutely no idea what was happening and felt extremely scared until I'd received clarification. Best to save the evidence and show to MW or HV. Libraladyxx

6. Try and stay in hospital as long as possible, esp. until Milk comes in and your Baby blues start! As once you get home, thats it!!!! Also, try and see as many visitors in the hospital as possible, so you don't have to entertain them yourself at home! Jodie x

7. Do not wear expensive new nightwear or slippers when you are in hospital. The first time you stand up after giving birth, you will 'flood' a bit as the lochia will have pooled while you are lying down. And don't be embarrassed about it - the mws aren't! Poledra

8 Leading on form the last one you often can often flood when breastfeeding/expressing the number of poor Mums in tears I have had to borrow pads for from the wards white trousers are often not a good fashion look when you do

9. Really no point worrying in advance about embarrassing indignities during labour - you honestly will not notice or care what you do or how you behave when the day comes. Also, wear something during labour that you are happy to throw away. You may not feel like wearing it afterwards, even when it's washed.

10. If you get the chance before the baby is born (and your nesting takes full hold) cook loads of beef or quorn mince/onions/tomatoes and freeze it in take away tubs. When your new arrival appears all you've dp has got to do is boil some rice or pasta, defrost mixture and add mixed herbs or chilli beans for a really quick and relatively nutritious meal. You honestly will not want to cook.- Minkus

11. Buy Toni and Guy's dry shampoo from Boots or Batiste's version (much cheaper but not quite as good) from Superdrug. On those days post birth when your hair really needs washing but you are exhausted, and you need to leave the house but are worried that folks will think you've lost it because of the oil slick in your hair- these products are amazing and will make your hair totally presentable.- Minkus

12. I really think you can't cuddle them too much. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about wanting to pick your baby up all the time if thats what makes you both happy.- Minkus

13. If you have stithes down below or are even just feeling a bit bruised, get some super strength Arnica, also for at least a fortnight after giving birth have a bath every day with lavender oil in it. It's great for healing and preventing infection plus the lavender is really soothing. It's important to get even half an hour me time (especially if you have other DC). SWEETKITTY

14. Be prepared to spend the first few weeks sitting feeding your baby a lot (if BFing), have phone, drink, snacks to hand. I am also planning on renting some good films and DVD box sets for cluster feeding in the evenings. (I have lovely memories of feeding DD2 in bed with a good movie on). sweetkitty

15. Don't get worried if your baby doesn't poo every day, or even every other day, just be warned of the smelly explosion when it does happen. JODIE x

16. On the subject of poo (mm lovely) the first few poo's are akin to tar (very, very thick and sticky!), so try putting vasaline on babies bottom at each nappy change to make it easier to scrape off! JODIE x

17. If you don't manage breastfeeding or go onto bottles later on, make sure you invest in an avent milk holder. Fill your bottles with water as normal and take out and place the measured amount of milk in as and when required. Saves worrying about milk 'going off' when out for a day (especially in the hot weather). Water alone in a bottle won't go off. I found this was the best thing I bought. Libralady.

18. You’ll be AMAZED at how swollen your undercarriage is – no-one tells you that. I thought it was my stitches but it was my bits It is okay though, sounds worse than it is.

19. Make sure you take loads of fruit (maybe even lactulose into hospital with you in case you are in for a few days and have drugs in labour). My DH went home with mine and the hospital had NO fruit/veg/salad and served up horrid salty food. Ended up with horrific constipation and had to get the Dr out a few days after birth

20. Following on from last point - fruit somoothies seemed to work well for me in first couple of days - you really want the first post-birth poo to be as easy as possible!!

21. Dare I say it...breastfeeding might well hurt to start with but this won't last forever and it is so worth it!

22. OK another one with TMI - especially if you push for a while, you may well have bad piles - do ask the midwives for treatment, not worth being embarressed! Also second lavender in bath - pref with epsom salts - brill for healing bits and bottom!

23. I carried a spare top with me for first few weeks as boobs would leak hugely at the most unexpected moments - particularly in Tesco for some reason... SHORTSHAFE

24. Hormones do strange things to you - dd was born in October and I found my internal thermostat was haywire - i perspired massively all of the time - to the point that my hair was wet (yuck yuck yuck) until she was about 2 weeks old. SHORTSHAFE

25. Babies can fire poo explosive distances - IME around 4ft! be prepared and buy carpet shampoo/carpet stain remover before the birth! SHORTSHAFE

26. Sometimes it is painful to pee after delivery jug of warm water containing few drops of lavender oil poured over your bits while trying to pee can help. If it does not it sounds disgusting but pee in the bath. KAZ

27. After an hour and twenty minutes, if still attached, your baby is not feeding anymore, s/he has fallen asleep! 40mins would be my maximum, and the sooner both of you can learn to feed lying down in bed, soooo much the better for night feeds and your sanity. Min912

28. If you feel hot&cold and a bit 'under the weather' plus perhaps one breast is a bit sore, it's not just post-birth knackeredness, you quite probably have mastitis. Don't panic, feed or pump on the affected side (I found pumping after a feed reduced the pressure), use a hot flanel, if it doesn't get better see the doctor. Min912
28a mastitis normally effects 1/4 of a breast If practical (because it depends what 1/4 it is) try and feed baby so their bottom jaw is on that 1/4 this can help move the blockage which is usually the initial cause. As long as there are no medical reasons why you should not take most midwives recommend Ibuprofen as pain relief for this. Kaz

29. At some point you will very probably find yourself thrusting the baby at your DH/DP the minute they come in the door and running off to throw yourself on the bed in tears because you've had a mare of a day. This does NOT make you a bad mum, it means you are human. Tomorrow will be better, honest. Min912

purplejennyrose Sun 27-Apr-08 22:16:29

Hello all
Have missed weeks on here I think - manic trying to finish everything off at work as it's my offical last day Thurs! Though will still be popping back in through May. So much paperwork and filing - at least I'm getting cover for 2/3 of my job (nothing last time!)
What a lovely weekend in the sun! I have been awful the last few weeks with pelvic pain - midwife got me to the physio for SPD, turns out the main prob is I have sprained my sacro-iliac joint!! Which, if like me you hadn't come across before, is the joint at the bottom and middle of the pelvis, underneath the tailbone - the bones right between your legs. So I've been getting horrendous pain kind of underneath my buttocks and even down my thighs!It's because of overcompensating for where my pelvis and hips have moved and become misaligned.
The physio was helpful - have some exercises to do, lots of advice on managing it - don't walk, don't lift, how to move, rest lots - and have ordered a support belt - NHS doesn't supply them round here! DD1 is learning to climb in and out of highchair, bath, car etc. It is making a difference, and I even managed to pot up some tomatoes and geraniums today so not feeling quite as bad.
Sorry, long post all about my pelvis! Hope everyone else still suffering pain, sickness etc is not too bad, and hope the nice weather comes back soon - makes things a bit better!
Was quite pleased on Sat - I don't have a changing bag anymore and was thinking of buying a new, big one as I'll need something big enough for two, but they are soo expensive. Also I have some really nice 'normal' bags that I use at the mo. So I found a really big Cath Kidston wash bag, which fits enough nappies etc for DD and new baby, plus bits and bobs, muslins, newborn change of clothes - all the extra bits you end up needing for a newborn. I can then put this 'kit' in whatever bag I am using at the time, together with my own stuff which is all in a really big wallet (also Cath Kidston - how sad am I!!)- and transfer it between bags as necessary!
Ok - apologies for enormous post - will go now!xxx

JODIEhavingababy Sun 27-Apr-08 22:21:16

Feel free to add details (such as sex and/or surprises) to te list and any more Valuble information? We haven't had any for a while! wink

isaidno Mon 28-Apr-08 03:40:55

Insomnia here! I usually sleep like a baby!

libralady Mon 28-Apr-08 06:21:47

isaidno hope you managed to get back to sleep.

Wow, you lot can talk, evenutally found you on this new thread.

Off to see MW this afternoon to get my certificate to fly. Hopefully this time next week I'll be lying on a beach somewhere with a good book whist DH looks after (runs around) after DS. Can't wait.

Catch you later as have got to be in the office by 7am this morning.

Please try not to talk too much, some evenings it takes me over an hour to catch up on what's been happening during the day. Then I'm too tired to post as it's time for bed - ha ha. Not allowed to access non-essential websites at work so unfortunately that includes MN. The b***ds!

disneystar Mon 28-Apr-08 06:45:47

ok ladies i have a question for you im sure so some one knows what this is

if i walk to far i have a terrible pressure down below like its all going to fall out

also in the night i have to have apillow inbetween my legs as it feels so bruised down there like i have been kicked and bruised also its in the top of my legs just a very heavy painful feeling when i walk

does anyone else suffer at night?
apart from that all is ok.

Welcome cilC this is such a great to place to be

sweetkitty Mon 28-Apr-08 07:58:54

Morning ladies

Disneystar - you could be describing me, I too have the feel like it's all going to fall out feeling and the one about feeling like you have been kicked especially at night. Sounds like good oldfashioned Pelvic Girdle Pain to me (SPD) have a word with your MW see if they can refer you to a maternity physio.

libralady - don't you know MN is an essential website, do you know which beach you are going to be on next week? envy

purplejennyrose - sorry you are suffering too, it's amazing that so many of us are having real problems with SPD/PGP/SI pain. I think it's one of these things that you are just supposed to suffer from in pregnancy and not much gets done about it IYSWIM

Jodie - thanks for copying everything across

Won't bore everyone with my on going woes still feeling a bit sad though. Looks like it is going to be anice day though.

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