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Where's the December '08 thread gone?

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toosoontotell Tue 15-Apr-08 00:18:51


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Verso Tue 15-Apr-08 02:30:28


Bisou Tue 15-Apr-08 02:33:33

Hi TSTT - I'm wondering the same thing! I'm not really a mumsnet pro so I don't know how common this is. I can only hope they can restore it somehow? How do we report it? The old link was:
We could always start a new thread, but it would be a shame to lose the old one.

kayzisexpecting Tue 15-Apr-08 06:16:30

[also baffled]

I was just wondering why it wasn't in my Threads I am on.

How is everyone?

kayzisexpecting Tue 15-Apr-08 06:21:57

I've started a thread in Site Stuff to ask MNHQ where it has gone.

toosoontotell Tue 15-Apr-08 06:56:54

Phew,I'm glad it wasn't just me and my pregnant,insomniac mind.

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kayzisexpecting Tue 15-Apr-08 07:01:29

I know it was here yesterday evening but I don't know where it could have gone.

kayzisexpecting Tue 15-Apr-08 07:02:49

MNHQ is looking into to it for

I hope they find it.

mibbes Tue 15-Apr-08 08:02:56

Thanks kayz i thought I was going mad ! Have things settled down with you ?

hiccymapops Tue 15-Apr-08 08:05:17

I'm glad it's not just me that's lost it! hmm Did we say something wrong?

Hope everyone's feeling okay this morning smile

MrsMattie Tue 15-Apr-08 09:13:26

<MrsM peeps in between vomiting sessions and wails 'Where is our thread????'>

nandos Tue 15-Apr-08 12:30:43

oops..missing thread!!!
i really wanna read yesterdays messages hmm lolz..
aww MrsMattie, poor u ..hope u will fee better as days past by..

hope everyone else is fine today

mibbes Tue 15-Apr-08 12:41:16

how many posts did we have on the thread, maybe it was full, but then they don't whip them away just because they are full - this is rubbish ! If they don't return it to us soon I vote we start a new one.

Have MW booking in appt today, hopefully she'll make me feel more like a genuine PG lady, at the moment I just feel like I'm pretending blush I need some symptoms !

IceCube Tue 15-Apr-08 12:58:25

I've just seen my GP and the earliest available midwive booking in appointment is in 5 weeks, I'll be 10 weeks pregnant by then shock

theyoungvisiter Tue 15-Apr-08 12:59:45

Icecube with my first pregnancy I wasn't booked in until 14 weeks - I'd already had my scan and everythign by then!

I think they aim for 11-12 weeks around here so you see the MW and then have your scan. 10 weeks sounds v plush!

kayzisexpecting Tue 15-Apr-08 13:12:14

Still not found it??

I am fine today thanks Mibbes.

I have my MW appointment tomorrow but I dont know why as I am only 5 weeks and you are meant to see the MW between 8 and 12 weeks. So I don't know why the doctor said to make the appointment for now.

IceCube Tue 15-Apr-08 13:12:35

I'm confused, how could you have a scan before the midwive had booked you in.

I was told the first session with the midwive was to get all the information they needed and then the midwive does a referal to the hospital for your scans etc to be done.

Very puzzled by the whole thing.

theyoungvisiter Tue 15-Apr-08 13:17:16

Icecube, in our area your doctor refers you to the hospital and then the hospital assigns you to a midwife team and books you in for your scan dates.

I got one letter telling me about my booking in appointment and another letter telling me about my scan date - the scan just happened to be first.

I don't know how your system works but in my area the doctor takes the basic info needed for the scan (he takes your BMI, BP, LMP dates etc). But tbh they don't really need anything other than your best guess at dates for the scan - as long as there aren't any other concerns they're just checking the number of babies and estimated due date.

kayzisexpecting Tue 15-Apr-08 13:29:34

You'd think it would be the same everywhere.

ChutneyMary Tue 15-Apr-08 13:33:57

Both times (in 2 different London hosps) I have been scanned at 11-13 w and then not seen MW til 14+. Second pg booking was so curt and MW so vile I wish I'd bypassed her altogether and just kept at the GP. The GP can do most of the routine stuff (urine, BP) etc which might be worth knowing if your MW is hard to get hold of, or only does appts at inconvenient times smile

theyoungvisiter Tue 15-Apr-08 13:47:29

I'm London too CM - maybe it's standard round here?

Icecube, it is frustrating, especially with your first baby when you are so excited and want everyone else to be too!

But you can see their reasoning - they need to concentrate their resources on the stages when you actually need monitoring, ie the 2nd and 3rd trimester when you are at risk of things like gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia and actually NEED regular monitoring.

This time round I am 7 weeks and still haven't even seen a doctor as I couldn't get an appointment before 7.5 weeks, so goodness knows when I will get a midwife booking. Probably just before labour hmm

rosmerta Tue 15-Apr-08 13:51:09

I'm in London too but both times I've had my booking appt at around 8 weeks & they book in the scan at that point.

Was thinking, there seem to be a few of us in London, anyone fancy meeting up for lunch or something? We could find somewhere central for everyone.

rosmerta Tue 15-Apr-08 15:00:14

old thread is back!

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