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Quinny buzz strawberry red - suitable for a boy??!!

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Lilypink Sat 12-Apr-08 12:31:05

Hi, I am wanitng to buy a secondhand buzz and have seen one advertised in strawberry red (2007 edition) but can't really tell from the picture if it is a bit pinkish. Can anyone help me??!!

Many thanks

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KnitterInTheNW Sat 12-Apr-08 13:00:14

We have it for our 3 week old DS,and it's not even slightly pinkish. Absoloutely fine for a boy. smile

Lilypink Sat 12-Apr-08 17:39:46

Ah great thanks, is yours the 2007 edition too? Is it just a normal red then? But then I see they do one called red reflection too so I wonder what the difference is?

Many thanks for answering my query.

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KnitterInTheNW Sun 13-Apr-08 01:10:12

Mine's the strawberry one, I think the reflection red one is a slightly deeper red. The strawberry one is just normal red, but quite a bright red.

gigglewitch Sun 13-Apr-08 01:26:57

get some blue blankets?
it is proper red imo. got the 2006 one which is no help to you but thought it was more pink-ish for my girl {after two boys!!} which mostit certainly isn't. blush
Friends with last years one in red are defo red, the pink is very bright fuschia and unmistakably, err, pink.
I very much doubt if there would be any confusion.
happy red pram-ing grin

Lilypink Sun 13-Apr-08 07:52:07

Thanks knitter and gigglewich I feel reassured now. My worries are actually more to do with my DH saying I'm not pushing a pink pram than having a boy sat in it!!

I really want to get a striking colour and strawberry red looks like it is the one!

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