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home monitor for hearing babys heartbeat......

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SnowmAngeliz Tue 28-Dec-04 18:25:30

Hello and hope you all had a lovely Christmas

Mine went really well and only mananged to offend one sister when i said i'd rather see her boxing day with her new man as didn't want to be meeting new people and dd would have gone really withdrawn. (I'm not that bad really but he's the third one this year and i couldn't be arsed for me never mind poor dd!!!)

Anyway, dp got me a monitor to listen to baby's heart. I can hear whirling-swirling and bumping but definately no heartbeat like at the midwifes. (I'n not in the slightest bit worried as this baby never stops moving).
Anyone got one and got any tips for me???

(Baby is breech)

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Donbean Tue 28-Dec-04 18:26:58

bump till the midwives read this. xx

SnowmAngeliz Tue 28-Dec-04 18:41:15

unashamedly bump again

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Spacecadetiscomingtotown Tue 28-Dec-04 18:49:46

How preg are you?

SnowmAngeliz Tue 28-Dec-04 18:52:09

32 weeks.

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Spacecadetiscomingtotown Tue 28-Dec-04 19:08:26

Tthe noises you can hear sound like placental noises, do you know if you have an anterior placenta? that can make it a bit harder to hear the heartbeat as the placenta sits in front of the baby, sometimes you can hear noises from the cord too.If your baby is breech, feel for the back and then position the monitor in the middle of your bump as opposed to lower down( but on the side that babys back is) if baby is head down, position the monitor down in the lower tummy area of your bump.Its better to be lying back a bit too, good luck!Sometimes off course the little devils decide to roll over just as you try to listen to the heart beat!!!

misdee Tue 28-Dec-04 19:09:28

can i borrow it

SnowmAngeliz Tue 28-Dec-04 20:49:32

thanks for that SC, i don't know where my placenta is, but i know that i have limbs coming out from every angle and can't figure out what is what with this one!!!!
Will try to feel later, am off for a bath now so will feel then.
Misdee, of course you can but i 'think' we're due the same time so you'll just hear the sound of your wine going down after we're free

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popsycal Tue 28-Dec-04 20:51:56

angeliz - look at the 20 week scan notes stuck to your hand helf notes will tell you where your placenta is...
dp you kno wthe thing i mean?

SnowmAngeliz Tue 28-Dec-04 21:07:55

popsy, i don't have any scan notes!

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Spacecadetiscomingtotown Tue 28-Dec-04 21:17:58

They normally put a scan report in the back of your hand held notes, doesnt matter, try the other tips, try putting the monitor, in the places I suggested, first on one side of your bump, then the other. sounds like youve got a wriggler in there though!

logICICLE Tue 28-Dec-04 21:42:36

We have got a heartbeat detector and the heartbeat can normally be found right down low in the stomach - almost at the bikini line. Our little one seems to have a heartbeat of about 150 so is really easy to distinguish from my heart and the cord. Hope that helps...

misdee Tue 28-Dec-04 21:43:15

lol Angleliz, we are due similar times.

my placenta is on back wall. i only know cos i had a scan a week or so ago.

SnowmAngeliz Tue 28-Dec-04 21:45:21

at misdee.

Well i'm a bit annoyed now that i don't know where my placenta is, (sounds quite funny that), and have no notes!
Will ask midwife in January appointment. They didn't tell me where mine was and i'm usually very informed.

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bonymerryxmas Wed 29-Dec-04 21:03:38

Angeliz - i don't have any scan notes either - but at last appt was told baby is breech (I'm 28 weeks now) - we have one of these monitors and can hear the hearbeat just below my navel but off to one side. It does take a bit of perseverance, just keep moving it around

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