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Due Dec 08 - anyone else got a BFP?

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applepip Tue 25-Mar-08 21:35:42

Or will I be on my own for a while sad?

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sparklyshoos Tue 25-Mar-08 22:07:05

had to say congrats, been looking out for this thread as we've been wondering whether to start TTC - which would've been a Dec '08 if it had been this month, but can't see me joining this thread now.

sure you won't be on your own too long though smile - and you'll be strawberry, then half a banana before you know it!

rosmerta Tue 25-Mar-08 22:15:11

thanks sparkly, quite scarily am v excited that you 'got' my name!

good luck anyway

Awen Tue 25-Mar-08 22:17:36


I fell pregnant last year around easter.. ds2 born dec 27th. Cant believe a year has gone already. It flies by. Wishes you a healthy happy pregnancy.


applepip Tue 25-Mar-08 22:20:01

thanks awen, just realised its really hard to use different names on MN! Probably have given myself away there, oh well!

This is actually my 2nd dc, am wondering how to rest when ds is a very very active 2yr old!

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Awen Tue 25-Mar-08 22:27:55

Was my 2nd too Not stopping to rest made the time fly.

llareggub Wed 26-Mar-08 13:55:02

Hello, I've just had a BFP and worked my dates out as November 12th. It must be the hormones working overtime because that doesn't add up! I have recalculated and now think I'm due on 2 December, which is far more like it!

Applepip, I have a very active 17 month old. Congratulations to us both!

applepip Wed 26-Mar-08 14:05:26

Hi Ilareggub, I'm due the 2nd as well smile, congratulations!

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llareggub Wed 26-Mar-08 16:51:31

Hello applepip, I'm not really sure because I haven't really had a period since I before I got pregnant with my son in 2006. So it is all guesswork really. How are you feeling?

mibbes Wed 26-Mar-08 18:16:25

Hello ladies ! I got BFP this morning grin. This is my first DC so am terrified as well as delighted. I think I'm due 2nd Dec too. I'll need you experienced mums to hold my hand and keep me right if that is ok ?
Can you recommend any good books for me to read to get clued up - am a complete novice at this PG business blush

llareggub Wed 26-Mar-08 18:52:49

Hello mibbes, congratulations and welcome. You don't need any books, all you need is right here on mumsnet! If you did however want a book I found the NCT book quite good. I think it is called Your Birth Year or something like that. You'll find lots of information on the web so you might want to save your money and buy yourself some lovely body lotion or hand creme for the post birth days!

mibbes Wed 26-Mar-08 18:59:16

Thanks llareggub am still in shock, can hardly believe it shock grin. I will definitely buy that book as am a bit of a book-girl. I use the net loads too but I love flicking through a 'real' book wink

applepip Wed 26-Mar-08 20:16:26

Hi mibbes, congratulations! Ahh, the excitement of your first one is never forgotten!

You're lucky to have found MN now, I didn't discover it until ds was about 4mo, I was actually listening to midwives & HVs shock! Anyway, I did find the Miriam Stoppard book quite useful but the one llareggub says is good as well!

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llareggub Wed 26-Mar-08 20:26:35

Just us three then? How exclusive!

mibbes Wed 26-Mar-08 22:26:17

My cycle buddy from the waiting room in conception BrightShinySun got BFP today too so I'm sure she'll be along at some point smile

llareggub Wed 26-Mar-08 22:33:09


onthefarm Thu 27-Mar-08 08:37:51

I'm due dec 2nd too! Can I join in?

applepip Thu 27-Mar-08 13:22:36

hi onthefarm & congratulations! How's everyone feeling?

I'm not too bad, very tired but I think that's more to do with ds waking up at 5am ready to start the day <<nods off on pc>>

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mibbes Thu 27-Mar-08 13:33:52

hello onthefarm is this your first or are you experienced ?
applepip am feeling less pregnant than most months when have been symtpom spotting ! Not a sniff of a symtpom - ocassional tingly (.)(.) but that is it ! Am so disappointed, I thought I'd feel 'different'. Am a bit tired but that is probably due to waking up early and my mind racing so I can't sleep - I hope this wears off soon !
I have been having a look on the web about what I can and can't eat - flip ! There are a lot of my favourites on the 'banned' list sad Oh well I knew there'd be sacrifices, I'm sure it will be worth it in the end !

llareggub Thu 27-Mar-08 13:52:58

I can't sleep either. I feel far more pregnant than I did the first time around but it might be all in my head. I'm definitely going to the loo more frequently and I am so, so tired! Welcome onthefarm...

applepip Thu 27-Mar-08 14:16:34

I feel like I could sleep for England! And am not feeling as pregnant as I did first time around but I think that's because I've found out a bit earlier than last time.

Last night, dh was trying to explain to ds about the baby in mummy's tummy, I said not to bother as he's really not going to understand and then this morning he said 'hello mummy, hello baby' & gave my stomach a kiss!

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onthefarm Thu 27-Mar-08 15:13:10

Hi and congratulations Mibbes,llareggub and applepip. So sweet story about your ds applepip!

Was bit worried might have evap lines after seeing your thread yesterday llareggub, so still want to take another test to be really really sure. It looked negative, but when looked couple mins later, really faint line...!

Mibbes re food you can't eat. I find as soon as I'm pregnant want to eat blue cheese and runny boiled eggs - part of the human condition - wanting what we can't have!

With luck, this will be dc no3 for me.


applepip Thu 27-Mar-08 15:23:42

onthefarm, I had exactly the same thing re lines, looked quite faint but was there. Next day I went and got one of those digital ones which tell you so no trying to figure out if there is a line there or not!

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BrightShinySun Thu 27-Mar-08 15:38:04

Hi all! Hi mibbes! <<waves>> So as mibbes said I got my BFP yesterday too. I think when I go to the midwife they'll tell me I'm due end of Nov but I'm more or less certain I'm due 5th Dec.

This is no2 for me I've got dd who is 19mo. Feel more nervous this time though!! Maybe coz dd wasn't planned so I just went with the flow!!

Oh by the way mibbes last pregnancy I ate runny eggs all the way through, I think the issue is around sallmonella(sp) but any eggs with a lion stamp mean the hens have had the vaccination. My dd is none the worse for it!!

Not feeling much different altough was very light headed this morning and am preying its not the start of morning sickness as last pg I had sickness every single day for 9 months it was awful!! grin

digitalgirl Thu 27-Mar-08 15:45:04

OMG MIBBES Massive congratulations to you!!! gringringrin

Been so busy recently I haven't been lurking so much on the ttc threads this week, but so glad to see you here!!!

Good luck mibbles, wish you all the very best smile

dg x

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