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breech at 35 weeks

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friendlyedjit Thu 20-Mar-08 11:18:04

Gosh i forgot about moxibustion, a friend did that for me. Involved puttig burning stick things in between toes and sitting stil for an hour. That was nice but it didn't work. I don't think i expected it to though, but I was game to try anything.

Fingers crossed Potpourri for a natural turn!
I'm also 35 weeks this week with dc 4 and hoping that continue to be cephalic as although had no hesitation re lscs with dd1 for breech, really want to avoid again, unless they'll do a TUMMY TUCK AT SAME TIME!

PotPourri Wed 19-Mar-08 20:10:03

Anyone had a vaginal birth with a breach baby? Mine also seems to be breach - not worried yet as I am only 34 weeks, so still got time. Just trying to think of the options. Would prefer not to have C-section as I have 2 other kids (3 and nearly 2 year olds) and I live in the sticks, so not driving would be a problem. I realise it might be the safest option though. Oh, and both other babies had the cord around their necks and heartrate dipped during contractions throughout labour (induced for both).

MrsJamin Wed 19-Mar-08 12:50:16

I had moxibustion and it didn't work. Then had an ECV and it was the most painful thing I've ever endured, plus it didn't work. This was at 39+5 wks though. I booked a c-section in at 40+1 weeks but went into labour within a few hours, meaning I had to have an emergency c-section. My advice would be to buy some moxa sticks from a Chinese herbal shop and do it yourself (these can cost £40 or more and was a complete waste of money as you can buy moxa sticks for a couple of quid - just hover it over your little toe for a while). But don't do an ECV unless it's quite early on as it was so painful. C-sections aren't that bad you know!

friendlyedjit Tue 18-Mar-08 16:52:21

Fingers crossed does its own turning thing.
Had ECV for dd1, which wasn't painful but was uncomfortable. It didn't work. My understanding was it was worth a try but it is only successful half the time,although higher success rates if have had babies before and of course depends on "individual turners success rate", size of baby and amount of fluid surrounding baby. There is a small chance that if is successful that can flip back to breech.

Deffo worthwhile spending some time on all fours-

peach123 Tue 18-Mar-08 16:41:49

thanks for all the advice i shall spend some time on all fours! my midwife hasnt mentioned any of this. does anyone know if it hurts or can harm the baby at all when you have the ECV? heres hoping it turns on own

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horace Tue 18-Mar-08 15:53:31

My third was also breech but managed to turn himself around withoout any help, or me noticing somewhere between 37 weeks and when i went into labour at
39+2. Advice i was given was lots of pelvic rocking whilst on all fours. This position gives them the most room to turn. Didn't really follow this advccie much sine had heartburn and sciatica

PotPourri Tue 18-Mar-08 15:46:40

SEarch the threads. There is some thing where they stick little insense sticks in your toes and apparently it works really well.

But in the meantime scrub the floor on your hands and knees, and lie over a bean bag on all fours all evening if you possibly can.

Quite often they turn late on anyway - they can be cheeky little things!!

lalalonglegs Tue 18-Mar-08 15:39:01

Does seem a bit early - I encouraged my one to turn at 33 weeks by lying on my back five times a day with five pillows under bum. It worked within a couple of days - it's now cephalic and really large. Wondering if I did the right thing or should have gone for CS option...

There's loads of techniques on Mumsnet threads if you search "turn breech baby" or something similar.

Good luck.

jetgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 14:57:01

Yes! My baby turned at 37 weeks, on the day I had my appt to sort out CS which i then didn't need! ECVs aren't offered by my PCT wihch is perhaps why they wait until 37 weeks.

Try spending time on all fours to help baby turn.

Good luck!

peach123 Tue 18-Mar-08 14:53:56

has anyone had a baby turned? this is my third baby and if still breech this thurs am being sent to have baby turned by ECV. is this a bit early? any ideas on how to encourage it around please?

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