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Due March 2008- Alright everyone, let's see those babies!!

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turtle23 Thu 28-Feb-08 07:37:57

New thread to fill with birth stories

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turtle23 Thu 28-Feb-08 07:41:17

By the way, did anyone get Brazilianmum's number before her waters broke? We must have another baby around here somewhere... smile

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merryberry Thu 28-Feb-08 08:03:37

hello new thread.
liked glam going over the top.
very funny

am grinding out of the house today for a long walk with dp and ds to see if that will tickle anything along.

JFly Thu 28-Feb-08 08:56:28

Thinking of you today, Glam! Good luck!

Have fun storming the castle!
<<10 points for naming that movie>>

fitnfortyone Thu 28-Feb-08 09:18:16

thanks Turtle, I haven't added any threads before so wasn't sure what to do!

Glam hope you enjoyed your last meal as a condemned non-mum and all's going well today!

merry - hope the walking is successful, considering it myself (but only after i've driven round the corner to Asda to make sure we've got pizza in for this evening!).

Aching so much last night by the time i got to bed i thought things might be shifting, but it was only LO having a joke again. He was def sitting right in my pelvis and I can feel a lot more pressure down there this morning, but no sign of contractions Must be nice to have something definite like waters breaking or a show to at least let you know things are on their way!

Jaysthird Thu 28-Feb-08 10:15:40


thought i would jump on board this train at the start of the journey, who knows when i might next get on it

Well nothing here, two days over now, cramps and strong BH most of yesterday, but its transpired into nothing.

OH how i love the waiting game!

jfly - is it something to do with a Princess? i forget the title and dont want to cheat!

MissingMyHeels Thu 28-Feb-08 10:17:14

Ooooh good luck Glam!

<Tries not to think that she too could have had her baby today - someone remind me why I'm waiting for this natural mullarkey?>

Had loads of period type pains last night and feeling generally very achey with a very quiet LO this morning. Maybe it is just a thing that happens towards the end, trying not to worry too much!

DP's sister announced her pregnancy yesterday, she is due Sept 24th shock can't believe I'll have a six month old baby and be back at work by then. Nice to know LO will have a cousin and somewhere to get rid of ALL my pregnancy books, hurrah!

MissingMyHeels Thu 28-Feb-08 10:18:44

Jaysthird - I think you're right and it's the Princess Bride. What a great film, I may watch that tomorrow.

HolidaysQueen Thu 28-Feb-08 10:33:27

Oh so exciting about Glam! I'm really looking forward to 'seeing her over the other side' although it could be more than a month for me. Quite bored of being pregnant today, but do get to see LO on scan this afternoon

About to have bath, with a cuppa and chocolate brownie for company (had to put most of them in the freezer to stop me eating the whole tinful!). I may be bored of being pregnant today, but I'm not bored of being a lady of leisure!!!

fitnfortyone Thu 28-Feb-08 10:46:34

have to say, i'm not bored with the preggers bit yet... i may change my mind in a few days, but right now i think it's fine. It's just frustration at not knowing the exact day really....once we stop being pregnant means much more hard work, so not sure i want that bit any sooner than necessary

monthlymayhem Thu 28-Feb-08 10:47:24

Good luck Glam!

Am feeling very tender down there today, after some 'activity' yesterday and swimming (not at the same time though wink ). I'm loving being a lady of leisure, but starting to get ever so slightly bored of feeling achey and generally being pg. I've still got 2.5 weeks till due date though, so knowing my luck I'll still be in the same position 4 weeks from now!

piggyp Thu 28-Feb-08 11:01:53

Okay, so how do you know when it is 'it'. Had show this am, I've got awful backache, a bit 'periody' and much worse every couple of mins, but not really very regular, pacing around is all I can do - is it time to get the TENs out???

turtle23 Thu 28-Feb-08 11:06:07

OOOOH PIGGY! Fingers crossed for you. Try stopping for a bit and see if it eases off? If stopping annoys you and you feel you have to keep moving, then that's a very good sign!! Good luck!!

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PurlyQueen Thu 28-Feb-08 11:06:17


I'm having a nice cup of Earl Grey while I am putting a whole load of stuff on eBay - this must be what they call nesting!

MissingMyHeels Thu 28-Feb-08 11:07:51

Oooh piggy, that's very exciting, I think whilst they have no regular pattern try to avoid using your TENS as I have read lots of posts on people having irregular contractions and cramps for weeks before labour! (I'm sure this won't be you though)

How many weeks are you piggy? I was told I will know when it is "it" because I won't be able to speak through the pain, anything else is likely to be pre-labour. If I were you I would go for a walk, have sex, lavender & clary sage bath and then see how you're doing?

monthlymayhem Thu 28-Feb-08 11:08:07

sounds promising, hope this is it for you piggyp!

delcymru Thu 28-Feb-08 11:11:30

Sounds like things are moving piggyp.You've had a show so something is definately happening and your period type pains and backache do sound like the first contractions. It won't hurt to get the tens out, it says on mine to use it from the start as it can take an hour to kick in ,and you can start on the lowest setting and work up.Exciting stuff , send some labour vibes my way please, I am fed up of being prg.Take care piggyp smile

piggyp Thu 28-Feb-08 11:17:10

Thank you ladies, 39 + 4 today. Have had clary s bath already, idea of sex is monstrous! Definately can't stay sitting. Does kind of feel like it could be the world's worst constipation though.

CricketsMum Thu 28-Feb-08 11:49:38

Piggy - Fingers crossed for you!

Monthlymayhem - Am so with you on starting to get bored of the aches and pains thing! Whilst I am glad I don't need a section (planned anyway) knowing when she is going to put in an appearance would be so nice!

JFly Thu 28-Feb-08 12:16:35

Well done, Jay and MMH, ten points each! I love the Princess Bride. I come out with these quotes and people just look at me funny.

cazboldy Thu 28-Feb-08 12:24:09

bit of a hijack here!

Just want to wish Jaysthird Good luck! smile

Don't even know if you remember me from last time? blush

and of course good luck to all you other new mummies to be smile envy

MerlinsBeard Thu 28-Feb-08 13:06:43

how u doing today merryberry?

MerlinsBeard Thu 28-Feb-08 13:09:40

piggyp, sounds like things be getting started for you

Try to avoid ALL pain relief as long as you can. You will apprieciate(sp?) it more later on!!

merryberry Thu 28-Feb-08 13:11:05

same old same old, MoM, thansk for asking. Sick ++, but walk was nice for the fresh air and toddler in a very good mood.

piggyp, the acid test is, can you sleep/snooze through them. good idea to try, save your strenght if it is the real thing on its way. x

spugs Thu 28-Feb-08 13:47:59

piggy - sounds like it might be early labour grin id rest as much as you can ready for things sgtepping up a gear. cant believe so many people seem to be getting started, its not even march yet. im having bhs and felt a bit crampy on and off in bed last night but i had this with dd2 for weeks before i went into labour hmm

had mw appointment yesterday and little one is 2/5s engaged, head down with its back on the left hand side so in a good position. doesnt mean itll come any earlier though unfortunatly and i can definitly tell the heads dropped, i keep getting the nerves at the top of my thighs trapped.

as for sleeping i woke up flat one my back this am hmm generally i sleep on my left side anyway but regularly roll about (as much as you can) dont worry about it, sleeping on your right hand side isnt going to result in disaster and apparently as long as your not tota;lly flat on your back you wont trap your nerves.

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