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Channel 5 pregnancy show - contributors wanted

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dannyhood Thu 14-Feb-08 16:44:56

Hi there -

This is a long explanation so bear with me:

Dear Parents ? to- be
I am gathering information together for a science documentary on FIVE about Fathers? Attitudes to Pregnancy.

Dads, have you noticed that you are gaining weight along with your partner's pregnancy? Do you find that you feel queasy at certain times of the day? Have you experienced appetite changes, anxiety or tiredness?

Then you may be experiencing Couvade Syndrome (Sympathy Feelings alongside your pregnant partner) and we?d very much like to talk to you about it.

Get in touch if you are interested in taking part in the programme, contact is of course in complete confidence and there is no commitment whatsoever if you were to get in touch.

Little is written about the man?s attitudes and feelings during pregnancy and your views are extremely important, so please be as honest and open as possible if you choose to get in touch.

You can contact me, Dan, directly and in complete confidence on 0207 535 7237 or on my email

Many thanks for your help and I wish you a happy pregnancy.

Yours sincerely
Dan Hood
Senior Development Researcher

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hunofmonsters Thu 14-Feb-08 16:48:23

sorry, but have reported your thread as its a media request which there is a £30 charge for

TLSM Thu 14-Feb-08 16:52:26

Also dont really think Ante-natal is the right place to post this!

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