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Due May 2008.... Third Trimester Here We Come!!

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mrstresshead Mon 11-Feb-08 12:26:52

Hope you all found it Ok! x

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Coolmama Mon 11-Feb-08 12:29:56

Was just thinking that we should probably start a new thread as we are really heading into the home streeeeetch!!grin

mrstresshead Mon 11-Feb-08 12:44:24

baiyu - apparently soda water is meant to be good for cramps - not sure if that means drinking it during the day or drinking it when you get cramps tho! i think cramps are something to do with salt - apparently its a sodium imbalance so if your having too much or not enough it can cause cramps. Good luck with your scan tomorrow, let us know how you get on!


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sweetbean Mon 11-Feb-08 13:33:43

Baiyu i have read that tonic water/bitter lemon is really good for leg cramps plus try increasing your intake of calcium its in one of my pregnacy books xxxx

JackBlackRoady Mon 11-Feb-08 13:36:46

hello everyone!
thanks for all the luck sent for the move, it went okay, but there is so much to do i don't know where to start
i have no internet at home (at my MIL's at moment and have to be quick) so won't be on every 5 minutes like normal! anyway, will catch up soon, hope you are all well.
love JBR xxx

sweetbean Mon 11-Feb-08 13:44:03

JBR Glad everything went ok it's just the mess of unpacking to go now so i will be thinking of you try and take it easy !!!!!!!! xxxx

mrstresshead Mon 11-Feb-08 14:19:16

oh yeah, i meant tonic water, not soda water blush x

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blobsmummy Mon 11-Feb-08 16:00:13

Thanks mrsstresshead for the new thread smile

baiyu Mon 11-Feb-08 20:50:33

Alright, big glass of tonic water and lime (sadly no gin!) in my hand and lots of salt on my supper. See if that works! Thanks a lot for the ideas. smile

pregnabrain Mon 11-Feb-08 22:08:58


Can't believe we're on the final thread!!!! So exciting.

I've got the leg cramps too, but on and off. Eating cheese seems to help (that's what my inner greedy git tells me anyway grin). Might make sense if it's something to do with calcium.

Congratulations on your move JBR. Nice that you're in to your new place in plenty of time to make it feel like home for you and the new bubba.

I'm really struggling with my mood at the moment. I am finding it really hard to cope with dd, who has gone from little miss sunshine to constant whingeing in the space of a few weeks. Plus, I feel so heavy and breathless now I simply don't have the energy to deal with looking after her. So, lots of cbeebies for her, and loads of guilt for me sad. I am wondering how on earth I'm going to cope with two.

Apologies for my own whingeing - sorry to start the new thread off on a downer.

KangaAndRoo Mon 11-Feb-08 22:47:25

Hello Ladies!! Im nearly at the final stretch! lol

I too suffer with cramp and am drinking tonic water with a dash of lime and ice yummmmm!! It contains Quinine which is used in cramp medically. They say dont drink too much but am thinking along the lines of dont drink a litre a day lol a glass or too here and there is fine grin

Am just heading off to bed....took dd to see Barney today and i'm exhausted hehehe and beanie here is kicking and punching the living daylights out of me at the same time!!

hope all mums n bumps are good xx

IndigoBlue Mon 11-Feb-08 23:18:29


Been trying to catch up with all the posts!

Mrstresshead - great 3d scan picture!

As for leg cramps I think I remember being told that foods rich in potassium like bananas are supposed to help prevent them. Also if the cramps are in your calf that if you flex your foot back and forward it will help relieve it - that did actually work for me last time I was pregnant, or if dh was around I got him to rub it. I had the leg cramps a bit later on in pregnancy last time but I have been having days where my calves just ache which I also had last time but had forgotten about.

I'm starting to find I can't walk as fast as I get tired out and also feeling breathless sometimes. I keep having to remind myself that I'm now into the 3rd trimester as the time seems to be going so fast!

mumofk Tue 12-Feb-08 08:53:00

Hi all, I had leg cramps a few weeks ago- but now I've settled into eating lots of crips and chocolate they seem to have gone hmm. Not sure if its just been a passing thing with me. I had a nice trip to our labour ward yesterday- the real downside to working at a hospital- anywhere else you'd just get a taxi home if you feel unwell! At hometime I started with an ache across the top of my bump, that I tried to ignore ( so I could get changed, go to the loo, get to the car, go home) but kept needing to sit down and had to give up on plan A half way to the car- it just hurt too much.Got all checked out and there's nothing 'wrong', they can rule out scary stuff so its just a pregnancy ache/pain thing to live with- I've been given codeine and more paracetaomol, and if it gets worse, or scares me again for whatever reason to go back. After a lie down for 2 hours (sooo glad i take a book with me for lunch times!) I did feel better, and really nice reassuring midwife helped loads (never did find out her name, but her response when I rang for advice, and told her I was at work downstairs in ultrasound is I don't want to speak to you, you know far too much!made me laugh- which hurt more ).
So, bump still hurts but its not as scary now- but I'm not going to work, I think the sit downs when I feel like it are quite important now! And my bosses reaction when I rang up this morning was- please don't come here, we don't 'do' midwifery down here! Better than the usual guilt trip of how many other people are off!!
Right, better stop woffling on,hope everyone is blooming, or doing their version of it! And avoiding scary aches/pains/symptoms!!

newbishad Tue 12-Feb-08 11:39:22

Dear all,

I'd like to say hello and start chatting with you all. Thanks for the new thread. I've still three weeks until I hit the final stretch (I'm due end of May) but it's nice to be part of the group and it does make me feel as though I am moving on.
I can join in the niggles re pregnancy. I'm off work due to insomnia and anxiety but I'm much better now. I am growing rapidly at this stage (just about 25 weeks) so will soon be familiar with the aches you describe. I do find bananas helpful both for leg cramps and sleep. Baby is kicking franticaly at this stage, I think he must be doing somersaults every hour or so. Last night we went to see Gillbert and Sullivan and he /she kicked my bladder throughout the entire performance!
Talk soon.

Mitchell81 Tue 12-Feb-08 12:26:18

Hello everyone and welcome new moms and thanks for the new thread.

I have two very annoying kids,last night my eldest DD fell asleep at 6pm(normally 7:30-8:30pm) and then woke up at 1am and watched tv till 8am, she also was sick at 4:30am and now has been dozing all morning. And to make matters worst DS who sleeps in our bed woke up at 4:30 as well coz I was sorting out my DD and then wouldn't go back to sleep until 5:30am.

And DH is away in Dubai so I am all on my own. Starting to think about having DC3 is going to be harder than I thought.

Sorry moan over.

mrstresshead Tue 12-Feb-08 13:54:54

pregnabrain - i am feeling the same way as you at the moment about coping with two. dd has started to be extremely cheeky and naughty these last few weeks and im finding it very difficult to cope with her behaviour. i kept her off nursery this morning as a friend was coming round with her dd but she has been so cheeky and not doing as she is told all morning i was counting down the minutes before i could take her back to nursery sad i am worried about coping with toddler tantrums and a crying baby at the same time and am starting to think im going to become scared to leave the house!! it's really getting me down. maybe some of the others who already have two will be able to cheer us up and tell us it isnt that bad??!! (crosses fingers in hope)

indigoblue - thanks smile

mumofk - hope your feeling better and taking it easy, its really hard when they just put things down to normal pregnancy pains as you feel like your just being fobbed off, but at least it means there is nothing to worry about, so make the most of your day off and try to put your feet up.
i was going to ask you for some sonographer advice actually - im 28 weeks and at my 3d scan on thurs the baby was breech - is that normal at this stage or should i worry that she might not turn?

newbishad - hope your managing to sleep a little better and the anxiety passes. ive suffered with anxiety in this pregnancy so i can relate to how your feeling. Apparently bananas are also good for anxiety as well as insomnia so keep eating them!!

mitchell81 - oh dear, think you can join me and pregnabrain on the worries about the next child!! Hope your not too tired today after your sleepless night and that your dd is feeling better!!


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blobsmummy Tue 12-Feb-08 14:02:35

Pregnabrain - I also feel guilty about using CBeebies for respite! DD, who is a very active, outsidey kind of girl has turned into an avid 'In The Night Garden' fan, as I feel just too exhausted to do much with her by the middle of the afternoon.

What are we going to do when we're stuck feeding a baby for an hour and we're totally shattered from being up all night? - I feel so sorry for DD and am trying to make the most of having just her around before she has to share me. It's going to be so hard sad.

Still, we can all struggle together and there's something comforting in knowing that there are other mum's out there battling with exactly the same probs as you. Yippee for MN!

asicsgirl Tue 12-Feb-08 14:17:24

Hallo all - I haven't posted for a while but have been reading the thread every now and then. Thanks for starting a new one - it feels more manageable to read through at the moment at least!

I can sympathise with the worries about coping with 2 (or 3 or...). DS is generally lovely at the moment tho' he went thru' a horrendous whingey stage a few weeks back. But he still wants my attention/ input nearly all the time, even if it's just to instruct me on how exactly to play with a digger (No Mummy, NOT that end! This end! Dig over HERE! etc). I did have a moment of thinking 'There are ways round this' the other day - we bought DS a pop up tent off Ebay and he played in it really happily for about an hour, laughing hysterically and chucking himself about, while all I did in my tired blob-like state was sit on the floor and feed a selection of cuddly toys through the window!

Now I just need to think up 375 other things that can keep him amused with as little effort from me... any ideas??

blobsmummy Tue 12-Feb-08 14:36:32

Here's one not to try!

DD has a ball pond which is great for entertaining her, but also great for entertaining the rest of the family as they watch a 6 month pregnant women desperately scrabbling to extract herself from a pond full of balls, and failing miserably so that she's even more submerged than she started off being. grin The effort had to come from DH hauling me out in the end!

Moral of story - if children are happily playing in a ball pond, do not be tempted to get in to play with them! smile Follow asicsgirl's example and sit on the floor passing back the odd stray ball.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Tue 12-Feb-08 14:46:06

Third trimester already? <nervously wonders where time has gone>

Hello all. Hope you're all managing your aches and pains. I had so much cramp in previous pregnanices that I learned to relax the calf muscles, mind over matter, without actually having to grab the leg/foot and leap about in the middle of the night. grin I was once told that it might be salt deficiency so that would hold with your crisp eating, mumofk! Hope your bump pain has gone away, it sounds dreadful.

My sciatica is not good so I've been referred to physio, so I hope that makes a difference. Otherwise all well.

sweetbean Tue 12-Feb-08 16:04:07

hi all

Mumofk Hope your feeling OK Hun is horrible when you have any kind of unexplained pain! but im really glad your feeling better xxx

For all how have said about the small angles becoming big monsters mine was exactly the same and has only now (since Saturday)started 5to improve but before that she had about 3 weeks where she was completely not herself whinge cry moaning and very very defiant !!!!! its bloody hard work !

Oh and i was in town today and a shop assistant asked me when i was due i told her, she saw that i had my DD with me and said to me
"oooh i remember those days you'll have your hands full when the next one comes along oooooh i don't envy you i really don't"
Bloody stupid old trout angry

I think that we can only take each day as it comes many of us are on are second and have no idea what to expect but im sure we will all survive even if it dose take a few intravenous gins and Valium sandwiches to do it! grin xxxx

Mum2Scrap Tue 12-Feb-08 16:21:29

Hi everybody - thanks for starting the new thread. I am not sure if I qualify for this thread though! I am 25 weeks, 6 days and am confused as to whether the third trimester begins on day one of the 26th week or whether it begins on day 1 of the 27th week - my pregnancy book and the pregnancy calendars all seem to take a different view. So longing to be in the downward stretch!!

newbishad Tue 12-Feb-08 17:23:31

Hi all,

My book says 28th week so I have 3 weeks to wait but I still like to belong to the third trimester group. It makes it seem nearer somehow.
Thanks Mrsstresshead for your wishes. I will keep a bunch of bananas in the room! It's nice to know I am not alone.
Take care X

Mitchell81 Tue 12-Feb-08 17:38:32

Due May 2008 List

Bobsmum - EDD 25th April, DS 5years, DD 2years - SURPRISE
Macaco - EDD, 26 April first baby - BOY
Potpourri - EDD 29 April, DD1 2yrs 8mths & DD2 15 months
Jacobandlysette - EDD 29 April, DS 13.5 months - BOY
Mumofk - EDD 26 April, DD 2.3 years-SURPRISE
Greenapple - EDD 1st May, first baby
ShellySara - EDD 1st May, first baby
Seaturtle - EDD 1st May, first baby
Missvicki - EDD 1st May, first baby
Asicsgirl – EDD 1st May, DS 2 years 4 months.
Snooks - EDD 1st May, DS1 3.2, DS2 18 months - GIRL
Goodcatholicgirl - EDD 2nd May, DD 15 months
Jennyjane - EDD 2nd May, DD 3 years
podglet - EDD 2nd May, DS 15 months - GIRL
eira - ED 2 May - GIRL
Yellowflower- EDD 4th May, First Baby - BOY
LondonIrish - EDD 4th May, first baby
Mumtomadison - EDD 5th May, DD 9 months
Coolmama - EDD 5th May, DS 2yrs 9mths
Mrsstresshead - EDD 6th May, DD 3 years 8 months - GIRL
hotpotmama - EDD 7th May, DS1 4yrs, DS2 3yrs
Walkingwomb - EDD May 7th, first baby
deepblue - EDD 7 May, first baby
Jackblackroady - EDD May 8th, DS 12 years - GIRL
MrsVO - EDD May 8th, first baby
Indiechick - EDD 9 May, DD 3 years
IndigoBlue - EDD 10th May, DD 1 year - BOY
Wolverina - EDD 10 May, DS 5 years
Chuffed - EDD May 11? x 3, DD 3.5 years, DS 21 months - GIRLS
Hayleyandbaby(MUMBLESMUMMY) - EDD 11th May first baby - BOY
Blobsmummy EDD 4th May, DD 23 months
Mitchell81 - C/S 12th May, DD 7 years and DS 20 months - BOY
itsazoohere - EDD 12th May, DD1 12yrs, DD2, 7 yrs, DD3, 8 months
Bramblina - EDD 12th May, DS 2yrs
Truffy18 - EDD 12th May, DS 17 months
Mollymawk - EDD 13th May, DS 2 and 4 years
Bobsi - EDD 14th May, dd 2
KangaAndRoo - EDD 14th May, DD 2.6 years SURPRISE
baiyu - EDD 15th May, first baby
GwenofLeeds - EDD 16th May DD 16months born May 06
Azaduhi - EDD 16th May, DD 4yrs
Magicfairy - EDD 17th May? DS 13 months
PinkGlitterFairy - EDD 18th May, DS1 4.5yrs DS2 2yrs
Coby- EDD 18th May, DD1 18 months and DD2 3.5yrs - BOY
toffeecrisp - EDD 19th May? DD 1.6 years
janemf - EDD 19th May, first baby
sydmum - EDD 22nd May DS 16 months
PazzaPlusTwo - EDD 22nd May, First babies (Twins) - GIRLS
Fleurie76 - EDD 23rd May, first baby
Mum2scrap - EDD 23rd May, first baby
Sweetbean - EDD 24th May DD 2.9 years
Aussiesim - EDD 25th May DS1 4.5 DS2 2 - GIRL
tootsweet - EDD 26th May
sparky77 - EDD 28th May, DS1 2
pregnabrain - EDD 28th May, DD 2.5
TheDuchessOfNorksBride - EDD 26th May, DD1 6yrs, DS1 4yrs, DD2 3yrs
chatname - EDD 26th May, lost 3 previous babies in first trimester, hopefully will be first baby
Gingerwench- EDD 29th May, first baby
Newbishad - EDD 29th May, first baby
Helen 3472 - EDD 30th May, first baby
beccablum - EDD 30th May - GIRL
KacyB - EDD 30th May, first baby - BOY
Secreteater - EDD End of May

bobsmum - boy - girl - ?
sweetbean - boy - Girl - ?
jacobandlysette - girl - girl - ?
mitchell81 -girl - girl - boy
pregnabrain - girl - boy - ?
walkingwomb - girl - boy - ?
hayleyandbaby(Now mumblesmummy) -girl(changed to boy 3 weeks before scan) - boy - BOY
mrsstresshead - boy - boy - GIRL
blobsmummy - girl - girl - BOY!
mumofk- boy (now wondering girl thoughts this week)-can't remember where CC is!- surprise

Macaco - BOY
Snooks - GIRL
Chuffed - GIRLS x 3
Coby - BOY
Iarel - GIRL
Mumblesmummy - BOY
Aussiesim - GIRL
Mrsstresshead - GIRL
JackBlackRoady - GIRL
mitchell81 - BOY
Beccablum - GIRL
Podglet - GIRL
Sweetbean - Waiting for 4D to confirm a GIRL
Blobsmummy - BOY
TheDuchessofNorksBride - BOY
YellowFlower - BOY
PazzaPlusTwo - GIRLS x 2
Indiechick - GIRL
chatname - BOY
Azaduhi - BOY
Eira - GIRL
KacyB - BOY

baiyu Tue 12-Feb-08 17:39:36

Hello Mums and bumps,

I've had my first ultrasound! It was amazing. He/she (still a secret) has the cutest little nose and wriggled happily for the 'cameras'! All healthy so am very happy. They reckon that because of the size my due date may be a little earlier than expected and they've put me at the 7th of May (sorry I have no idea how to update the list and don't want to mess it up!)

Glad I'm not the only one with cramps, i've been quite worried as I took a major international flight 2 weeks ago in case it was some late arrival of DVT but now I feel normal, thanks ladies. Ok so, tonic water, salt, bananas and chocolate, i can definately do that! Thanks for all the advice.

Sorry all those with other little ones are having a stressful time, hope they all calm down soon. I really want to have more than one baby so I've got all that to come... For now I'll consider myself very lucky to be able to put myself first!

Hope all aches and pains improve soon. Hooray for being into the home run! smile

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