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Feb Babies - Come on Down!

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tyaca Sun 03-Feb-08 16:21:40

'ere we go, guys!

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Egg Sun 03-Feb-08 17:09:01

Hello hello, just getting myself on board before I lose you!

Ginger, sorry you are having a crap day, my DH is equally about state of house and spends time checking out his fantasy league team while I unload the washing machine. Thing is, he would do washing etc IF I ASKED HIM but I wish wish wish he would have a look round and think "right, what needs doing" and just run the steriliser /' dishwasher etc without having to be nagged.


Would DEFINITELY not want two threads btw, we are one big happy family and imagine the poor person who is last to give birth sitting by herself! And I would miss everyone sad.

tyaca Sun 03-Feb-08 17:15:21

that will be me! that last person, i know it!! i could not feel less like i'm about to go into labour. feel like i have been pregnant FOREVER. can't imagine my body ever feeling normal or good again.

i keep making muttering noises to DH about getting me preg as soon as poss after so i can get all this out of the way once and for all.

37 weeks today. ye voices of experience - please reassure me that just 'cause you don't feel anywhere near labour, it may well happen before 42 weeks??

must pack bag all the same grin... thing is, dont want to pack pjs etc cause that puts them out of action for a month, dont want to wash baby clothes cause that feels like i'm just dicing with fate hmm etc etc etc.

ginger, i am v jealous of your DD and her drunken night out. i would love love love to have a night on the lash. lovely to hear from you.

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tyaca Sun 03-Feb-08 17:18:04

and pk - hello from last night! i didnt get to sleep til gone five, but turned off computer quite early on and got cracking with my backlog of take a break quizzes grin... hope you got to sleep in the end too...

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blondiep14 Sun 03-Feb-08 17:18:12

I think i might be the last person, even tho my baby was supposed to be a January baby (31st) i also couldn't feel less like i'm about to go in to anything resembling labour - EVER!!

You can't actually stay pregnant forever - can you???!

wotsits Sun 03-Feb-08 17:41:32

Right, I'm having me a rant (feel free to ignore). Am trying to avoid an induction this coming week, by willing myself to recover from a horrible chest infection and bring my BP down. DH is running about like a headless chook, ferrying me to and from hospital, fetching DD to visit me the days I had to stay in for monitoring. Meanwhile his parents are here to help 'look after' DD. Which is what they do. They play with her, feed her, change her, etc. What they DO NOT do is make cups of tea for themselves or DH, make sandwiches for themselves or DH, cook meals, wash up, tidy up, etc. Not even shop for themselves. I know it's good of them to help look after their granddaughter, but surely they needn't be told to help with the other things? I'm supposed to be taking things easy, but I'm getting really annoyed to see my PILs expect to be treated like guests at a time when DH is worrying about me, and could do with some spoiling. At the moment DH is not letting me do a thing, so I'm enjoying that part while it lasts... smile

Tyaca, I don't feel anywhere near ready to give birth. So when the doctors told me yesterday that if my BP doesn't behave by Tuesday I will be induced it came as a huge shock. I have washed all baby clothes, blanket, granny knickers, am re-packing hospital bag (mustn't forget plastic jug), packed books. Have run out of time to order TENS machine - was going to do that last week but spent 4 days in hospital instead. Sigh!

Slacker Sun 03-Feb-08 17:49:26

Happy due date to us, Sarah! No action here (phew!) but I hope you're making some progress. But if you're not, keep rested and remember that the best way to deal with labour is to ignore it until you can't ignore it any longer - you'll tire yourself out if you try and speed things up. IMHO smile

Have been doing some serious nesting here this weekend, moving furniture around and sorting nappy stuff, washing baby clothes and generally getting ready...still not ready mentally but I know when it happens I'll just get on with it. DS3 and DD were all excited this morning that this would be the day, so I've had to manage their expectations and convince them that it would be better to wait till next weekend!

Congrats to Alkar and Countto10, hope it's going well with your little boys...someone really needs to redress the balance with a girl (I guess that will be you Sarah)

Beansprout - are you tandem feeding or did you manage to wean DS1? I finally stopped feeding DD a couple of weeks ago, but now she's got a cold which is really unusual for her so today I let her have a little feed for a quick 'immune boost', now she keeps sticking her hand down my top! Hopefully she'll leave it all for the baby when he does come...

DH has just cooked lemon and rosemary chicken for dinner so I'm going to go and stuff my face, then have a relax in the birth pool with a little glass of wine while he puts the little ones to bed...grin

Egg Sun 03-Feb-08 18:41:18

Wotsits, my sympathy not only for your situation with the BP etc but the darn inlaws. Mine also are pretty useless when they are here. FIL is entirely useless but also does not expect anything to be done for him either, and would just not eat or drink the whole time he is here and not complain shock but MIL, who spends 23 hours a day in her own kitchen at home, was really v little help when she was (unfortunately) here on my arrival back from hospital with DTs. DH and I were up to our ears in everything and DH said "stick the kettle on will you mum", which she duly did, and then she said "the kettles boiled Mr Egg" and sat down again without making the tea angry.

In the mornings she says after hanging round an hour watching me trying to feed DTs / get DS1's breakfast ready etc "I suppose I'll get my own breakfast" shock.

Tyaca / blondie - I honestly honestly felt that I was nowhere near about to give birth when I went into labour with DS1. I had been shopping and reading the sunday papers, having supper etc and not an inkling, didn't really ever have any braxtons or anything, no show, no waters breaking and then suddenly a mahooooooosive contraction and 4 hours later he was out grin. This time I was pretty sure things would happen within a week or so but maybe that was because there were two and I was amazed to have got as far as I did.

Am about to embark on a selling frenzy on here, getting rid of all my maternity stuff as I have loads that is hardly worn. Even if I don't make much it will be nice to have some space. Wish I had a friend I could donate it to but no-one looks even likely to get pregnant soon, esp no-one who might be the same size as me!

beansprout Sun 03-Feb-08 20:02:36

Slacker - am sort of tandem feeding. Ds1 is not feeding that often but am still operating on don't offer, don't refuse basis. He had stopped for about 3 weeks before ds2 arrived but, of course, has been asking again, which is fine. How about you?

My full sympathy to everyone with lazy relatives. We had (lovely) SIL over today and then BIL and his partner arrived, totally unexpected "cos we knew you would be in, ha ha" and suddenly we had a house/flat full, which really felt like a bit much, tbh. Ds1 was really playing to the gallery too so it all got rather noisy!!

Ginger - my full sympathy on the post section front. I went out for a bit today with ds2 in the sling and boy did it pull on my scar. I also had that, "oh yes, this is really going to take a while" feeling. Have been describing the whole experience as "like volunteering for a car crash" - I think you know where I am coming from!!

Has anyone heard from Ladle btw? smile

rozzyraspberry Sun 03-Feb-08 20:36:29

Hi everyone - well done on starting the new thread Tyaca - we seem to have got through the last one really quickly - probably because so many of us are now on maternity leave!!

Sarah - as well as sitting on the ball you could also put your knees on the floor and lean you upper body on the ball. Puts your body in the same position as kneeling on all fours but is far more comfortable.

Ginger - sorry you're feeling so low today. I always find that I get down when I'm tired and after your day out yesterday and an unsettled night you must be shattered. Hopefully you've had a relaxing day today and will have a better night tonight. I think people (even those of you who've had them) forget that a section is major surgery. Take it easy and I'm sending healing vibes to all of you.

Beansprout - I'm glad you got a bit more sleep last night!

Slacker - I feel exactly like you - I'm organised for the baby coming but don't think I'll ever be mentally ready - this pregnancy has gone way too quickly!

Egg - IMO men are all the same - they need to be told what needs doing - I think it's because they would quite happily live in a mess - when I say to DH there's loads to be done he looks around (at the mess!) really bewildered asking what needs donehmm

Tyaca - I don't feel anything like going into labour either and I'm now 39 +1. The first sign for me that something was happening with DS1 was around 18 hours before he was born and with DS2 was around 36 hours before he was born. So don't think that because you're not having braxton hicks etc you might go over. You never know!

At this stage with DS2 I knew things were happening but this one seems to be quite comfy in there at the moment. DH is almost finished painting the hall after a mammoth effort today so I am very very chuffed! Really didn't think we would get it done before lo arrived.

ExpectingKat Sun 03-Feb-08 20:49:31

Hi all,
Sorry havn't been on since tuesday My blooming internet went down on tuesday!!!!lol all been havin so much fun havn't even missed me.
Well I would like to anouce the proud arrival of my twins grin they were born on thursday at 5.19pm a ickle girl weighin 5lb2 named Cameron and at 5.31pm a ickle boy weighin 5lb14 named Kasey, we were all safe at home by frifay at 3pm so pleased. All done in 3 hours of labour! both me and babies are doing well, well other than the no sleeping part lol Oh I did op for an epi in the end felt it was the right thing for me and the bloody thing didn't work angry lucky so quick was all I can say.
Will post pics as soon as I can, DD1 and DD2 so chuffed as well.

rozzyraspberry Sun 03-Feb-08 21:28:52

Big congratulations ExpectingKat - was just thinking there were quite a few regulars who I haven't seen on in a few days - off having babies hopefully!

Glad everything went well and you're all fine!

tyaca Sun 03-Feb-08 21:58:28

oooh! well done expectingkat! v impressed with speed and drug-free double birth. look forward to seeing some pics. good luck and congrats to you and your family. ps tour twins share their birthday with justin timberlake!

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morningglory Sun 03-Feb-08 22:17:42

Congrats ExpectingKat on the speedy birth of Kasey and Cameron!

Beansprout and Ginger: am impressed with how active you two are after sections! I'm much more of a wimp, and would probably be slothfully hanging around the house still.

Tyaca: I've been anxious to just give birth, as these last two weeks have been excruciating (feeling exhausted, unwieldly, irrationally pissed-off all the time, etc). now that it's happening tomorrow, I'm starting to get scared. I didn't really have a labour with DS1, and just afraid of all the terrible things which could happen (especially tearing!).

Sort of irritated with DH as he's scheduled meetings all day Tuesday...Hello! I might still be in labour!!!! Plus, I could have used the support. Also, wouldn't he like to spend some time with his brand new son? Worse, he'll be travelling next week, and is planning a trip to the States within the month! Grrrrrrr.

I'm all set for tomorrow...bags packed, carseat clipped in place. Now just need a good nights sleep! Next time I post, I'll have a little one next to me!

beansprout Sun 03-Feb-08 22:20:12

Congratulations ExpectingKat!! smile Am v impressed with your super quick labour too!!!

Interesting that the trend of girls only coming as part of a set continues too!! grin

Jo9977 Mon 04-Feb-08 00:51:05

Congratulations expectingkat - fantastic news!! So quick too!!

All the best for tomorrow morningglory, thinking of you. xx

Egg Mon 04-Feb-08 06:58:45

Fabulous news Kat! Well done and so quick! Really pleased for you. Glad you are safely home with your lovely little ones (gorgeous names AND another boy and girl twinset!).

Back later ladies, logged in quickly and had to respond grin.

Arhian Mon 04-Feb-08 07:33:59

Morning and Congratulations ExpectingKat!!

So was up early taking DH to train station this morning at half 6, he has to commute to work every day, and I'll have to pick him up at half 7 tonight. Still, he was in a good mood considering he's not a morning person. I just wish I could say the same for myself. Would like to go back to bed but have to pack, as we're moving house tomorrow. A bit mad I know with less than 3 weeks to go till dd.

Am just annoyed with people telling me that I can't do anything at all angry, and should just sit down. Have still got my arms and legs, and I know not to lift anything too heavy. I can't stand just sitting around doing nothing whilst everyone else is rushing around. hmm

Right, rant over, sorry blush had to get that off my chest.

Egg Mon 04-Feb-08 07:36:54

Arhian, I am with you on that one, in the early days I didn't want to do too much as felt it may cause MC etc, but at this late stage I imagine the worst that can happen is you go into labour if you overdo it, which is not ideal in the middle of a house move. I had people telling me from about 6 months not to do stuff (esp my mum bless her) but its very dull and also sometimes you have no choice.

I think today we need MORE babies.

Do you realise that Ladle is the only one of us so far not to produce a boy?!?! Well done to Ladle for bucking the trend grin. Lots of you out there expecting DDs though so our boys will have lots of girlfriends soon smile.

Am ready for a meet up now btw...

manamana Mon 04-Feb-08 08:49:41

Hello all. Congratulations expecting Kat! Fantastic news and well done on what sounds like a pretty smooth delivery smile.
Well today is THE DAY, had my last bit of food and drink that is allowed to pass my lips at 7am and am obviously now starving and v thirsty! Feels v weird and am edgey and have dodgy pre-exam tummy! Have to be at hospital at 12 and then will be booked in etc for the op any time after 2pm!!!!!! So, Egg, yes unless there is a massive rush of complicated births in Chichester this afternoon I will be adding to the hatched count before the day is out.

Have only just managed to catch up on all posts, everyone has been calling to say good luck (much nicer than 'have you had it yet calls although I had one of those last night as well!?) and we spent most of Saturday at the hospital having the baby's heart monitored which was a bit scarey - the mw had been out in the morning to check urine again and baby's heart was racing but all was ok by end of today. Will be very relieved to get it out though! Still undecided on names!

Will give dh instructions on how to post but not 100% confident that he will so don't worry if no news - i'll be back on to give you details once I'm home.

Sorry to hear about unhelpful visitors, I am v v v lucky as my mil comes and just does stuff - cooking/cleaning/ironing/looking after ds. And is staying until sunday so don't need to worry about my boys while i'm in hospital. My mum is arriving tomorrow to visit for a couple of days but staying at a hotel so hopefully all will go smoothly and I'll be able to smile serenely as she tells me how easy my cs has been wink.

Anyway, better go and do something! Not sure what...

Good luck to all you trying to get those babies moving and special good luck wishes top BEansprout for today's induction.

Take care all x

manamana Mon 04-Feb-08 08:50:39

ps - yes, definitely agree - keep the one thread until we have ALL popped - we're a gang now, not to be split up grin

sarahmikeandharry Mon 04-Feb-08 09:36:12

Congratulation expecting cat!!!

You must be elated!!!!!

Well i am now ever due- and not impressed!!!!

Had pains from 2pm yesterday bout every 8 mins- they actually stopped me in my tracks whilst out shopping with DM, so got excited - by 9pm all stopped so went to bed thinking it will start again and get me up in the night, nope nothin,!!

woke up this morning with stinking cold and sore throat- my head feels like its been puched and my tummy is heavy tight, hard and generally uncomfortable- i think things must be happening, but not realy sure, with DS my waters broke with a massive gush so i knew- just shows how different each labour/preg can be!!!

DH and i had a massive fight on saturday afternoon,as he dosn't help me unless i nag and PIL are pains in the A*ses!!!! (i threw a cup of tea over him at one point)blush we are ok now but i just feel weird!!! i am sure its just hormones and stuff but not really sure!!!!

Anyway, enough monday morning moaning!!!! Hope everyone is well, and coping ok,

Good luck to all you ladies thay have things planned for the next few days, eagerly awaiting more babies birth stories!!!!

Egg Mon 04-Feb-08 10:14:13

OMG good luck mana i forgot it was today!!! Can't wait to hear your good news grin.

Maybe sarah will beat you to it tho! Good luck to you too. Sorry you feel crap tho and also re the fighting with DH. I have also been at odds with my DH this weekend, also re nagging, sometimes I might overreact but most of the time I do do everything unless I ask repeatedly. He does feed babies at weekend though, and in eves, but nothing else that needs doing.

DS has just upped his feeds to 5oz shock, DD still only manages about 3.5 normally.

ayrshirelolo Mon 04-Feb-08 10:38:03

Hiya all!!! COngratulations ExpectingKat!!!! delighted to hear about your speedy delivery and the safe arrival of both little uns!!
Good luck Mana... will be thinking of you, and hope everything is smooth and straightforward!! Look forward to hearing your newsgrin
Oh sarah, that all sounds a bit familiar!! I though things might be happening yesterday too, a kind of dull period type ache for a good few hours yesterday afternoon / evening, i managed not to get too excited and just kept busy, cooking, changing beds, staying upright basically and hoping something might happen, but all that i managed to do was wake in the night for pee breaks with cramp in my left leg!!!wink And nothing to report this morning, it's blowing a gale here and chucking it down so will go out to the shopping centre later for a walk up and down to see if that helps! smile
If i get one more blasted phone call asking "any change?" i'm going to scream thought!!smile
Think it must have been the weekend for shouting at dhs though.... here too!!! everything ok now, but have a feeling he's getting fed up with an emotional, tired, fat, lumpy, obsessed wife!!! (wonder why? i'm as lovely as always!wink)poor man, he's really trying not to upset me but sometimes that's worse!smile
Anyway, i''ll check in later, it's all getting exciting here isn't it?!! lolo x

sarahmikeandharry Mon 04-Feb-08 10:48:47

Hi Lolo- i am trying to stay upright doing stuff also- been cleaning windows and all sorts!!!! shock

Cannot go out shopping tho as mw is coming at some point to check BP etc so have to wait around till then!!!-- although feel like i need to get out for a bit!!lol-

I am glad its not just DH and i arguing- i think we are all felling the same at the mo!!!

makes me feel like i am being a b*tch- but donty think i am really- he just needs to think a little bit!!!! and at least learn from my nagging!!!!!lolgrin

Also the constant calls really don't help do they!!!lol

Egg- Sounds like your two are thriving, Jacob is doing really well with his feeds!!!

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