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Induced at Princess Royal?

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TraceyAB Wed 16-Jan-08 11:10:52

Having been told I am a likely candidate for Gestational Diabetes (I'm too far on to do all the tests for a proper diagnosis), my consultant is recommending that I be induced at 38-40 weeks. I'm delivering at Princess Royal. Does anyone have any experiences of being induced at PRU? I'm particularly concerned that I may be put onto a ward until the end of first stage which would mean that my husband will have to leave me there if it happens to be outside visiting time. Any advice??

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alisonEL Wed 16-Jan-08 21:34:11

When I had my first and second babies my sugar levels were up and down like a yo-yo both times. My little girl was 2 weeks early and my little boy was bang on time both weighed just over 8lb which I don't feel was too big. If you end up being induced then you could always go down to the canteen/cafe with your husband - and I have a feeling that my friend who was in the first stage for nearly 3 days at PRU her husband stayed after visiting times finished because she really needed the support. They only kicked people out when it was really late and if they felt nothing was likely to happen. Good luck with everything.

TraceyAB Fri 18-Jan-08 13:28:23

Thanks for the tip Alison - we'll just have to see how things go!

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needahand Fri 18-Jan-08 14:28:44

Hi Tracey

With DD1 they also told me I might have GD because she was "big". I didn't. don't know if you would have to stay in but they have an outpatient type of place where they observe you during the day.

PS I had several pgy related pb and the staff at PRU was great! Good luck

ihateironing Mon 25-Feb-08 15:45:41

if this the glasgow princess royal?

yurt1 Mon 25-Feb-08 15:58:22

Is the PRU in Bromley now? I was induced at Farnborough before it was knocked down. (sorry moved from area so not up with names). Also had an elective section there. The induction was at 40 weeks and the elective at 38. Being born at 38 weeks was too early for ds2 (he had some breathing problems and various other knock on problems from being born at 38 weeks) and I got the impression (having moved for ds3) that my consultant there (Mr H) was a little on the conservative side. Quick to induce/c-section.

Regarding timings. I was induced in the evening and dh did have to leave. They were very strict about that- but this was almost 9 years ago. It wasn't tied to visiting hours though- he came back at 7am. Just no overnights.

yurt1 Mon 25-Feb-08 16:00:19

The person I was sharing a room with for the induction wanted her dh to stay and they wouldn't let him, but as soon as she moved into active labour (about 3am) they called him back and she went onto the labour ward.

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