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About to give birth for the first time in Madrid

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Inmadrid Fri 11-Jan-08 15:07:17

Is there anyone else there in the same position? Anyone had experience of Spanish hospitals? Any help or advice would be VERY much appreciated.

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trikid Sat 23-Feb-08 21:05:36

Had my baby girl last May in Madrid (Clinica Belen) and found the whole thing quiet scary. Watched all the baby programms on sky before and it was NOTHING like it in real live. but supose was so happy to be having a baby that I didn´t really worry too much about it. Had a cesarian and DH was not allowed to be there with me. My doctor was great and that was most important to me. I went to pre natal class in Paseo Habana and the gyn there was really great and spoke some english as well.

macaco Mon 25-Feb-08 10:27:59

Hi Inmadrid. I'm down south so I don't know about Madrid, and I haven't had my baby yet (32 weeks) but there is a thread here with some info about Madrid and if you speak Spanish you could look at or try the English babycentre boards (parents in Spain), I think there are people on there who are in Madrid. Have you tried posting in the living overseas section of mumsnet?

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