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Due April 2008 -The one where SCORPIO GETS MARRIED!!(and we get virtually drunk)

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VictorianSqualor Tue 08-Jan-08 13:09:54


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Sheds75 Tue 08-Jan-08 13:15:00

I like it!!!! grin

mines a Large Gin and Tonic washed down with a pack of Marly lights

northeastmummy Tue 08-Jan-08 13:17:38

Brilliant!! I'll have an Edwardian Mojito please - like the ones ALL my friends were drinking on Saturday night. I'm sure they're good for you too, they were FULL of green stuff grin.

Not long now Scorpio - how exciting for you!

Scampmum Tue 08-Jan-08 13:21:09

Glass of red for me. Pint glass, that is.

Where's Scorpio with her halo (and bump... hmm)?

scorpio1 Tue 08-Jan-08 13:27:47

I'm here grinThanks, VS!

had a day off yesterday and you wonder where i am!! grin

yesterday i spent doing lots of wedding-ey stuff. i am kiddie free today, wahoo!

bought a loola and carrycot and car seat on saturday, £500. they have a lovely changing bag in the shop too....just looks like a beautiful red handbag instead of a mummy bag iyswim?

feel v today, although 2 friends i saw on the bus said my bump was small.....less to go away after!

oh and i weighed 10 stone exactly, well i was on saturday!

Lunch today was salad, mushroom burger and sweet potato wedges,3 jaffa cakes and an apple.

You all well?

Soph73 Tue 08-Jan-08 13:45:56

Hi Scorpio - Happy New Year When´s the big day again, can´t remember, sorry blush Can barely remember my own name these days

scorpio1 Tue 08-Jan-08 13:49:27

a week saturday - 19th jan.

tried on all my dress and jewellery et today. i look preeeetttyy!

Soph73 Tue 08-Jan-08 14:02:53

Aaawwwww - my wedding day was fab & I looked fab (even if I do say so myself). I´m sure you look drop dead gorgeous

EllieG Tue 08-Jan-08 14:43:18

New thread! I got confused as old one still going. I like though.
[Pours self a g&t]
It's not too early is it?

Since is VS's birthday tomorrow we can make this a very celebratory thread

EllieG Tue 08-Jan-08 14:43:40

Oh and hello soph - long time no see - glad you had a nice xmas x

Scampmum Tue 08-Jan-08 14:46:02

Pregnancy brain - forgot to wash conditioner off hair this morning (AND took this long to notice hmm).

Mollyfloss Tue 08-Jan-08 15:01:22

Seeing as we're celebrating a birthday and a hen night I'll have champagne please - a whole bottle! ooh and loads of little nibbly things with soft cheese and paté on them grin

Peachy Tue 08-Jan-08 15:04:01

Wine? Are you kidding? this is a virtual hen period, therefore I am having a pint of Lanson Black Lebel please bartender. wink.

Peachy Tue 08-Jan-08 15:04:22

Mollyflos- great minds LOL!

TLSM Tue 08-Jan-08 15:04:31

oh yes yes pass me the pate! (dont know how to do the posh thingy over the e) and its a nice rum and coke for me with ice grin

loisstella Tue 08-Jan-08 15:25:15

Hi guys,

I've not been aorund much - small family drama which is ongoing but not tkaing up all my time next to work.
I need to catch up on all the gos in the old thread but wanted to wish you all a very happy newyear.
Just read about some pate... I've been having some of that! The midwife said that unless i start eating big slabs of calves liver the odd brussels pate roll wouldn't do any I've had just thta - 2 pate sandwiches... and they were yummie!

I also have a quesitons.
Is anyone having a 4D scan? any tips of good places to get this done (in London?)

Soph73 Tue 08-Jan-08 15:26:49

Hi Ellie I´ll have a martini with loads of ice please (in a pint glass wink ) LOL at scampmum. Had my hair cut & coloured last week to feel better after being a complete couch potato over Christmas

Soph73 Tue 08-Jan-08 15:29:00

Hi loisstella, hope you get the family thingy sorted soon <<hugs>> I´ve had a 3D scan & it was amazing. Can´t recommend anywhere I´m afraid as don´t live in UK, sorry. I think other people are having/have had it done though.

Soph73 Tue 08-Jan-08 15:30:26

We´re going for another one at 32 wks where he´ll actually look the way he´s going to look when he "pops" out

northeastmummy Tue 08-Jan-08 15:30:27

Welcome back Scorpio - how lovely to find everyone wondering where you are smile.

What are your birthday plans VS? Have you thought of something lovely to do in RL while we celebrate virutally?

Soph73 Tue 08-Jan-08 15:31:18

Nearly home time (thank God) so better tidy up. See you all tomorrow

Peachy Tue 08-Jan-08 15:38:26

Soph i dyed my hair scarlet last week because well, I was bored LOL! wink

(not exactly unusual for me- was pink not that long ago- some of the reception mums were a bit shock, but the toehrs are used to it LOL)

EllieG Tue 08-Jan-08 15:41:00

Hi lois - scorpio had one of those scans I think - she might be able to help you out.

Got all excited about it being home time but then realised that it wasn't 5 o clock. [sulks at people finishing before her]

I am going to have champagne. And camembert and pate and more gin.

lorisparkle Tue 08-Jan-08 15:49:11

Have not been around for a while and have not had time to catch up on the end of the last thread or the beginning of this. In fact have being feeling pretty sh*t. Have not really eaten since Saturday, have been feeling sick, been sick, had stomach cramps and generally awful. There has been a lot of sickness bugs going around but its now been 4 days since I have eaten much so if no better tomorrow I'll ring GP. I did ring the midwives at our local hospital on Saturday night. They are always great. They were reassuring but did not want me spreading a sickness bug into the hospital!

My new years resolution was to keep up with all the messages but this bug has knocked me back. I promise to do better!

TLSM Tue 08-Jan-08 15:58:52

loisstella not sure whereabouts you are I went for my gender scan here and have my 4d scan booked for 2nd Feb they are in Heathrow and were brilliant really friendly and not too expensive!

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