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Due May 05 part 3

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myermay Sun 21-Nov-04 14:13:34

Message withdrawn

LittleB Mon 17-Jan-05 09:43:18

Hi, I've got lots of info about maternity leave as I work for a local authority and we have a specialist maternity advisor (who has also advised private sector). MAT B1 should be available from 20 weeks (I got mine at 21 weeks)and you need to have given it to your employers with details of when you are starting maternity leave by 25 weeks, so 26 weeks (which it used to be) is too late - although your workplace may accept it anyway, mine wouldn't, your doctor can do this or your midwife. You can bring the date you plan to start maternity leave forward if you need to, like Uwila says, but you can't put it back once you've given it in writing, they will also make you start maternity leave at 36 weeks at earliest if you are off sick with pregnancy related ilness after week 36 but before starting maternity leave. I've given my employers MAT B1 and letter, saying that I'm starting maternity leave at 39 weeks, I'm taking 2 weeks leave before this, so will stop at 37 weeks, and I'm using some leave to work part time in April. I had to put all about leave in the letter too as my employers insist I use all of my annual leave before I go on maternity leave. Hope this helps.
I'm going to visit the workplace nursery today, its so popular they recommend I look around and reserve a place now even though we won't need it until jan 2006 - can't believe I'm visiting nursery and baby isn't born yet - its quite exciting though [cmile]. Are gro bags and sleeping bags the same thing? Have visions of putting my baby in gro bags next to the tomatoes in the greenhouse ! Any other recommendations would be useful, ta.

LittleB Mon 17-Jan-05 09:43:50

Oops, should have been not [cmile]!

LittleB Mon 17-Jan-05 09:47:37

Hi Northstar, sorry to hear about your gestational diabetes, must be difficult to follow a restricitive diet at the moment.
I've been using moisturiser and anti-strtchmark cream to try and help prevent stretchmarks, but also because my skin has felt pretty dry too, doubt it will work though - I already have stretchmarks on my hips and thighs from growing too quickly as a teenager (not sure how as I'm only 5ft2!) so I think I'm bound to get them.

fashill Mon 17-Jan-05 12:07:12

Great to hear all the info on the Maternity leave subject!! Think I'd better try and request my MATB1 form then.

I've got Parentcraft classes booked but are there any others that I can try and enrol on (without it costing too muuch if anything).

Little B - I'm just like you, have stretchmarks from my teenage years on hips etc and really worried about my belly!! Been using Avent Mum to be cream and sometimes Bio Oil which is also supposed to fade stretchmarks so we will see!!

Have had to start physio due to bad back and have been told that my muscles that look after my pelvic bone aren't working properly. Does anyone have any experience of this?!? Hope it doesn't affect my delivery.

Holly - My DP felt baby last week and he was amazed!! Really nice to be able to share something with them. He's gonna start reading all my books now so he can get some sort of idea of what to do once baby is born!!

logic Mon 17-Jan-05 12:10:33

hi everyone,

I would also recommend getting some ordinary terries nappies for the baby even if you will be using disposables like me. We bought two packs and still use them constantly. They have been used as emergency blankets, towels, vicks dispensers, sick cloths, you name it

One thing that you can't buy enough of for the birth is maternity sanitary towels. Not much fun I know but you need loads more than you think. Think 9 months worth of periods turning up at once! I drew the line at paper knickers though, they were vile - just bought cheap, huge, cotton ones and threw them away afterwards!

About the antenatal classes, in a nutshell, the NHS ones were great for info and making friends but I found the NCT ones too earth mothery and annoying but useful for information.

I admit that I got terrible stretchmarks with ds. I tried every cream imaginable to no avail. They are all over my thighs, hips and stomach. I remember seeing a picture of a woman with stretchmarks all over her tummy and being horrified and it did happen to me but tbh, they do fade to a silvery colour and I forget about them.

logic Mon 17-Jan-05 12:13:42

fashill, I have the same problem with my back. The NHS physio isn't that useful I find but worth a try. I have started using my TENS machine when it gets really bad. Regarding delivery though, last time my back was awful for the last half of the pregnancy but didn't so much as twinge though 10 hours of labour so I wouldn't worry too much! After the birth, the back pain didn't came back until this pregnancy...

Poshpaws Mon 17-Jan-05 12:26:43

I heard the stretchmarks were a lot to do with whether your mum had them, etc.

I had none with DS and none (so far) with this one. I use Ponds Cocoa Butter stretch mark cream (both times) after each bath or shower.

LittleB, grobags and sleeping bags are the same, except that Grobags is a manufacturer of sleeping bags. You cna get thme most places now, including Next Direct, Mothercare, Toys R Us

Preggars Mon 17-Jan-05 13:01:04

Just want to join this thread. I am due May 22nd, and already have a fun 2year old. To keep this relevant, not got stretch marks, but my Mum didn't either. Still, I do put cream on bump, thighs, etc, as don't want to tempt fate. Anyway, hi all other May Mums2be.

northstar Mon 17-Jan-05 14:13:38

Hi preggars, congratulations and welcome!

fashill Mon 17-Jan-05 15:04:13

Thanks Logic!! I was a bit worried about that. Where did you get the TENS machine and are they very expensive?! Also are the NHS classes the 'Parentcraft' ones or are these different?!? Feel like I should be doing more than I am

Welcome Preggars!!!

Uwila Mon 17-Jan-05 17:31:30

Welcome preggars. So, after the baby is born, are you going to change your name? Or just keep getting preggars?

Just kidding.

I know I've asked this before, but I forget, is anyone else going to Queen Charlotte. I just think it would be funny to meet someone from here in the hospital.

logic Mon 17-Jan-05 18:46:14

Hullo Preggars, welcome!

fashill, I got my TENS machine from Boots. It cost about £80 at the time, worth every penny tbh. I used it throughout labour too.

I'm not sure if the Parentcraft classes are the NHS ones! You can pick up all the information you need from books but the social aspect is important too. Just knowing that everyone is as miserable as you is great

fisil Mon 17-Jan-05 18:51:37

Hello all you new people - I am sooo pg that I forget the new names by the time I get to the bottom of the thread to add my message! Shall we start a new one and start by all introducing ourselves?

fisil Mon 17-Jan-05 19:02:53

here's the new one

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