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Due May 05 part 3

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myermay Sun 21-Nov-04 14:13:34

Message withdrawn

northstar Sun 21-Nov-04 14:16:21

OOOOOOH LOVELY! Thanx l feel so powerful again.

Uwila Mon 22-Nov-04 09:28:36

mornin' everyone. Wow, thread number 3 already. I had my nuchal tests last week. Both went very well. But, I have to say that the FMC one was so much more thorough. So, I'm glad I splurged on the second test. It was well worth the peace of mind. Saw and heard the heart beat too. That was cool.

And, my official due date is May 29th. Seems so far away.

northstar Mon 22-Nov-04 10:12:50

Morning Uwila and everyone, hope you all had nice weekends - i did glad your tests went ok Uwila. Has anyone noticed our may thread is really small? June and July are much bigger. I wonder why.

myermay Mon 22-Nov-04 15:08:07

Message withdrawn

Uwila Mon 22-Nov-04 15:22:17

We plan to reuse most everything, including the cot mattress.

There are one or two things I didn't splurge on last time that I will get this time. One is we got a m&P changing table, but didn't get the bath that goes in it. I just thought it seemed a pain to have to carry the water to her bedroom to give her a bath. But, after a couplke months of leaning over the bathtub, I decided that was a bad call.

And, I'm going to go get one of those big body pillow things from blooming marvelous very soon. It's a wonderful sleeping partner. The only trouble is when I put it down the middle of the bed, not sure where DH will sleep.

Oh, and I hat my moses basket, think I'll get a posh one this time.

myermay Mon 22-Nov-04 15:25:12

Message withdrawn

logic Mon 22-Nov-04 16:29:32

As I said earlier, we have bought a new sterilizer and bottles. We are going to buy a new moses basket mattress but keep the old cotbed mattress, just wash the cover. We've still got everything really.

Maybe we could list some stuff that as a first timer you shouldn't waste your money on. I'm sure we've all bought something we regretted
We bought a toiletries box that matched the baby bath. It has never been used except as a handy place to put a cup of tea during the midnight feed. We also bought tons of johnsons talc and baby bath on 3 for 2 offers and still have a cupboard full. Ds loathed his moses basket too and I wish that we had bought a flat pram and used the carry cot part of that instead.

northstar Mon 22-Nov-04 19:49:24

lol logic, yes we also have a huge supply of johnsons baby bath products! Ds has v mild excema and we have only used E45 stuff since he was born. I lent alot of my baby stuff to a "friend" who turned out not to be a friend - long story but basically she betrayed my confidence! Im not sure whether to ask her for it back or not. She has my bath, steriliser, pram toys and a whole sackful of 6-9month clothes. She probably has loads more, I just cant remember. I am not buying anything except girl clothes if its a girl

logic Mon 22-Nov-04 20:32:32

northstar, ds has very sensitive skin too with occasional exczema so we only use Simple products on him...
In a way I hope I have a boy because I have all ds' clothes still in the loft. Saying that, I carefully separated and labelled clothes up to 9 months and then lost patience and threw the rest in together I am dreading sorting that lot out!

myermay Mon 22-Nov-04 20:35:38

Message withdrawn

northstar Mon 22-Nov-04 21:05:12

My ds will be three and one month. That will have its good points - he can run get nappies etc but also bad - he will be very aware of the new demand on his mums time. I really plan to let the new baba fit into our routine but am well aware that might not happen overnight.

logic Mon 22-Nov-04 21:45:43

ds is going to be 2 and 8 months. I was hoping to have him potty trained by then but it's not looking hopeful.

On a related topic, what did everyone take to the hospital last time that was superfluous? I took far too much stuff to use in labour (snacks, flannels etc) and didn't use any of it and didn't take any going home clothes which I feel was a mistake...

northstar Tue 23-Nov-04 08:50:02

I didnt take enough pj's. Leaked onto my lovely pink ones within an hour of getting out of bed, then onto my lovely purple ones!!! Had to borrow a pair from girl in bed opposite who was having her third and had brought six ordinary pairs including some red ones and some dark ones.
I was glad i had some make up for visiting time and the photos.

northstar Tue 23-Nov-04 08:51:25

Thats a really good question logic i'm looking forward to reading everyone else's tips and being totally prepared this time round (?)

logic Tue 23-Nov-04 09:55:01

I ran out of nighties too northstar, I would definately take more this time. I also phoned my mum as soon as I got settled into the hospital knowing that she was 200 miles away - she got someone to drive her all the way and turned up 1 hour before delivery. Nightmare. Next time I will phone after the baby is born!

LittleB Tue 23-Nov-04 11:14:33

As a first time mum it's really useful to be able to hear what things you thought were a waste of money and what you couldn't do without. We're trying to decide what sort of pushchair/pram/travel system we could do with at the moment. I've got a couple of close friends with children , and my sister, but they all say different things!
I'm feeling fat too, I can't wait until I look pregnant.
I'm so jealous of you having snow, its so pretty! We went Christmas shopping and just had very cold rain all day Saturday - which isn't very festive, but I am looking forward to Christmas - partly because I'm still a child at heart and get excited about it, but I also can't wait to have a break from work!
Brighteyes, I've got the Mother and Baby mag and it says I'm going to have a boy , I don't mind at all really but I think DP would prefer a boy.

Uwila Tue 23-Nov-04 14:10:16

Ah things I wouldn't buy/do again.

1- If you get a really expensive travel system (which is great for about the first 3 - 6 months, but get too big and clunky after that) I would NOT take it on an airplane. We went to chicago when DD was 3 months old. United bent the frame of my M&P travel system -- never really used it after that.

2- Stocked with way too many baby oils/lotions/powders. Never used anything but bath soap and the occissional lotion.

Things I would buy again:
1- A MacLaren pram (but get one that reclines. They are lighter weight and pretty good for nameuvering your way through saturday shopping crowds (the important things in life!. Downside is you can't buy one where the car seat fits in (i.e. travel system)

I'm sure there is so much more to say, but I just can't think of it now...

Uwila Tue 23-Nov-04 14:24:33

Oh, and don't forget to eat your chocolate

logic Tue 23-Nov-04 15:09:23

We got a travel system too and it's been in the garage for over a year. It was really good in the beginning but we quickly moved over to a Maclaren Quest because it is so much lighter for me to lift into the car and takes up a lot less room when we go away for the weekend.

logic Tue 23-Nov-04 16:56:38

Uwila, I have been craving chocolate and orange juice which is supposed to be good at metabolising iron so my haemoglobin tests results were through the roof yesterday (16 wk checkup)! lol The GP was very pleased but I didn't dare mention the chocolate, just mumbled something about vitamins

myermay Tue 23-Nov-04 18:24:13

Message withdrawn

fisil Tue 23-Nov-04 18:50:34

I've found you all at last! OK, I wasn't looking very hard, been feeling a bit ick the last few days - hideous sinussy cold, which ds now has too. I thought pg brought with it natural immunities!

What I wish I hadn't bothered to buy:
Moses basket. Cost approximately £10 per sleep for all the use it was

Things I couldn't have lived without:
Baby bath. I know everyone says they were pointless, why not just use the big bath? Well (apart from the fact that we didn't have a bath at the time) for about 6 months my knees were buggered and I couldn't kneel, so I can't work out how I could've used the big bath (you know all that swelling that goes on in the last few weeks? I think it pushed some nerves out of place).

What I wish I'd bought sooner:
Baby Mozart (and I wish I'd bought it on DVD to save the tears while it was being rewound)
Ear thermometer. Thought £30 was a waste of money, but you use it so often!

fisil Tue 23-Nov-04 18:51:48

Oh yes, and we were desperate to get a car seat that would fit into the pushchair and only used it once (and that was because we couldn't figure out the straps on the pushchair when he was 2 days old!)

myermay Tue 23-Nov-04 18:55:41

Message withdrawn

logic Tue 23-Nov-04 21:13:45

Hope you feel better tomorrow Myermay

A third vote for the ear thermometer from me. It's essential. Our moses basket was a waste of time and money too. Ds spent the first 7 weeks in our bed, reluctantly slept in the basket for another 5 weeks then went into the cotbed in the nursery.

Tinker Tue 23-Nov-04 22:23:39

I only bought an ear thermometer about a month ago. Daughter is 7 1/2

Uwila Wed 24-Nov-04 09:29:49

Yep. love my Braun ear thermometer, especially because I'm American, and used to Farenheit degrees. I will always know that 98.6 is normal and I will never remember what it is in deg C. You can switch the Braun back and forth between C and F.

I actually likie the Moses basket. I would use it to have here sleep anywhere round the house during the day. Always in her cot at night (from very young). She seemed to catch on to day and night pretty fast. I definitely recommend using her night time bed only at night time.

northstar Wed 24-Nov-04 09:51:24

Another tip - keep all the tags on the clothes you receive as presents for your newborn - especially the ones from your childless friends! You'll hardly get any wear out of the "outfits" and it is easy to exchange them for larger sizes or alternatives that you will get good use out of.

Uwila Wed 24-Nov-04 13:46:45

Does anyone else feel like they've been pregnant for long enough now? And I've only JUST hit the second trimester. May is SOOOOOO far away.

Thank God I;m not an elephant (2 year pregnancy for them)!

myermay Wed 24-Nov-04 17:42:25

Message withdrawn

fisil Wed 24-Nov-04 18:15:13

good tip northstar. And John Lewis will take anything back even without a receipt (including a duplicate pair of sunglasses which we had bought from Blooming Marvellous!).

Have a stinky stinky cold. Came home from work early cos we'd kept ds off cos of his cold - ended up sending him in to nursery & going to bed myself!

logic Wed 24-Nov-04 20:43:05

This may sound very trivial but I have found the perfect pair of maternity jeans! They have an adjustable, elasticated waist so they fit me now and best of all, they're a size 12!

I hope everyone feels better soon. I have got a physio assessment in a couple of weeks which I am really pleased about. I am not putting up with it this time.

myermay Wed 24-Nov-04 20:56:10

Message withdrawn

Uwila Wed 24-Nov-04 22:18:48

Oooooo, not trivial Logic. MAternity jeans are a ver important subject. Where did you get them? Do they make them for short people?

logic Wed 24-Nov-04 22:23:39

The jeans are from the Cocoon brand of La Redoute. Got a gorgeous white shirt and pink wrap-over top too. Why do I spend far more money on clothes and magazines and stuff when pregnant? I spend hardly anything on myself normally.

Basically, walking to the GP surgery made my back ache really badly so it's getting to the point where I can't function normally. I know that as the bump gets bigger, it will get worse too Best to sort it out now.

I've just found out that my cousin whom I am really close to is pregnant too - due in July - so it will be lovely to be pg together!

northstar Thu 25-Nov-04 10:44:24

Its nice to hear from everyone. I'm doing really well, and have stopped wearing my baggy clothes so my bump really shows. Lots of people just finding out im pg, at mother and toddler etc. Its lovely, lots of congratulations Few of my relations not as impressed, i think they love my ds so much they feel it will take away some of my love for HIM which is ridiculous! It's like they're being protective of him or something. Have fished out a few old bits from my maternity wear last time and they havent got any nicer - worse if thats possible-
Will have to go shopping soon, but all of the shops are full of sparkly party wear for christmas. Will have to find a nice outfit in case i get out

myermay Thu 25-Nov-04 15:26:57

Message withdrawn

LittleB Thu 25-Nov-04 17:09:12

Thanks everyone for the advice re travel systems and other tips, thats really useful, there is so much to think about. Glad you're feeling a bit better now Myermay, I seem to have good days aswell as bad days, I'm hoping the good days will get more frequent as time goes on!
Its exciting that you've got a pregnant bump Northstar - I just look a bit fat at the moment - not really a defined bump - I can't believe people think that you will love your ds any less because you're having another one, I was looking at some of my childhood photos the other day, and there are so many with me playing with my sister and laughing together, you're just giving your ds a companion really. I'd like to have 2, but dp only wants one at the mo, we'll have to see how this first one goes I guess!

maymum Fri 26-Nov-04 11:04:40

Hi ladies! Can I join you? My baby is due 23rd May so I'm 14w4d pregnant (1st time mum). Still suffering with morning sickness (mostly just nausea). I have a bump that is just starting to be noticeable, which is a relief - I have been feeling soooo fat. It doesn't help that I have put on 9lbs since falling pg, and I was heavier than I would have liked to start with.

It is really useful to read all of your advice, especially about items you wish you had/hadn't bought etc. Time to stock up on pjs & nighties! DH and I have been looking at pushchairs. It's such a dilemma! I see that lots of you are keen on the lightweight Maclaren pushchairs - I think they are great too, but can't decide what to use until baby is big enough for one of them - I know some are from birth, but I don't think I'd put a baby in one until it had a bit of bulk about it - maybe 4-5 months old??? Any ideas? Just in case you didn't know, Uwila, there is actually a Maclaren 'from birth' buggy that also takes a car seat - I think it's called the 'Global' and it takes Britax seats and maybe others. I saw it & didn't like it myself... I think I'd prefer a carrycot attachment for the 1st few months so baby can lie flat. We actually have a pram to borrow from friends, but I don't know if I'll use it. It takes up a lot of space, and is rather heavy & awkard for me to lift in & out of the car. Have any of you seen/heard about the Bebe Confort Loola pushchair and Windoo carrycot? We might go for that.

I'm sorry to run on when I only wanted to introduce myself, but it's great to have found you all!

Uwila Fri 26-Nov-04 11:05:16

Speaking of things to buy, does anyone else have a dilemma on dounbe pushchair vs. buggy board?

I think I've decided to give buggy board a go. We have a nanny and she travels to a variety of activities on the train (tumble tots, jo jingle, etc.) and I just don't think it would be fair for me to ask her to take a double pram on the train.

We may even have to give up the activities for a while if the train travel is too much. Or I may have to break down and buy a new car and give her mine. But, that REALLY isn't in the budget.

Anyway, DD will be 2 years 2 months when this one arrives. Anyone else have a similar age gap?

Uwila Fri 26-Nov-04 11:06:59


fisil Fri 26-Nov-04 12:49:48

Hi maymum, great to hae you here.

Myermay, ds will be 2 and 4 months. Dp takes ds to nursery in the pushchair every day. Ds will be 2 3/4 when little one starts nursery (little one will be 4 months). We reckon that it is too much to ask ds to stand on the buggy board for 20 minutes every single morning (dp also has to get to work on time, and doesn't fancy dealing with a tiny baby and a stroppy toddler who won't stand on the board - and he needs the extra space for his bag etc.). So we will get a double buggy. There is a gate on the way to nursery that is only just wide enough for a single buggy, so we are hoping to get a tandem buggy - if they are narrow enough. Need to have more of a feeling of reality about this baby before we go looking!

LittleB Fri 26-Nov-04 12:53:31

Hi Maymum, Welcome to our May thread. I'm a first time mum too, so don't have any advice re push chairs yet (or buggy boards Uwila). I think I've put on about half a stone too, and I feel fat too - was trying to lose a few pounds when I got pregnant (although we were ttc)! I guess being winter I'm covered up more too, so no tight t-shirts - I guess it would show if I was in T-shirts - although I might still just look fat!

myermay Fri 26-Nov-04 13:02:30

Message withdrawn

fisil Fri 26-Nov-04 13:08:47

Ooops, Uwila, not Myermay. Oh well, I'm pg!

I'm also feeling a bit rubbish today cos this cold is so bad. I ended up ringing NHS Direct at 3am this morning! They told me to go to GP (don't they always?), when I got there he immediately said "sinusitis" and gave me antibiotics. So now I know why I've been feeling so terrible all week - and have an excuse to carry on wallowing in bed!

LittleB Fri 26-Nov-04 13:26:15

Hi Fisil, Hope you feel better soon.
I do have a friend who has 4 children, aged 6, 4, 2 and a few months, when no.4 was born and no. 3 was 2yrs 8 months, my friend didn't think she could cope with a double buggy and two children and no. 3 didn't get on with a buggy board so has been walking the 20min walk to and from school with her older siblings and baby in the push chair ever since, this was alot of walking at first as the 4 year old was only doing half days, so she had a 20 minute walk to school, and back again 3 times a day - 2 hours of walking!! She is quite big for her age - wearing 3-4 clothes, but just got on with the walking and does it fine now - she's also really fit an healthy! I was amazed that she could walk so far when she so little, but she doesn't mind at all, just another option for those with a bigger gap and if you like walking Myermay. I also like walking and hope to get ours walking lots when little too, as we've got two dogs we go out with - might be jumping the gun a bit though as I'm only 15weeks!

logic Fri 26-Nov-04 13:27:17

Hope the antibiotics work, fisil! My dh usually gets sinusitis after a cold and it's horrible

Welcome Maymum!

Well, we have decided to go for a buggy board since ds will be 2 and 8 mths.

Just found out that my best friend is pg too! Must be something in the water...

Brighteyes Fri 26-Nov-04 21:21:21

Hi everyone. Welcome to maymum.
Sorry I haven't posted for so long. I was rushed off my feet in work the last couple of weeks and this week another two people left the department making things even worse. I also have a new boss, who has no experience of the job so I'm training him even though he earns almost twice my wage.
Can't wait to start my maternity I'm really going to need the rest. Has anyone decided when they will begin their maternity leave? I have some holidays to take too which I won't get chance to take in the next couple of months so I'm planning to leave beginning of April, my job will just be to stressful to contemplate when I'm heavily pg and I think I would have earned the rest by then.

Going back to a question someone asked recently, have any of you shorties managed to find any nice maternity trousers or jeans in short sizes?

Can't believe some of you are only starting to show. I'm massive, its a definite bump though not fat My friend said she wasn't as big as me when she was six months gone on her second
Can now only fit into maternity clothes and I'm constantly told that I look very pg. Got to admit I'm very proud of my bump already and can't keep my hands off it

Well rambled on long enough. Hope everyone is keeping well.

logic Fri 26-Nov-04 21:24:29

Brighteyes, I just bought some lovely maternity jeans from La Redoute. You are supposed to turn them up at the bottom so perfect for us shorties

I am going to do some family tree research tonight. Is anyone else interested in their family history now that they are going to be parents? It didn't seem important before...

fisil Sat 27-Nov-04 18:14:04

I got my tandem pushchair! £35 from an NCT sale. It's very dirty but otherwise fine. So only a cot mattress left to buy!

logic Sat 27-Nov-04 18:40:59

...and the newborn nappies, fisil!
Unless you are going to use reusables of course?
I am considering it in my earth mother moments but I suspect that I will last about as long as it takes to get the disposable nappy packet open
Seriously, I've been reading a few threads on here about it and the feedback doesn't seem that positive. The landfill aspect does make me feel guilty but I have enough washing to do already without nappies too. Anybody got any strong opinions or experience in this?

myermay Sat 27-Nov-04 18:45:27

Message withdrawn

Uwila Sat 27-Nov-04 19:44:29

I would never in my wildest dreams even consider washing my baby's poo filled nappies in the same machine where I wash my own clothes -- yuck! Besides, I am woman of modern convenience. Not sure if you meant that reusable or disposable could cause nappy rash. Disposable nappies give much less nappy rash. The reason is that the synthetic (plastic, basically) fabrics which are used actually draw the moisture away from the skin, but cotton cloth does not do that.

As for short people maternity clothes, the only place I know of is Blooming Marvelous. If anyone knows of onother place, by all means share your knowledge... please!

Speaking of which by beloved jeans are being put to rest as I type. I have broken out the maternity clothes and rather disappointed to see how well they fit my protruding belly.

northstar Sun 28-Nov-04 08:58:56

I'm saying good morning all, but hoping you all have much better things to do than be on mn on a sunday morning
I love brighteyes for being as big as me, thankyou.I was feeling like the odd one out!I am still in my jeans as they are quite low cut, but have a huge bump over them and I really like it. I feel like a properly pg woman, not sure if this is because of my previous m/c and therefore my reluctance to be pg too soon this time?

Welcome maymum, good to have you on board

fisil Sun 28-Nov-04 15:39:21

northstar & brighteyes, I'm as big as you! (probably bigger actually, as I am due in April!) - I haven't been in real clothes for weeks now. Blooming Marvellous is all I know for short people too - all my bottom halves are from them (all 3 of them!)

logic, yes the nappies! In fact my exact thought was "I've now got everything that you can't get from Tescos"! Of course I'm going to use disposables. My NCT lot last time all got loads of info on reuseable ones, but I'm sorry, I had a little brother in the 80s and so I know how horrible cloth nappies are. I feel slight twinges of guilt about disposables taking 500 years to decompose in landfill sites (and then I think that I'm unlikely to be around in 500 years time!). Ugh, and having to pick up the soiled ones from nursery in the evening! No thank you.

myermay, there were slings everywhere! I'm sure it would be the same at any NCT sale. I was going to offer you ours - we barely used it last time. But this time I am vowing to be less of a wimp! I didn't use it cos I thought ds was so heavy. This time if I think the baby is heavy I'll just lift ds up quickly to remind myself how light it is!

SabineJ Sun 28-Nov-04 16:55:56

Just a quick question for second time mums.
I am expecting BB2 and there will have 20 months between ds and BB2.
I am thinking about bying a twin pushair but not sure if this is worth the investment. I have spend a ot of money on a nice travel system for ds but I have never really ised it. Just bought a light cheap version from Mothercare insead. I want to avoid the same mistake this time. Any idea ?

fisil Sun 28-Nov-04 16:58:54

how often do you think you will be out & about with both of them? would you be able to cope with one in a sling? 20 months is probably a bit young to cope with a buggy board, but if you use a sling at first, you could wait til the little one is big enough for a light double buggy, or until the big one is big enough for a buggy board.

northstar Sun 28-Nov-04 17:01:22

Sabine, i would consider buying a second-hand double buggy. They are often in vgc as are not used for very long, but can really make a difference when you need them.

SabineJ Mon 29-Nov-04 09:42:42

Thnaks all for the infos.
I thought about using a sling but if this one is the same than ds I can't imagine been able to use for long. At 14 months he is already more than 2 stones (!!) and I haven't been able to use my sling after he was 5 months old. He was really too heavy !
Would you recommend a twin puschair or a duo ?

maymum Mon 29-Nov-04 19:54:32

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

Sabine, sorry but I can't really help with your dilemma.

Brighteyes, I'm not sure when I'll start maternity leave. I work term times only but am paid the same every month whether term time or holidays, so if I start leave at the end of the easter holidays, I will have an extra 2 weeks off (for the hols) and still get paid as normal. It would mean my last days at work would be around 25th March, but mat. leave would officially begin around 11th April. Does that make sense? Baby is due 23rd May - do you think that's too early to start leave? It's so hard to know how I'll feel. I'm not sure yet whether I'll go back to work - anyone else?

Myermay - where did you get preggie pops from? Did they take long to arrive? Maybe they'll help me too - I'll try anything.

As for nappies - like some of you I would like to save the planet, but in reality will probably use disposibles. However, I have 3 good friends who have used reusables and they're all delighted with them. None of the children have had any nappy rash - I think things have improved a lot recently. They all use disposibles at night, for trips out and for the 1st couple of months after the babies were born. 1 uses terries cos they are easy to wash & dry. The others use preformed all-in-ones.

I'm full of cold and got sent home today at lunchtime - bad cold=tired=morning sickness worse=feeling pants all round! I hope you're feeling better now fisil, sinusitits is horrible.

One more question for everyone - have any of you 2nd+ time mums been to NCT antenatal classes in the past, or do any of you intend to go to them this time? I received the info about them today and I'm thinking about it... It seems like a lot of money so I want to be sure.

logic Mon 29-Nov-04 21:19:13

hi maymum,
We went to both the NHS classes and the NCT classes. I am still close friends with all the NHS girls and have basically lost contact with the NCT people because the NHS ones are all really local and the NCT ones are scattered all over the area - which can be a downside if you are looking to make friends...
I thought that the NCT classes were much more touchy feely. Everyone had their partners there which was nice but there was a lot of "hello, my name is logic and I would describe myself as..." type stuff in turn around the room which personally I was very uncomfortable with. We had to do a lot of tasks and discussions in small groups. We also watched a home birth video which was awful and made it seem much worse than the real thing! Honest! We did, however, get lots of support and info on natural births - it's very biased. Dh has just piped up that he learned things from it but he didn't enjoy it - which basically sums it up!

fisil Tue 30-Nov-04 07:53:26

maymum - I'm doing exactly the same with my maternity leave - starting on the 23rd, but oficially on the 11th April. My due date is 26th April though - and I thought 23rd March was a bit early (ideally I'd work until 11th April - I went 2 weeks over last time and I was going pretty mad with the waiting!).

NCT last time, and will do it again. Useful for picking up friends, and making sure dp knows a little of what's going on. Also you get paid leave to go to classes and in the last few weeks at work it is pretty vital to have a bit of time out to help you get through the week!

Uwila Tue 30-Nov-04 09:37:58

Hello everyone,
I thought about doing the NCT classes this time round. Mostly, I'm interested in meeting other parents. But, I've since realised that there is a very "natural" bias to the NCT philosophy. And, I'm not a big supporter of the all natural approach. So, I've decided not to go to them because I think they'll just push all of the things I've already decided I'm opposed to. For example, the whole idea of a home birth scares the bajeezers out of me. If something goes wrong in chilbirth, every second counts and the only place I want to be is in a good hospital with a good obstetrician (and aenesthetist!).

I think my hospital (Queen Charlotte)offers a quick refresher course for second timers. I may go to that. I also think there is some value in meeting people who go to your hospital. Most of my questions will be specifically about the hospital. For example, if baby is breech, what is this hospitals standard to practice: to try to deliver vaginally, or to head for caesarean. How many theatres are there? How many anaesthetists are on duty at once.

Anaesthetists are important because if you are delivering normally, and want an epidural, and an emergency caesarean comes flying through the door... guess who gets priority on the anaesthetist. Not you! In some hospitals, you have to be rather demanding about the epidural, or you find out it's too late when you want it. Not a situation I'd like to be in!

Does pregnancy make you ramble on and on???

LittleB Tue 30-Nov-04 10:10:47

I'm planning to start my maternity leave on the 29th of April and I'm due 19th May. I'm not sure if thats going to be too long though as I'm sure it's going to be late, I was 12 days late - must've been sending my poor mum up the wall ! I'm also planning to use some of my leave to work part time during April as I guess I'll be feeling pretty tired by then and I have to use all my leave up before I go on Maternity leave anyway. I'm not sure if this will all work out though as its so hard to know how I'll be feeling.
I got my shorty maternity trousers from Blooming Marvellous too, and I do seem to be developing a proper bump now too - not big yet though.
dp keeps teasing me about snacking all the time, but I've got a really good excuse now, I had been feeling a bit light headed and dizzy and my midwife chacked my blood pressure and its now dropped even lower to 90/50 so I'm on instructions to snack lots - I don't need telling twice
I'm thinking about using reusable nappies too, but I need to find out more about them before I decide.
Hope everyone is feeling better from colds etc. now.

northstar Tue 30-Nov-04 10:45:05

I really liked meeting all the mums to be in my area when i went to the ante-natal classes, and one now has her dd in the same playschool as ds so we meet every week. Apart from that the info was very basic, and the video was CRAP! Totally unrealistic, a young hippie couple wandering into the delivery ward holding hands and smiling serenely, six extremely civilised pushes and another smile as baby delivered. Was SO disappointed at the reality, it was a good thing i had seen all the dramatic births on Holby City!!!!!

Tinker Tue 30-Nov-04 12:48:48

Wasn't planning on doing any ante-natal classes this time. How much does NCT cost then?

Am half thinking about a home birth though. Not thinking about it too much but midwife (who I met for the first time last week) was gently encouraging. Don't have to really decide until am 36 weeks so shall see how it goes. But had such an easy time of it last time (that's tempting fate isn't it?) think it'd be quite pleasant at home. Statistically just as safe as hospital apparently.

fisil Tue 30-Nov-04 13:08:56

I know tinker, but think of the washing!

Tinker Tue 30-Nov-04 13:11:26

I wouldn't be doing it though fisil

fisil Tue 30-Nov-04 13:14:04

Who would? Where did you get them from? How do you pay them? and can I have them too?

SabineJ Tue 30-Nov-04 13:39:11

I went to the NCT classes the first time round and found it really good. I have been able to meet other mums and we are still seen each other a year and half after ! I wouod agree that they are quite biased regarding the natural birth etc ... but we didn't have any video and our "teacher" wasn't actually imposing her point of view too much.
So I would recommend it as a good way to meet other mums and to have a good look at the different pain relief available.
One negative point tough, I actually don't fell I was really prepared to the birth itself and the PAIN. Thre idea was that it is very different from on eperson to the other (That proved true) and so there was very little on any thechniques to help managing the pain. I am thinking at hypnosis this time around.

northstar Tue 30-Nov-04 14:03:02

With ds now i just wouldnt spare the time to re-do the basic ante-natal class. Maybe there is a way of getting an informal club together of pg mums in the area? No, sounds like way too much work actually!
There is no way on this planet i would consider a home birth. My labour was text-book until ds suddely got extremely stuck - TWICE - and went into distress. Wont give any more details, enough said for the first timers
I also dont like the idea of reusable nappiessorry to the environment but i do lots of other good deeds ie recyling and tree-hugging

maymum Tue 30-Nov-04 17:18:17

Thanks everyone for your input about NCT - keep it coming!

Tinker, I think price varies nationally, but where I live (Norfolk), it is £130, or £94 if you don't actually join NCT - it says it's optional to join but I do wonder...

logic, I don't live in the city where the classes are held (about 20+mins drive away), so won't live very close to the other mums either - that's part of what I'm worried about - I'd like to do it to meet other mums to be that I could keep contact with, but I'm not convinced it will work that way for me.

As for home births, I know a friend who had her 3rd at home and thought it was wonderful - much more relaxing & less clinical and everything went smoothly. She was in Asda later the same day! (crazy!) On the other hand, another friend had her 1st at home, and things didn't go so smoothly. She didn't dilate properly & the midwife didn't pick up on it until it was nearly too late. Fortunately she's only 10 mins drive to hospital, so was rushed in and delivered a beautiful healthy baby eventually. advice is to consider how close you live to the hospital! I wouldn't have a home birth for my 1st, but if everything went well 1st time, I might try it 2nd time. 1st time roud I have enough worries - I'd rather be booked in and settled in at hospital in the early stages of labour rather than having to rush to hospital later on, as an emergency. Another friend delivered her 2nd at home accidentally, the baby came so quickly (paramedics arrived just in time for delivery!) so it's probably best to prepare some bits & pieces at home just in case .

I'm off work today with my cold and have slept loads. I just want to feel well!

maymum Tue 30-Nov-04 17:20:17

I forgot, another reason I won't have a home birth 1st time is that I'm awful with pain, so will probably need every possible pain relief option to hand!

maymum Tue 30-Nov-04 17:21:13

I forgot, another reason I won't have a home birth 1st time is that I'm awful with pain, so will probably need every possible pain relief option to hand!

logic Tue 30-Nov-04 18:39:45

maymum, I paid just for the NCT classes and didn't bother becoming a member so it is possible
I also assumed that I would have all the pain relief going - right up until the ante-natal classes when I made my decision to just use TENS and gas+air and stuck to it. Then again, I only had 12 hours of pre-labour contractions, then 8 hours of first stage and just under 2 hours of pushing so not too long luckily...

Brighteyes Tue 30-Nov-04 19:34:27

anyone know of a good website/book which ways up the pros and cons of different types of pain relief? I'm totally clueless and would like to find out as much as possible as soon as possible.

northstar Tue 30-Nov-04 19:54:26

Brighteyes im sure the experts on mumsnet will be happy to discuss pain relief in great detail why dont you start a thread?

Uwila Wed 01-Dec-04 10:44:10

Brighteyes, another good site is You can find lots of useful information there. If not successful though, the main medicatins to research are:

Gas and Air
Block (which is an epidural with stronger medicine, but I think can not be topped up so when it's gone it's gone)

OR, MEARS is mumsnetter who is also a midwife. She should be very knowledgable on the options.

logic Wed 01-Dec-04 12:16:08

Well, had the results of my AFP test today and everything is normal

northstar Wed 01-Dec-04 14:15:44

CONGRATULATIONS thats great news about your test results My (only) scan is on the 9th Dec and i just cant wait.

logic Wed 01-Dec-04 14:27:11

thanks, northstar
9th Dec isn't far away now! Are you going to ask about the gender?

THEnorthstar Wed 01-Dec-04 15:16:14

mmmm Well I really want to but dp doesnt. BUT thing is he doesnt think he can make it to the scan and thats up to him! I genuinely dont mind if he doesnt come, but I will ask the gender if he doesnt so its up to him. HOPE HE DOESNT ACTUALLY.

logic Wed 01-Dec-04 16:18:26

sometimes it's obvious anyway. Ds was absolutely brazen waggling his bits at us. The sonographer said ' did want to know didn't you'

THEnorthstar Wed 01-Dec-04 17:56:46

oh Logic that would be lovely i was just visiting due in june and a couple of the mums were saying the exact things im thinking. I would love another ds because i love ds soooo much and we're totally on the same wavelength, and i have all the boy stuff BUT a girl would be a lovely surprise too! And if i do have a girl at least people wont say to me when i get out of hospital "so when are you going to try for a girl" you know the way people talk!

THEnorthstar Wed 01-Dec-04 17:58:24

Anyone heard from Cab?

logic Wed 01-Dec-04 19:12:15

I have already had one person tell me that she hopes that I have a girl now that I've already got a boy! That does annoy me. I honestly don't care. As you say, I know how a little boy's mind works and have a loft full of blue things but a girl would be fine too.

logICICLE Thu 02-Dec-04 14:33:41

Uwila, meant to mention to you, I have had two sessions of massage and McTimoney technique and my migraines have stopped! Yippee. Maybe it's worth a try for you?

Uwila Thu 02-Dec-04 14:43:43

I've tried reflexology, and it did nothing. Although I did quite enjoy havingg my tootsies rubbed.

What is this massage tchnique? I suppose there's nothing to lose if it doesn't cost a fortune and isn't too hard to get too?

logICICLE Thu 02-Dec-04 16:15:36

It's basically gentle skeletal readjustment combined with traditional massage - moving bones about sounds scary but it was really nice and gentle and I was assured that it doesn't affect the baby. It's made my back pain so much better too. The way I see it, I would be in a lot of pain and distress otherwise which isn't good for the baby either...
I found a local practitioner which is probably too far for you but there should be some nearer. The initial consultation cost £40 and follow-ups are £35.

Uwila Thu 02-Dec-04 16:50:47

That's not too bad on the £. Besides, I'm worth it.

I'm going to look into it.

fisil Thu 02-Dec-04 18:30:29

That does sound good. I am going to indulge after Xmas - once a month, I reckon. I have a friend with her own massage business who will come to your house in the evening!

Feeling exhausted, but smug. Reckon we might have solved the problem of ds waking up at 5a.m. For the last 2 weeks he's been waking at 5 and moaning/whining cos he wants to come in for a cuddle (like he did when he was ill). Yesterday he did the full hour's whinge - and so got nothing from his advent calendar. Today he started up at 5, we went and reminded him about the advent calendar - and he then went straight back to sleep until we had to wake him up! So hopefully bribery has done its trick, and he'll sleep later (at least until 24th December!)

Baby goes crazy whenever I eat chocolate. I'm eating loads cos it's so funny. Must be a girl!

logICICLE Thu 02-Dec-04 19:53:38

it's lovely when they get enough understanding to be conned and bribed isn't it? Lately, ds has been refusing to put his trousers on in the morning but he is obsessed with ships so now I say 'but sailors wear trousers...don't you want to be a sailor?' and on go the trousers

THEnorthstar Fri 03-Dec-04 09:41:42

Fisil I also find that if ds wakes too early and i put him back to bed he ends up sleeping for AGES and its always a playschool morning and we're late!
I have got my ms back againit's been gone for 4weeks but back this week, how's everyone else?

cab Fri 03-Dec-04 09:52:42

Hi northstar and co - sory I've not been around much. A friend of mine died abroad on hols - funeral was finally yesterday, so been a bit busy and full of the cold.
Hi to maymum and congratulations on the scan logic!

THEnorthstar Fri 03-Dec-04 09:55:26

Hi cab, sorry to hear your sad news
How are you? Do you have a bump yet?

LittleB Fri 03-Dec-04 11:51:40

Sorry to hear your news Cab.
I've posted a query about low blood presure on the preganancy board but I haven't had much info yet, I remember that Cab and Logic both had low blood pressure, I don't know if either of you can offer any advice.
I'm 16 weeks pregnant and have had fairly low blood pressure, latest reading was 90/50. I've had the odd dizzy spell so I've been trying to have lots of snacks, drink, stand up slowly etc and it hasn't been too bad until yesterday. I was at a work Christmas lunch and I'd just finished a large christmas dinner, when I started feeling faint, I went into the loo to splash cold water over me, but still felt really bad, collapsed on the toilet floor, and the dizziness stayed for ages, about 10mins, didn't quite pass out as I raised my legs up, but I took a long time to feel better and I then developed a headache which stayed for the rest of the day (unusual as I rarely get headaches). A colleague who used to be a nurse came looking for me, and took me outside when I was feeling a bit better to cool off - I was very warm, She's said that it will probably get worse during my pregnancy and I may need to stop work early. I've read about dizziness due to standing up quickly and not eating enough, but i'd just eaten - after snacking all morning and hadn't moved from sitting for about an hour. I do wonder if I may have overheated as I'd been working outside in the cold all morning and the pub was quite warm. But any advice on how to prevent this, if it is down to low blood pressure and if its likley to get worse would be really useful. Sorry to rant on. I would ring my midwife but she's on holiday.

logICICLE Fri 03-Dec-04 13:32:49

Hi LittleB, I am still having the odd dizzy spell but not too serious. It sounds like you should go and see a doctor though if your midwife is away...

maymum Fri 03-Dec-04 16:51:41

It sound like bad news all round. Sorry to hear about your friend cab.

LittleB - it sounds like you're having a hard time - I'd definitely see your GP. Otherwise, doesn't your midwife have a colleague you could at least speak to on the phone while she is away?

fisil - how fun that you can make baby go crazy! Chocolate is magic, I swear!

Northstar - welcome back to ms world - hopefully it will go away and stay away this time for you. I'm still suffering. Admittedly it isn't as bad as in the 1st few weeks, but I still wake up at random times some nights (4.20am on wednesday) for a toilet-hugging session, and have to snack every 2 hours to stop nausea/sickness. At least my cold is starting to get better - it really knocked me out, which was frustrating. I'm feeling more positive about everything though

logICICLE Fri 03-Dec-04 16:58:13

Sorry to hear about your friend, Cab

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