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Due May 05 part 3

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myermay Sun 21-Nov-04 14:13:34

Message withdrawn

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northstar Sun 21-Nov-04 14:16:21

OOOOOOH LOVELY! Thanx l feel so powerful again.

Uwila Mon 22-Nov-04 09:28:36

mornin' everyone. Wow, thread number 3 already. I had my nuchal tests last week. Both went very well. But, I have to say that the FMC one was so much more thorough. So, I'm glad I splurged on the second test. It was well worth the peace of mind. Saw and heard the heart beat too. That was cool.

And, my official due date is May 29th. Seems so far away.

northstar Mon 22-Nov-04 10:12:50

Morning Uwila and everyone, hope you all had nice weekends - i did glad your tests went ok Uwila. Has anyone noticed our may thread is really small? June and July are much bigger. I wonder why.

myermay Mon 22-Nov-04 15:08:07

Message withdrawn

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Uwila Mon 22-Nov-04 15:22:17

We plan to reuse most everything, including the cot mattress.

There are one or two things I didn't splurge on last time that I will get this time. One is we got a m&P changing table, but didn't get the bath that goes in it. I just thought it seemed a pain to have to carry the water to her bedroom to give her a bath. But, after a couplke months of leaning over the bathtub, I decided that was a bad call.

And, I'm going to go get one of those big body pillow things from blooming marvelous very soon. It's a wonderful sleeping partner. The only trouble is when I put it down the middle of the bed, not sure where DH will sleep.

Oh, and I hat my moses basket, think I'll get a posh one this time.

myermay Mon 22-Nov-04 15:25:12

Message withdrawn

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logic Mon 22-Nov-04 16:29:32

As I said earlier, we have bought a new sterilizer and bottles. We are going to buy a new moses basket mattress but keep the old cotbed mattress, just wash the cover. We've still got everything really.

Maybe we could list some stuff that as a first timer you shouldn't waste your money on. I'm sure we've all bought something we regretted
We bought a toiletries box that matched the baby bath. It has never been used except as a handy place to put a cup of tea during the midnight feed. We also bought tons of johnsons talc and baby bath on 3 for 2 offers and still have a cupboard full. Ds loathed his moses basket too and I wish that we had bought a flat pram and used the carry cot part of that instead.

northstar Mon 22-Nov-04 19:49:24

lol logic, yes we also have a huge supply of johnsons baby bath products! Ds has v mild excema and we have only used E45 stuff since he was born. I lent alot of my baby stuff to a "friend" who turned out not to be a friend - long story but basically she betrayed my confidence! Im not sure whether to ask her for it back or not. She has my bath, steriliser, pram toys and a whole sackful of 6-9month clothes. She probably has loads more, I just cant remember. I am not buying anything except girl clothes if its a girl

logic Mon 22-Nov-04 20:32:32

northstar, ds has very sensitive skin too with occasional exczema so we only use Simple products on him...
In a way I hope I have a boy because I have all ds' clothes still in the loft. Saying that, I carefully separated and labelled clothes up to 9 months and then lost patience and threw the rest in together I am dreading sorting that lot out!

myermay Mon 22-Nov-04 20:35:38

Message withdrawn

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northstar Mon 22-Nov-04 21:05:12

My ds will be three and one month. That will have its good points - he can run get nappies etc but also bad - he will be very aware of the new demand on his mums time. I really plan to let the new baba fit into our routine but am well aware that might not happen overnight.

logic Mon 22-Nov-04 21:45:43

ds is going to be 2 and 8 months. I was hoping to have him potty trained by then but it's not looking hopeful.

On a related topic, what did everyone take to the hospital last time that was superfluous? I took far too much stuff to use in labour (snacks, flannels etc) and didn't use any of it and didn't take any going home clothes which I feel was a mistake...

northstar Tue 23-Nov-04 08:50:02

I didnt take enough pj's. Leaked onto my lovely pink ones within an hour of getting out of bed, then onto my lovely purple ones!!! Had to borrow a pair from girl in bed opposite who was having her third and had brought six ordinary pairs including some red ones and some dark ones.
I was glad i had some make up for visiting time and the photos.

northstar Tue 23-Nov-04 08:51:25

Thats a really good question logic i'm looking forward to reading everyone else's tips and being totally prepared this time round (?)

logic Tue 23-Nov-04 09:55:01

I ran out of nighties too northstar, I would definately take more this time. I also phoned my mum as soon as I got settled into the hospital knowing that she was 200 miles away - she got someone to drive her all the way and turned up 1 hour before delivery. Nightmare. Next time I will phone after the baby is born!

LittleB Tue 23-Nov-04 11:14:33

As a first time mum it's really useful to be able to hear what things you thought were a waste of money and what you couldn't do without. We're trying to decide what sort of pushchair/pram/travel system we could do with at the moment. I've got a couple of close friends with children , and my sister, but they all say different things!
I'm feeling fat too, I can't wait until I look pregnant.
I'm so jealous of you having snow, its so pretty! We went Christmas shopping and just had very cold rain all day Saturday - which isn't very festive, but I am looking forward to Christmas - partly because I'm still a child at heart and get excited about it, but I also can't wait to have a break from work!
Brighteyes, I've got the Mother and Baby mag and it says I'm going to have a boy , I don't mind at all really but I think DP would prefer a boy.

Uwila Tue 23-Nov-04 14:10:16

Ah things I wouldn't buy/do again.

1- If you get a really expensive travel system (which is great for about the first 3 - 6 months, but get too big and clunky after that) I would NOT take it on an airplane. We went to chicago when DD was 3 months old. United bent the frame of my M&P travel system -- never really used it after that.

2- Stocked with way too many baby oils/lotions/powders. Never used anything but bath soap and the occissional lotion.

Things I would buy again:
1- A MacLaren pram (but get one that reclines. They are lighter weight and pretty good for nameuvering your way through saturday shopping crowds (the important things in life!. Downside is you can't buy one where the car seat fits in (i.e. travel system)

I'm sure there is so much more to say, but I just can't think of it now...

Uwila Tue 23-Nov-04 14:24:33

Oh, and don't forget to eat your chocolate

logic Tue 23-Nov-04 15:09:23

We got a travel system too and it's been in the garage for over a year. It was really good in the beginning but we quickly moved over to a Maclaren Quest because it is so much lighter for me to lift into the car and takes up a lot less room when we go away for the weekend.

logic Tue 23-Nov-04 16:56:38

Uwila, I have been craving chocolate and orange juice which is supposed to be good at metabolising iron so my haemoglobin tests results were through the roof yesterday (16 wk checkup)! lol The GP was very pleased but I didn't dare mention the chocolate, just mumbled something about vitamins

myermay Tue 23-Nov-04 18:24:13

Message withdrawn

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fisil Tue 23-Nov-04 18:50:34

I've found you all at last! OK, I wasn't looking very hard, been feeling a bit ick the last few days - hideous sinussy cold, which ds now has too. I thought pg brought with it natural immunities!

What I wish I hadn't bothered to buy:
Moses basket. Cost approximately £10 per sleep for all the use it was

Things I couldn't have lived without:
Baby bath. I know everyone says they were pointless, why not just use the big bath? Well (apart from the fact that we didn't have a bath at the time) for about 6 months my knees were buggered and I couldn't kneel, so I can't work out how I could've used the big bath (you know all that swelling that goes on in the last few weeks? I think it pushed some nerves out of place).

What I wish I'd bought sooner:
Baby Mozart (and I wish I'd bought it on DVD to save the tears while it was being rewound)
Ear thermometer. Thought £30 was a waste of money, but you use it so often!

fisil Tue 23-Nov-04 18:51:48

Oh yes, and we were desperate to get a car seat that would fit into the pushchair and only used it once (and that was because we couldn't figure out the straps on the pushchair when he was 2 days old!)

myermay Tue 23-Nov-04 18:55:41

Message withdrawn

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