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Measuring 42 weeks at 36 weeks

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Loulouhels Thu 27-Dec-07 20:52:05

Hello all!

I just wondered if anybody had any experience of measuring this big?

My 36 week appointment fell on Christmas Day so my midwife suggested I visit the local midwife drop in centre on Christmas Eve to just get the normal checks rather than wait another week (I had a trace of protein in my urine at 34 weeks)

I saw a community midwife - my urine and blood pressure were fine. I have swollen feet, ankles and hands but other than that everything was normal. Head is down, on the brim of my pelvis but not engaged. She couldn't tell which way the baby was positioned i.e. back on left or right side because she said my tummy felt like a football and was really hard!!!

Anyway she came to measure my fundal height and she told me I was measuring 42 weeks!!!! I know I am big but to measure 6 weeks ahead is ridiculous. My dates are spot on so I know I am only 36 weeks but she didn't seem worried. I am only 5ft and Normally a Size 10-12. Up until week 32 I had only put on 1 and a half stone but seem to have put on another half a stone in three and a half weeks

I've been dwelling on it all over Christmas and wondering my I am measuring so big??? Can I demand a Growth scan??? I've been measuring one to two weeks ahead from around 28 weeks.

Does anyone else think this is strange and does anyone know if I can insist on a Scan? My next midwife appointment is not until the 11th Jan so I don't want to wait until then. Can I ask my GP to refer me or should I go back down the clinic to see if they can make me appointment??

Any advice would be gratefully recieved.

Helen xx

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minorityrules Thu 27-Dec-07 21:05:43

I measured 41 weeks at 35 weeks with DD2. It was explained away as she was high in the womb. Once she engaged it went back down again. She came a week early, weighing 7lb10oz

I think measuring is just a good guide to good progression and not an exact thing, so wouldn't worry if you can help it

trish12 Wed 09-Jan-08 13:13:11

I measured 31wks at 30wks, and measured 39wks at 34+2 wks. i had a scan and the sonographer was satisfied growth was normal, although i was left a little confused, i too questioned my dates. I am now 36+1wks, and after a visit from my midwife i am finally measuring what what i should. My babys head has now engaged, so i guess that explains it, plus also, im naturally slim and have good stomach mucles, so i think that can have a bearing on how you carry etc. Try not to worry, if there was any real concern theyd have you admitted in a heartbeat, good luck with everything.x

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