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Due December 07 - The end is in sight, or is it just the beginning!

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Wizzska Sat 17-Nov-07 12:38:41

Hello everyone. Will you come and join me?

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mememummy Sat 17-Nov-07 12:41:21

hey you fancy seein u here

mellymooks Sat 17-Nov-07 12:41:21

Am here!!

Wizzska Sat 17-Nov-07 12:43:38

Am finding it hard to sleep too but I finished work yesterday so I can now concentrate on getting myself strong and rested before D-day. 38 weeks tomorrow.

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Wizzska Sat 17-Nov-07 12:44:01

Hello everyone.

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mellymooks Sat 17-Nov-07 12:46:42

Can't believe how soon it is now. Sometimes I feel so ready and think bring it on and then other times I just can't imagine not having my bump and having this tiny person instead!

mememummy Sat 17-Nov-07 12:51:16

i dont think its properly sunk in on how much this lil person is gonna change my life

mellymooks Sat 17-Nov-07 13:05:34

I know! Everyone keeps telling me but I think it's pretty much impossible to ever feel completely ready. I guess all you can do is prepare yourself as much as you can and tell yourself that even though you think you've got your head around it you probably haven't and that you'll probably be in shock for the first couple of weeks!!!!

Wizzska Sat 17-Nov-07 13:44:42

I feel similar, have just been talking to my brother and saying that actually, I feel a bit blank or numb about the whole impending drama. It hasn't sunk in at all. No turning back, so will have to just get on with it.

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mememummy Sat 17-Nov-07 13:53:28

its scary and exciting all at the same time!

Housemum Sat 17-Nov-07 14:35:58

Like the thread title - v optimistic! (I was thinking along the lines of "all I want for Christmas is a baby...!)

Meme - how are you feeling today? Did you call the hospital for advice?

I'm going out to dinner at a friend's this evening - could well be the last night out before new one arrives! That's scary...

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I really can't imagine this one going to full term - I'm sure it'll be here before Xmas. Just as well the pressies are wrapped! Best address the envelopes for the cards soon. Have been trying to de-clutter DD2's room to make a bit of space - have finally decided where to move bookcase/drawers to so can fit cot in and use the flip-down changer top on the drawers.

mememummy Sat 17-Nov-07 14:46:50

rang my mum who said sleep and then ring, but i think i've hd a show so cud just be the start of labour?

Bouncingturtle Sat 17-Nov-07 15:53:37

Hello everyone!
Last day at work yesterday, hectically busy! Got a lovely gift box with lots of baby clothes in, was lovely
Just got back from AN class, was really good, loads of useful information. One of the things that was mentioned was that you might get the show several days before labour actually starts! So Meme might not be there yet - but have you spoken to your MW anyway?
Claraq - hope you dd is feeling better today.
Off out tonight, works do should be fun! Then back to the AN class tomorrow. 8 couples altogether, we were in the counsellor's house., it was huge and gorgeous envy. She put a very nice lunch on too. Very informative and a lot of laughs too!

mellymooks Sat 17-Nov-07 15:54:01

OOOh Meme that's very exciting!!! You'll have to keep us posted.

Housemum you sound very organised for Christmas! We've told everyone we're just not doing it this year! So will just be us and our new LO which will be lovely as first Christmas in our new house too.

I think my overwhelming feeling about the weeks ahead is excitement tinged with slight panic from time to time, mainly I just can't wait to meet this little person to see what kind of mixture they are of both of us and to find out if it's a boy or a girl.
Just been surfing net for baby name inspiration and think we've finally settled on one for a girl. (we've been definite about a boy's name from the start.)
I'm convinced it's a boy, so if it is a girl it will be like a double surprise!

It's definitely shifting down more and more as I can feel the pressure increasing on my bladder, so when it wriggles now I pretty much have to wee straight away!!!!!

Wizzska Sat 17-Nov-07 15:59:59

Housemum, at the rate we chat, you'll still have time for your thread name before Christmas.

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Wizzska Sat 17-Nov-07 16:02:56

Bouncing, it was my last day yesterday too. Doesn't it feel nice not to have to go back on Monday.

Meme - how exciting, keep us posted!

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mellymooks Sat 17-Nov-07 16:03:27

I think you're right Wizzka! It's fun to chat though! Has really kept me going last couple of weeks, everytime I've been feeling a bit lost I just log on , I don't always join in but just to read what everyone is saying is such a comfort, knowing you're not daft for thinking or questioning stuff has helped me immensely!

Wizzska Sat 17-Nov-07 16:08:53

Yes Melly - when you're a first timer like me it's great to know you can see how others are doing and know that what you're going through is normal.

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mememummy Sat 17-Nov-07 16:37:07

nothing is happening as of ye mw said see how i am tomorrow, ave bath and glass of wine grin nice labour ward mw lol my house is so clean i just need to get hoover downstairs but will have to get dh to do that its just to big. i dont no what i would have done without u lot,mat leave is great but a bit borin if your on your own alot.

ne way off to pick lil sis up from work she's goin to an 18th tonight and wants me to do her hair, i cant wait to do my dd's /ds's lol speak to you all later amy x

loucee Sat 17-Nov-07 19:47:50

Hi everyone

Thanks Wizzska for making the new thread. You're so right that we will probably have a new thread before Christmas as it's another 5 wks yet and as soon as we get people going into labour I can't imagine any of us leaving the keyboard!

insywinsyspider Sat 17-Nov-07 20:07:20

hello everyone - can't believe we've got onto yet another new thread! agree with housemum - very positive choice of title smile

hope everyone is having good weekend, I'm starting to feel better about everything - who was it who said about the 35-36 wk wall?? I think I'm going through it, we have a plan on how to get everything ready and ds is finally in his cot bed tonight smile so far so good he was asleep in 5 mins, he's having a few hours with my mum and dad tomorrow so we can wizz round Ikea as baby needs a black out blind and chest of draws... I also got a few things for my hospital bag and so will be packing it tomorrow

meme - very exciting! let us know how you're doing x

cazzybabs Sat 17-Nov-07 20:23:17

OHHI bought some plastic sheeting today =- very exciting (to catch gunk...)

I also seem to wake up at 4 and then can't go back to sleep (well I seem to manage quite well about 10 minutes after the alarm has gone off...

loucee Sat 17-Nov-07 20:39:01

cazzy - yes my loo trip is around 4am, I've treid not to drink past 8pm some nights but still need the loo at that time!

I bought some maternity mats in Boots, they're just like the ones you'll use in hospital, the MWs put one under your bum to catch the stuff that the pads miss! I've put one under my sheet on the bed to hopefully save the mattress if my waters break in bed (have a material mattress protector as well but that is a huge thing to wash!).

Glad you're feeling more positive Insy, you'll feel much better once you've got all the things for the little one I'm sure

BeachBunni Sat 17-Nov-07 21:17:05

Hi everyone. I'm not sure if anyone will remember me. I haven't been on in months as I was in hospital for a month and had a little baby bunni boy at the end of october six weeks early. He's still in special care but doing well and just needs to put a bit of weight on so we can get him home. Just wanted to wish you all well for the rest of your pregnancies and imminent babies (not long now)

Wizzska Sat 17-Nov-07 22:19:15

Congratulations BeachBunni. Six weeks early, that must have been a shock for you. Did you have a difficult time of it? Glad he's doing well, and lets hope you get your little bunny home soon.

Just been out watching the football in the pub. DH is really gutted about the Scotland result. We had a meal afterwards with friends and now he's still out drowning his sorrows. I'll have to scrape him up off the carpet tomorrow I'm sure. He has a very low tolerance to hangovers these days. Glad he's not going to have to be relied upon if I go into labour as he can't drive anyway. I can just imagine him being my birthing partner after a skinfull and falling asleep and farting in the corner. Yes, that would be typical.

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