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Got antenatal class today, do i need to take my maternity notes??

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lemonaid Sat 10-Nov-07 09:36:45

I think I carried mine around with me more-or-less permanently anyway. You are very unlikely to need them at an antenatal class, though.

harpsichordsahoy Sat 10-Nov-07 09:15:58

no reason why not

merryberry Sat 10-Nov-07 09:11:17

i did when booked at first birth, i don't for this one. diff hosps. take just in case? enjoy!

Imawurzel Sat 10-Nov-07 08:37:26

title says it all really.
Not sure if i need to, or shall i take them anyway??
And what will we all be doing today??
I think we get to tour maternity ward, but not sure on anything else.

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