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Nov baby breach

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topsyturvey Mon 29-Oct-07 20:59:55

very new to this group email thingy but wanted to join your anti natal group...I'm due Nov 21st. At the moment she (oh yes a girl!) is breach...was gonigt o have a home birth as I did on my first and had no probs...any bright ideas about getting this lovely lady to face the right way?!

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hedgepig Mon 29-Oct-07 21:55:47

I wouldn't get too worried yet my friend was very similar with her second and he turned quite late. With my 1st I tried crawling round on all 4s, but it didn't work for me but could be worth a try.

topsyturvey Mon 29-Oct-07 22:15:18

Thanks, I think that because my son was 2 weeks early i'm pretty convinced that this one will be...but i guess I just have to wait and see.
(by the way I had my signing in name way before I found out...makes more sense now!

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Fleurey Thu 01-Nov-07 16:49:20

I was told my baby was breech by a midwife a couple of weeks ago, and again yesterday. Had scan today and baby was head down. However when I was told this first time I searched the internet for everything I could find on turning and breech births.

This website is the most comprehensive I have come across regarding turning methods

I approached a fantastic chiropractor who is trained in the webster technique- did not need this technique in the end as baby was head down anyway both times after midwife had said it was breech but she is making sure my pelvis does not pop baby out of it because of it not being level. She is based in east midlands.

I was eager to know my options for birth as ceasarean section was mentioned and I wanted to know what other choices were available should I need to birth with baby in breech. I contacted AIMS. Also got to know about mary cronk's website (apparently a guru of delivering breech babies naturally - as that was what I wanted to try, if baby was breech). I have heard of 2 books - one is on the aims website and another called breech birth is by Benna Waites.

A friend of mine's baby turned very late too so it is very possible - and mine seems to do somersaults !! Good luck with the turning methods - I hope she turns for you!

Rachee Thu 01-Nov-07 20:06:37

I am due 26th and breech....

Accupuncture my midwife is suggesting, i have got a scan next week to see exact possition, then docs will descide whether to manipulate it round.

Otherwise c sec for me as pelvis already shot and they are not keen on me trying to push it out awkward

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