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August 2021 baby FACEBOOK group!

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lealea95 Wed 09-Dec-20 17:52:08

If you click this part it will take you straight to our group smile

Hello I am due the 14th August, I have just created a group on Facebook called babies due august 2021, I have also provided the link, its a new group I am the only member currently, yay team lonely 🤣🤣🤣 but I honestly got SO much out of the last 2 due date groups ive been in unfortunately I lost my last baby in October so recently left one group as it was to painful, but the one I was in when I was pregnant with my almost 3 year old is still going strong.

We all interact now talking about what our miniature monkeys are upto and we shared worries and tears throughout pregnancy. But it felt like such a wonderful loving community, so you are welcome to come and join and hopefully be the first people involved in my new little extended family.

Obviously the group is private, so not anyone can just join I am looking for also any suggestions and another admin to get this started off the group with me smile thank you

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