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I feel really ill any suggestions what I can do to feel better???

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babyalfie Sun 21-Oct-07 16:24:18

Hi there I am seven week pregnant and feel so so ill.. I feel very sick tired and generally not well.

I have no energy to do anything at all and wondered what I could take or do to make me feel better. All I want to do is sleep and cannot be bothered to do anything!!! help me please.. I have forgot is this normal?

I am an older mum (37) and have three other children 17, 14 and 7

Any advice much appreciated

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joedar Sun 21-Oct-07 19:38:41

Its probably just the usual first 12 week tiredness, sickness ect. Make sure your iron is not too low though.

I felt like that on my 3rd pregnancy and as soon I hit the 12 week mark it subsided.
How relieved I was!

Getting up slowly in the morning helps as does eating regularly, small portions but often, keeps up the blood sugar level. Wholegrains are great for this.

Just keep in mind it won't last forever, and it will be all worth it. Hope you soon feel better.

TheDuchessOfCorpseBride Sun 21-Oct-07 19:47:09

Hi babyalfie, my sympathies as I am about 9 weeks with my 4 and also feel dreadful - although not so bad this weekend. Try any or all of the following...

Eat before you get hungry, I am grazing through the day, parmesan cheese biscuits and fruit are todays acceptable snacks!

Get lots of sleep. If I'm tired around dinner time I find I feel much worse. I keep sloping off for naps whenever I get the chance.

Take Spatone iron supplement - I drink mine drenched in lime cordial & water.

Sickness wrist bands - a friend lent them to me, I'm not sure if they work but I have been slightly better since wearing them. Boots or a good chemist would know what I mean.

Try and drink enough fluid. I'm finding this harder than eating as I don't really want to drink anything (except lime!).

I often just brush my teeth with water in the morning too as the foaming toothpaste makes me retch so much.

Hope it passes soon, best wishes. xx

TheDuchessOfCorpseBride Sun 21-Oct-07 19:48:51

That should read "brush my teeth with JUST water...".

babyalfie Mon 22-Oct-07 09:32:54

oh thanks so much for the advice. I know it will be worth it in the end. I am going for an early scan on Thursday as well as have had bleeding. Today I have terrible bach ache as well soemthing I never suffer from. Again many thanks

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Kezza7779 Sun 30-Dec-07 22:54:51

babyalfie u have the exact same as me, i am 7 weeks and i am feeling sick, exhausted and unwell al the ime, i also have terrible back ache, would love to hear from you now seeing as though you will hve passed this stage - i hope?x

andfranksentthis Mon 31-Dec-07 19:15:32

Get the older DC's to bring you your cuppa in bed in the

And go sleep if you feel tired. Your body obviously needs it. Nothing wrong with that.

Good luck

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