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July 2021 Babies!

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MedhaG Tue 24-Nov-20 14:44:28

Hi everyone! Anyone else due in July next year? It's very early days for me, haven't even had my first midwife appointment yet, but would be great to be able to share the journey with some of you smile

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amyspames Tue 24-Nov-20 20:09:52

Yes, due 10th July, I think! Congrats!

It's not a great situation for me though, had missed miscarriage in April during #lockdownpart1 so just can't get my hopes up this time round.
I went for a tarot reading / medium session about 2 weeks ago though and they knew, and said kept stressing everything would be ok, even though I had said nothing about what has happened this year. I know that could be a load of crap, but it has stopped me stressing so much about it.
The latest thing freaking me out is the Xmas announcements, and how I'm going to keep it a secret from mum and partner and my dad, as I'm not telling people early this time (told my mum in person before 12 week scan last time as we were just going lockdown, and she blabbed and told my auntie 🤦‍♀️). Don't know what excuse I'm going to use that will be credible, given after the year I've had I'd be knocking them back at Xmas like a lush, and I can't use designated driver excuse as there's nowhere to go 🤦‍♀️

MedhaG Wed 25-Nov-20 09:13:35

Congratulations to you too! So sorry to hear about your miscarriage earlier this year, I can understand how that would make you more anxious, but I'm glad you've got some reassurance from your tarot session!

I've told my parents, although my husband has told his Mum but not his Dad, as he feels his dad can't keep a secret grin

Perhaps you could just say you're having a bit of a detox?

The thing I'm stressing about at the moment is which hospital to choose. I live in central London and all I can see are horror stories about the maternity units here. & private costs £10k and up! Getting super anxious about it, wondering if I should just go have the baby in a smaller town where my parents live (Swindon).

Medha x

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Hbev Fri 27-Nov-20 20:02:18

Hi, yes I’m due July 2021.
How are you finding everything?

amyspames Sat 28-Nov-20 13:55:16

Yeh, could say having a detox, though for someone who knows me well, it is definitely not the time of year to be doing it! Think I might pretend I'm hungover from the day before on both days and can't face alcohol, either that or will pour alcohol free bubbly for myself in the kitchen, though that will look odd as we'll usually just leave a bottle on the table!

Hello to the other person who commented on the post last night, messages playing up and won't let me tag anyone!

What date are u both due?

Are u going to have early scans? I didn't in both previous pregnancies as wasn't worried about anything going wrong, but will be spending lots on scans this time round 🤦‍♀️ have one booked for 2 weeks today on 12th dec when I'll be 9 and 5. Was supposed to be going away next weekend, or would have gone on the 4th. Was going to see if I could change it, but given the heartbeat stopped at 9 and 1 last time, I'm only going to stress out in the 9th week and want another one!

amyspames Sat 28-Nov-20 14:17:10

@MedhaG @Hbev

Ah, it was me getting this wrong, forgot I needed to type the @ symbol, I was thinking I was on Facebook I think! 🤷‍♀️

Know what you mean about the hospitals! There was 2 until recently in my area, and one had a bad reputation, so I picked the other for birth, and went there when my daughter was ill at 6 weeks old, and again this April for the MMC. I never want to go there again now! Luckily, there's a huge new hospital just been finished early because of COVID which is literally just up the road and that's the only one to use now for deliveries. I'm requesting elective c-section given the issues in the past.

cassiacolling Sun 29-Nov-20 08:17:55

Hi there. I'm due late July, so really early days. I had an ectopic pregnancy around 4 months ago and had to go for surgery to remove it... I recovered very well emotionally and physically though! It's more common than we think...
But of course now I'm anxious about something going wrong this time's my first one.
That's why I did a 4 weeks scan and will do another one on the 6th week. I'll do it through the NHS but I was looking for some private ones just in case and they don't cost more than £60. If you are worried and anxious it may be woth doing it privately.
Anyone from East London here? It would be great to get recommendations on hospitals.
Thanks all and good luck to everyone daffodil

MedhaG Sun 29-Nov-20 09:58:51

I had a little scare yesterday as I had a tiny bit of bleeding, and didn't know what to do as I don't have a midwife yet!

I was told to go to A&E, but spoke to a doctor who said there was no point as I'd just be sitting around and they wouldn't do anything unless I was bleeding out!

So we found a clinic in east London that does same day private scans by an obstetrician, and did that for peace of mind.

Luckily it was all fine and she said it was most likely implantation bleeding - in a way, it was nice to confirm I actually am pregnant, because I haven't really had many symptoms! She also confirmed I'm only 6 weeks pregnant, so due date is 22nd July.

Also finally decided on a hospital, going for UCLH in London as it's the nearest one to us - slightly worried about post natal care as they don't have any private rooms available - but will just have to suck it up and the midwife there told me to see it as a nice thing that you have other new mums on the ward to support you.

It's crazy how nerve racking it is though, always worrying that something may go wrong.

I think after yesterday's experience we will get a few more private scans done in between for reassurance!

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CassColl Sun 29-Nov-20 14:52:52

@MedhaG So sorry to hear about the bleeding. I'm so happy it's all good though. Congrats on your 6th week ☺️ I also had a bit of bleeding on my second week, but I didn't even know I was pregnant then...

This is my first one, so can you please talk me through how you got the hospital sorted? I don't even know how to get started..

MedhaG Sun 29-Nov-20 23:45:00

It’s my first one too, so I had no idea where to start - your GP should be able to advise you in the first instance. My GP is still registered at a previous address, and so I had to just research the hospitals nearest to me on my own.

If you go on the NHS website, you can check which maternity services are nearest to you, and then you can also check their latest CQC ratings from 2019 (quality ratings essentially).

I also asked around my local neighbourhood (we use an app called NextDoor) as there will be lots of local mums in the area who can let you know which hospitals they used.

Once you decide, you can just self refer yourself - they all have forms you can just fill in on the website.

To be honest, when researching, there seem to be horror stories about most hospitals!

I’ve gone for UCLH in London which is the one people want to go to because it’s shiny & new, but there are horror stories even there!

Seems to be a bit of pot luck as to which staff you get on the day.

Medha x

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CassColl Mon 30-Nov-20 08:08:18

Thank you for the advice @MedhaG ☺️I'll do some research this week

ashlee89 Tue 01-Dec-20 08:36:08


I am due around July 18thish.
I'm roughly 7 weeks so very early days.
I also suffered a missed miscarriage in July so I am so so nervous this time round.

I have a scan booked for Friday! My dr recommended it however I want to cancel already.

Good luck ladies

Yui7 Tue 01-Dec-20 11:50:17

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MelissaAnn92 Thu 17-Dec-20 12:26:12

Hey everyoneeeee! I’m sue 3rd July.

How’s everyone feeling??

I’m sickly, dizzy and a right hormonal mess.

Praying I could fast forward a few weeks 🤰 xxx

MedhaG Thu 17-Dec-20 16:11:28

Hi! So sorry to hear you’re not feeling great! I’m due 22nd July smile Luckily I haven’t had morning sickness, but feeling absolutely exhausted, faint, dizzy and really bad indigestion!

Wish I could just rest but I recently started my own luxury gifting company and so have spent the last 2 weeks packing up Christmas gift boxes! Looking forward to a rest soon.

Also went for my first blood test today, hospital was packed, made me feel so anxious with all this Covid stuff!

Medha x

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RoyalMami Sun 20-Dec-20 14:11:55

Congratulations @MedhaG and everyone.

I gave birth at UCLH in July and had to use the Neonatal service as well. I had a very mixed experience and at some point, i was on the phone asking my dad to come and get me as i was fed up.

Some doctor's won't listen to you and would do whatever they want regarding your care . . .
I was having a reaction to an antibiotic they gave me and one particular doctor they kept bringing to check me on the ward wouldn't accept i was reacting to the drug as it was a delayed reaction (despite this been clearly stated on the drug's leaflet which they don't give you to read on the ward, my dad had to read the leaflet online to determine what was happening). The doctor kept insisting i was having a migraine confused which was untrue as my symptoms included visible uncontrollable fits (never had this before taking this drug), raised BP, banking out for periods of time etc.

Some doctor's are superb and would listen to you and with this information make excellent recommendations. In the end i knew who to request for.

I also had a mixed midwifery experience. To some you're just a number. One gave me the wrong medicine (the same antibiotic i had reacted to, which was no longer on my drug chart) and she wouldn't even apologise grin instead she became boistrous and i was removed from under her care (i was in the hospital for ages).

As we're in cubicles, you can hear other women's interactions with the medical staff and let's just say i was one of the lucky ones.
In one instance, they were refusing to induce a woman who herself kept telling them she's had 4 other babies and had to be induced every time as she always goes over 40wks but they wouldn't listen to her. It was during one of the meetings i had with a senior staff that i raised my concern for her and after the meeting, she was induced.

My Neonatal experience was even more alarming.
For example, i was in the room with my baby who was due to be fed at 12:30pm in this particular day. As i had a c-section i was struggling to be present always but on this day, i arrived just after 11am.
At 12:35pm i went on to ask when he would be fed and the nurse looking after their nursery said he had been fed and i asked at what time, she said 12pm.

I went back to sit down as i was too shocked to continue talking without it seeming like i was angry. After re-examining, i went back and told her i'd been in the room much earlier and my baby was yet to be fed. Only then did she say ooh, actually i'm just covering breaks.

So, if i hadn't asked, my baby's feed would have been missed and i just couldn't stop wondering if this had happened before and how many times.

So long story short, UCLH definitely consist of state of the art maternity suites but it's not the building that counts, it's the staff with whom you'll be entrusting your life and that of your baby.

They were trying to keep my baby in until his due date which meant we would have been in there for 2 months but i worked extra hard to get him out of there. In the end we spent 20 days in total. They tried to come up with so many excuses but i stood on the ground of their carelessness which i had seen too many times (dried up poo on baby as his pampers hadn't been changed for several hours (eventually giving him bleeding rashes), rough handling him, ignoring him crying but running to his side as soon as they see me coming (i'm very observant and his nursery was just to the left of the entrance) and these are the lighter things i can share, there are so many things i just want to forget).

The postnatal care wasn't that great either. I was in more pain than the women in the ward and paracetamol tablets were not working for me only IV drips. I explained severally this might be due to my IBS which meant the tablets were not been absorbed effectively but i was ignored. They brought one of the good doctors to persuade me to go home but once he heard me out, he said and i quote "i'm not going to ask you to go home as your pain might be due to other medical reasons from what you've explained to me. We'll draw up bloods and wait for the results to determine our next steps." I also said my iron level needs to have improved before they discharge me. This was all agreed to.

24 hours later, my bloods showed the reason for my pain and it was addressed but with the new doctor (not the same person i saw previously) telling me to go home anyway. Turned out there was an infection and for 6 days my cry of pain was ignored and dismissed and the antibiotic i was supposed to have been taking after the surgery was never given because other women leave the ward within 4 days post surgery. I also enquired about my iron which i was told had improved.

I was discharged with antibiotics, however there was no improvement after finishing the course. It took speaking to the health visitor who was appalled by everything, to tell me specifically what to ask for from my GP. Turned out i was right and my IBS was affecting my body absorbing the tablets i had been taking and we just needed to bypass my stomach altogether. I was later issued paracetamol pessaries by my GP and i kid you not, i felt relieve within 5 minutes of use. It was like a magic potion.

On the topic of iron, turned out they'd lied to me when they said there was an improvement. In regards to my iron, the doctor said it had improved.Turned out they lied. I got home to extreme fatigue.
I was so tired it was a lot of work to breath, speak, move etc, yet i needed to pump every three hours and make my way to see my baby at the hospital everyday and care for him, before returning home. In fact iron was non existent in my blood.
On my home one day form seeing my baby at the hospital, i received a call and the nurse was all cheerful trying to see how i was getting on after my transfusion. What transfusion i asked. Turned out they had updated the system to say they had given me an iron transfusion which never happened.
Long story short, i got the transfusion the next day.

So, although i would still recommend the hospital, please be very observant of the care you receive. Once you notice something isn't right or someone isn't listening to you, speak up. I gave several chances saying we're humans but life is too sacred for us to be giving chances to supposed professionals who are very good at lying and covering their tracks when they make mistakes. May we not become part of negative hospital statistics.

My most sincere advice would be to listen to your body and keep a diary if you ever need to stay in the ward even during your postnatal care.

I wish you all the best x

CamVelucci Mon 21-Dec-20 20:39:15

Hi everyone, congratulations! Due on July 7ish with our first little one.

@RoyalMami thanks for sharing your experience with UCLH. I was between that and Homerton and decided to go with the latter as it's closest to us and I've always been very well cared for there. Feeling a bit relieved now although I have heard some negative stories about Homerton too. I guess it really depends who you're care by.

@MedhaG I had the same scare as you at 6 weeks. It was so nerve wrecking! Glad to hear everything is fine.

Anyone else feeling super anxious about covid?

RoyalMami Wed 23-Dec-20 11:37:17

@CamVelucci congratulations flowers

And yes you're right, it all falls on the care of those who attend to us!

I wish you all the best x

Suzettastar Sun 27-Dec-20 00:26:12

Hi I'm currently 9 weeks due 31st July, 5th baby ,

ChrysM Wed 30-Dec-20 06:13:29

I'm also due 31st July, 4th baby. My current youngest will be 12 though when little one arrives. Eeek!

THATbasicSNOWFLAKE Thu 31-Dec-20 08:00:28

Hi all

Think i will be due July but not sure on dates

Baby 6!

ChrysM Thu 31-Dec-20 14:01:50

@THATbasicSNOWFLAKE baby 6! I'm scared of 4! How old are your others if you don't mind me asking?

THATbasicSNOWFLAKE Thu 31-Dec-20 16:11:13

12, 11, 7, 4 and 1!

How about you?

ChrysM Fri 01-Jan-21 19:32:35

@THATbasicSNOWFLAKE mine are 16, 13 and 11! The younger 2 will be 14and 12 when the little one arrives. My STBXH didn't want any more children and when we split up I hadn't been planning on any more but 5 months into a new relationship and I'm pg and the kids are really excited!

MelissaAnn92 Sun 24-Jan-21 21:48:19

How’s everyone doing?
I found out we were expecting a little boy. Due date 1st July but c section approx ten days before.
Ive also contracted covid so currently in isolation so super worried sad


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