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Antenatal Classes - Islington

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N1MTB Mon 08-Oct-07 10:35:42

Hello - am new to the boards but I have just tried to sign up to NCT classes in Islington and they are already fully booked for my EDD (not until 12 April '08)! Has anybody got any suggestions of alternatives in the area?? Thanks very much!

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violeta Mon 08-Oct-07 11:25:25

There's always the classes offered by your hospital? I go to the Whittington and will be going to the midwife-led classes 6 weeks or so before I'm due. They're free too, which is a bonus!
There's also the Active Birth Centre in Archway if that's your thing? Janet Balaskas is leading pre-natal classes there and they're also wellknown for yoga classes in pregnancy, etc. Their website seems quite informative.
Good luck!

Porpoise Mon 08-Oct-07 11:34:04

Hello N1MTP! Welcome to Mumsnet.

Agree with Violetta about hospital classes and Active Birth centre (I did their yoga classes first time round and they were great).

You could also try the Stoke Newington NCT (N16) - they may have a space.

There are also some REALLY excellent antenatal yoga classes based in Stoke Newington - used to run out of the Homerton but think they have moved now. Am sure the NCT will know about them - if not, I will dredge my memory for contact details. The lady who used to run it was called Julie Sumner...

N1MTB Tue 09-Oct-07 11:53:00

Hi Violeta and Porpoise, Thanks very much... I've signed up to a Stoke Newington one (yoga and "educational" classes) and will also be doing the ones at the hospital (UCH...). Thanks again!!

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