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What do you do all day?

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empen Wed 26-Sep-07 13:59:59

I am so bored. Am 8 months pregnant (nearly) and have not been at work for ages - and cannot see how I am going to get back to work for AGES. I am going mad watching day time TV, washing, hoovering etc etc and feeling like I am not making any contribution to the household income (which is quite low by all accounts)
What do all the stay at home mums do all day to keep themselves from crazy.

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orkmum Wed 26-Sep-07 15:20:36

The transition from being really busy at work and then being at home all the time can be very hard.

If you can try to enjoy this time to yourself as soon you will have no spare time at all (trust me on that). Swimming, going for walks, freezing up meals for when baby is born are a few tips.

Other than that once baby is born meet other mums or dads for walks and coffees.

Good luck.

empen Wed 26-Sep-07 17:14:37

I have got a 5 year old daughter but I feel like after I have dropped her off at school I am just waiting to pick her up again. Housework takes me till about 10am!

Just feeling really down about it at the moment.

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bubbleandsqueak Wed 26-Sep-07 17:58:07

I was a bit like you when I had my 1st dc and I remember my SIL telling me that it would be the last opertunity to enjoy the 'boredom' and she was right! Boy how right she was. Time to yourself with a newborn is non existent.

But time has moved on and I now have 2 dc at school and again those feelings resurfaced of "what do I do now." I think in your case its the calm before the storm, so enjoy it, embrace it, rest lots, read or whatever is your thing, because it will be a long time before its back again.

In my case as a SAHM to fill my day I study with OU, its the best of both worlds I get to care for my kids and fulfill my potential in the world of learning.

Good luck and stay calm.

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