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December 2020

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calimommy Tue 24-Mar-20 15:15:42

Wow such a long way away but hey ho!

EDD Dec 1. Very excited although nervous given the world circumstances atm. Hopefully it's sticky though! This will (🤞) be baby 4#.

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Aiya18 Wed 25-Mar-20 22:05:33

Hi! I’m due in December too. Very excited and nervous at the same time. How are you feeling?

calimommy Wed 25-Mar-20 23:37:48

@Aiya18 congrats! I'm fine tbh. Don't usually feel much for a few weeks. Busy keeping the children occupied at home so distracted from myself! You?

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kasiapoplawska1 Sat 28-Mar-20 12:33:41

Joining the club! It's my first, and I've been crying over literally EVERYTHING 😂 Very unexpected!

calimommy Sat 28-Mar-20 14:51:25

@kasiapoplawska1 welcome it's so exciting x

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everpessimistic Sun 29-Mar-20 08:22:25

Provisionally joining 7/12/20 although I’m so scared to be so early

kasiapoplawska1 Sun 29-Mar-20 08:30:16

Mines 2/12/20 so I'm a little scared too, but let's hope that in all this coronavirus scare, we can bring bundles of joy to life 😊💖

Cherubienne Sun 29-Mar-20 11:27:01

Mines 29/11 but who knows may end up in December. My first so getting to grips with all the raging hormones.

kasiapoplawska1 Sun 29-Mar-20 13:41:17

Oh the hormonessss 😂😂 so hard to keep under control 😂 is anyone else crying like mad?

Cherubienne Sun 29-Mar-20 19:51:42

@kasiapoplawska1 nearly a few times! Avoiding all emotional tv shows. And the news.
Getting really tired by 3pm so trying to re-arrange my diary so I can get a 20 min power nap in. How are you finding it?

calimommy Sun 29-Mar-20 20:20:39

I'd murder a nap here and there haha but no such luck. Some days during the isolation I've not even sat down, how I have no idea. We are heading into our 3rd week of isolation here.

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Lemondropsandgumdrops Mon 30-Mar-20 10:34:39

I was part of the December 2018 group and yesterday found out I’m joining the December 2020 group too.

Feel a bit weird as with my December 2018 due baby I was ecstatic, she was our first very much longed for and planned baby, took almost a year to conceive. I’m still BFing her and only have had 2 periods since she was born, so this sprog has come completely as a surprise. Currently very nervous and just having the news settle in.

everpessimistic Mon 30-Mar-20 11:23:22

@lemon I have a December 2018 baby too! Same due date 😂

Lemondropsandgumdrops Mon 30-Mar-20 11:39:19

@ever oh that’s funny! My December due baby didn’t arrive until January (was due late December) and I think this one is due early December so it’ll be a 23 month age gap I think.

How did you feel about it?

everpessimistic Mon 30-Mar-20 12:07:38

This baby was very planned! First baby was 2 years of fertility treatment, this baby is 8 months of fertility treatment and first round of IVF! So cautious as it’s early but I’m so excited.

GlennRheeismyfavourite Mon 30-Mar-20 22:29:29

Can I join? Just found out that I should (fingers crossed all being well) be due 4th December. We've been trying for almost 2 years so hugely pleased and relieved. My 21/2 year old is not giving us much peace at the moment!!!

calimommy Mon 30-Mar-20 23:27:11

Hi all and welcome. Fingers crossed we all get through the next few weeks safely and arrive at 12 weeks with healthy babies-inutero!

Whenever people like we can move this over to Facebook. I or someone else can set up a group. This is fine for now but after a few weeks the messages can get tricky to keep up with in a long thread. I'm still on my groups from other babies. Its fun to see them growing. No pressure if people don't want to join. I'm reluctant to do anything yet myself as the days are dragging and it's so early yet. I feel relaxed at the moment but probably because I'm distracted with the other children. I've also had two losses at 9&11 weeks so those are at the back of my mind. Healthy pregnancy dust for us all x

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Lemondropsandgumdrops Tue 31-Mar-20 13:38:19

I ordered some FRERs to come today as I’d only been using left over cheapy amazon sticks. Blazing positive as expected.

Starting to feel a little more ‘real’ now and less in shock. I told my Mum yesterday, we’re very close and my DD adores her. She cried with happiness so that helped I think.

I agree with the Facebook idea, I’m in one for my December 2018 due baby and it’s been lovely.

twinsbelly Tue 31-Mar-20 18:33:17

Hi, I'm joining, I think edd around the 9th december! Will be number 4 for me.

TimeWaitsForNoWoman Wed 01-Apr-20 18:59:26

Hi Guys, tentatively joining. Tested twice today at 9DPO and both positive. Am anxious already - have had a miscarriage before although I now have a one year old. So excited but feel excruciatingly nervous! EDD is 17th December.

gilljill1980 Thu 02-Apr-20 13:45:17

Joining too - due 4th December with my second - slightly anxious about the age gap as my first will be 22 months by then... eek I didn't think it'd be quite this quick lol

gilljill1980 Thu 02-Apr-20 13:46:08

oh and definitely keen on Facebook group too :-)

TimeWaitsForNoWoman Thu 02-Apr-20 15:36:51

@gilljill1980 The age gap will be 23 months for me - going to be intense!

NoNameIdeas Thu 02-Apr-20 15:50:41

Please can I join! Think 6/12/20 if all goes well. Hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

calimommy Thu 02-Apr-20 16:31:06

@TimeWaitsForNoWoman @gilljill1980 it's tricky but once you get the hang of juggling the two different needs it's fine. X
Mine are 23 months and 25 months apart. I decided for number #4 I wanted a 3yr gap to give myself a break 😂 it's a bigger gap than I anticipated, 3yrs and 3 months but I think it will be good. My second guy had hearing issues so he was extra hard work and managing a newborn plus his needs/tantrums was exhausting. Also, none of my babies/toddlers has ever slept. My eldest started sleeping through when he was 5. When people give me tips on how to get my children to sleep I want to stab them in the eye. 😂 well that was a ramble haha sorry x

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