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Due Sept 07...The first thing I will do is....... eat Brie, Parma Ham, drink wine and anything else banned... then, I will tie MY OWN shoelaces!'

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MrsFish Sat 08-Sep-07 20:29:34

Ok folks here is the new thread. I have put it into ante natal again for now, we can always start a new one in the post natal forum once we have all popped.

:D Could have used that for a thread title.... Once you pop you just can't stop grin

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emj23 Sat 08-Sep-07 20:38:27

LOL, I like that one too grin

I think it's right that we should still be in the antenatal section, it's only the beginning of September after all, and some people might still be waiting at the beginning of October. Please not me though.

kinki Sat 08-Sep-07 20:43:29

Don't mean to be contrary Mrs F, but I ain't popping anymore after this one! grin I have well and truely stopped popping!

I like the new thread title. <<whispers>> My dh bought me a long reach shoe horn a few weeks ago! After I wrapped it around his head for the bloomin cheek of it, I did actually use it. But the good news is I can actually bend down now.

Big hello to everyone! Congratulations to the new mummies and their babies. And a special mention to little Cerys. I'm so happy you're heading home soon. I'm sending sparkly purply healing wishes your way, and a big kiss too!

Mrs F, I really like Chatty's idea of getting your dh to refuse your babysitter's leave! Seriously though, its such a shame you could be let down at such short notice. I hope you manage to sort something out. I often think its a shame we don't all live in the same town, then we'd all be sorted on so many levels.

MrsFish Sat 08-Sep-07 20:46:39

I'm not popping anymore after this one either

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kinki Sat 08-Sep-07 20:48:31

Though for a mad moment today, it did occur to me that I've got just enough time to squeeze another one in before I'm 40. Don't know what came over me.

MrsFish Sat 08-Sep-07 20:52:49

shock you must be mad grin

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kinki Sat 08-Sep-07 20:57:42

certifiably grin

Chattyhan Sat 08-Sep-07 21:31:40

Hey everyone - new thread - the one where i have my baby!grin

39 weeks tomorrow!!!!!

kyala Sat 08-Sep-07 21:42:13

Kinki that's nothing! My thinking went something along these lines:

I was 23 when I had DD, am 25 now with 2nd. Could get in another 2 when these 2 are nearly 8 and 10, then another 2 when I hit my 40's LOL. . . DH nearly had a heart attack! (He's 10 years my senior! grin )

I am definately not seriously planning any more though, unless I can be guaranteed a pregnancy like my first, this pregnancy is bad enough to put me off for life!

Like the new thread name BTW grin just reminds me of what else I have to look forward to when this is all over (if it ever ends that is!!)

Am still convinced LO's not coming in the next week
Still gives me more time to take DD into town to feed ducks and enjoy our time together

Little update on the Homer front: DH found me having a quiet moment today in IL's garden and asked if I was Ok (not that I thought he cared enough to actually voice!) but I ended up just breaking down blush and we talked a bit and now he's actually going to do some stuff. . . . but we have got to start communicating apparently. . . Said that I have been communicating but he see's it as nagging and doesn't blooming listen anyway so what's the point etc etc, finally got throguh to him and he's actually acting like a grown up now grin . . . but for how long? hmm
We'll see eh?! Not expecting miracles but also not losing hope

Right, that was an eventful day (not) and, with any luck going swimming with DD tomorrow. . . got to find somewhere open on a Sunday that sells arm bands now grin my little precious is growing up so fast [sniff]

Have a good one tommorrow ladies, no more popping until I get back, you hear?!! grin
Ky 39+3

skidoodle Sat 08-Sep-07 21:45:06

good luck ladies Sorry for dropping in, the title was so tempting. I have this image of the midwife handing a mom her baby and then a glass of wine and plate of ham.grin

maybe that's just what I'm dreaming about for myself come March.

EmLouT Sun 09-Sep-07 06:55:18

Morning ladies. As you can see from the ungodly hour at which I am posting - sleep is being particularly illusive! I woke up a few hours ago and realised that I am going into hospital tomorrow night to have my baby - suddenly I am scared - I'm not sure I know what to do with a baby!

I feel ok now about the idea of an induction - my blood pressure is really unstable and I am terrified that it is putting my LO at risk - it is better that he is out where I can see him and make sure he is ok.

I love the name for the new thread! I actually have a shopping list for my DH to get when the baby comes which includes Brie, Pate, Wine and a rare steak - yum! In addition to eating all of the yummy things which I have been denied over the past nine months I would also like to be able to scrub the hard skin off my feet by myself (TMI?) and put my own socks on!

Anyway, I am going to make myself a hot milk and try to go back to sleep. My best friend is throwing me a baby shower this afternoon and I want to be at my best for it! Have a lovely day everyone!

kelmcd Sun 09-Sep-07 07:54:26

good morning all
*another baby makes his way into the world*

Just to let you all know: Baby Arben made his appearance on Thursday 7th Sept @ 05:02 by Ventouse Weight 3.336kg/7lbs 5oz
All went well, thank goodness for epiduralswink
We are both home and doing well :0

potoroo Sun 09-Sep-07 08:21:24

Congratulations kelmcd!

Meanwhile I am hoping that I just have BH and willing this baby to stay put...

MrsFish Sun 09-Sep-07 08:51:29

MAny Congratulation Kelmcd grin

Well DH got home at 8.30pm last night grin he got ds up this morning, but has been banging around and making so much noise it didn't really help me to have a lie-in. Oh well can't complain

MrsF 37**weeks today, hurrah, so come on lo you can come any time you like now, sooner rather than later please

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hayley2u Sun 09-Sep-07 09:41:10

ok so i'm getting really scared now, baby coming o wed. do i let dp in the room to see her being born even though he is a complete waste of space and let me down so much in last month.?. i know i should be doing right by baby but how can he come in and then get to join in the nice bit. arrh. hating him so much
also really need to decide on name it was lucy all way through and now i'm thinking erin, help

hayley2u Sun 09-Sep-07 09:45:39

meant so say x partner

Chattyhan Sun 09-Sep-07 10:00:09

Congrats Kelmcd and welcome to Arben just one thing - Thurs 6th or fri 7th? grin


lou031205, - JASMINE ZOE, 5lb 6oz born 01.00am on Saturday 12th August, at 35+3/36+1 weeks
amyclaramum, Eloise Sarah - 8lbs 5oz, Thursday 23rd August, was due 1st Sept
Filbrit - Natalia Zoe, born elective c-section on 25 August - 7lb 9oz, was due 8th Sept
Kinki - Liam Joseph born 27th Aug at 22:19 by em cs at 35+6, weighing 5lb 7oz, was due 25th Sept.
Sparks02 - iris arrived at 4.52pm on Wednesday 29th August weighing 3.1kg, was due Sept 1st
ECALTM - babyenormous, 8lb 11oz was born 1858 Thurs 30th Aug, was due 2nd Sept
LoopyLou - Katie born via cs at 13.02 Friday 31st Aug 6lbs 14oz, was due 10th Sept
Kerri28 - Niamh was born Sat 1st Sept 8.19pm by emergency cs, was due 3rd Sept
PLP - Cerys was born at 5.34am Sun 2nd Sept, 8lbs, was due 22nd Sept
trinity1 - Oriana Liberty, 8:49am Mon 3rd Sept, 7lbs 12oz
bendybus - Emily???, 3rd Sept at 5.35am
Spangly - Luke Thomas, 3rd Sept at 17.50, weighing 8lb 15oz via emergency cs was due 10th Sept
Pennypops - Frederick James, 11.57am Thurs 6th Sept, 8lb 2oz, was due 5th Sept
Kelmcd - Baby Arben, Thursday 7th Sept @ 05:02 by Ventouse Weight 3.336kg/7lbs 5oz was due 4th Sept
dal21 - baby boy, 5lb 1oz, born 8:55am Friday 7th Sept by elective CS, was due 28th
Mmoomar - baby boy, 8.45 Sat 8th Sept by emergency cs, 7.5 lbs was due 14th Sept


pinkhearts - 3rd September
hayley2u - 12th September
MrsMar - 13th September
TinkJon - 13th September
Hopeitwontbebig - 17th September
Holly29 - 20th Sept

(Let's definitely NOT call these DELAYS!! They will be ON TIME!!!!!!!!!!)

Maddison, 28, 31.08.07, DS1 6 DS2 21 months
fff45, due 1st Sept, first pregnancy.
Honey2theb, 22, wales, 2 mc, no children, due early sep, girl
Cathbell, due 1st Sept, 1st baby
FioFio - 29, 2nd Sept, Kent dd 7 ds 5, surprise
jdd0709 36, South London, 2nd Sept, 1 ds 2yr, 1 mc
Spraklynewthing, 29, Kent, 3rd Sept, first pg, girl
Pinkhearts 36, Australia, 3rd Sept, DS 5 years and one miscarriage
Minniethemouse, 35, London, 3-13 Sept, 2nd pg, but terminated the 1st.
kelmcd, 28, London, due 4Th Sept, 1st Timer, boy
Norfolkbumpkin,34, Norwich,4th Sept, first pg
Pennypops, Reading, 5 Sept, first PG, surprise
Rach35, 33, France, due 5th Sept, first pg
Sophus, 38, Cambs, 6th Sept, first time, surprise
Miss Mapp, 34, due 7th Sept ds 22mths
Ajasec, 30, Yorkshire, 7th sept, DD 4, DD 18 months
Gils, 25, Scotland, first pg, surprise
Pepa, 32, Toronto Canada, 2nd dc due 7th September, ds 17 months
Tinkjon, 7th Sept, 1 DD, surprise
Maretta, 8th Sept, Manchester, ds 1 will be 4y3m and ds2 2y
jemima78, 29, Due 9 Sept, first timer
spangly ,31,Due 10 Sept,DD 19 months, surprise
MrsBumblebee, 31, Kent, 10th Sept, first pregnancy, boy
Loobybump, 20, Plymouth, 11th sept, surprise
Flossam, 26, Bristol, 12th sept, DS 22mths.
EdieMcredie, Sep 13th, Norwich, one previous miscarriage, no children, girl
mistresstara, 30, 13th Sept, first timer, surprise.
Gin Girl, 22, Oxon/Bucks, 14th Sep (ish) first timer.
MMooMar,36,West Mids,Due 14th Sept,DS aged 2, surprise
JemimaPuddleduck07, East Sussex,due 14th Sept, have one DD age 7 and one mc,
clainne, 32, due 14th Sept, first pregnancy, surprise
EmLouT, due 14th September, 1st baby, expecting a boy
Auschick 15th sept, London, ds 12 months, surprise
Canadianmum, 36, 15th Sept, London, twin boys 4y, surprise
TOD due 15 Sept, Ireland, DS 24mths
minimenace Due 15 Sept
Emalushka 28, first timer and baby is due 18th September.
seamonster, 31, due 15th Sept, Herefordshire, 2DS, 1DD, 1M/C
Chattyhan, 24, North Hants/surrey, 16th sep, DS will be 2y9m, 1 mc, boy
Chicca, 32, Spain, 17 Sept, DS will be 3.2
Mrsdoubleyou, 29, Herts, 17th Sept, (1 prev m/c) no children
JuJuMoo, 27, Huddersfield, due 17th Sept, 1 DS 2.2
Atalantis, 27, Oxfordshire, 17 Sept, first timer, boy
Luxmum, 17th Sept, DS 17 months
Nettee, 29, 17th September, DS will be 2 1/2, surprise
Hannahsaunt, 33, 18 September, ds1 will be 2wks short of 7, ds2 4.8, 2 m/c last year
JoniMitchell, 36, due Sept 19th, DS 24mths and one miscarriage
MrsMar 36 yrs, London 19th Sept, first time, boy
Nicki10 24 yrs, London 21st Sept, First time, girl
Rin23 32 yrs, London 21st Sept, first time, girl
drcaroline, 31 yrs, Hove - East Sussex, 21st Sept, first time
willjo, 29, SW London, 21st Sept - girl, 2m/c 1 baby boy lost at 22 wks of pg
Nibbs, 33, SW London, 22nd Sept, DS 16 months
Potoroon, 33, West Berkshire, 22 Sept, DS 21 months
Bluebird83, 24, Blackburn Lancs, EDD 22nd Sept, 1st Baby
TeeCee - 35yrs, London, 23 Sept - 3rd pregnancy, DD1 5 yrs (has Down's syndrome) DD2 13 months, surprise
NewDKmum, 30, W Midlands, 23rd Sep, dd 10 months, girl
Hopeitwontbebig, 31, Northants/Oxfordshire. 23rd Sept, DS1 10, DS2 7, 1 M/C, girl
holsnovell, 23rd Sept, 1 DD, girl
yetihed, 23rd Sept
Toadstool, 38, Bristol, 24th Sept, DD 5 yrs, 1 mc, girl
FactsAndFigures, 30, 24th Sept, first timer
HammerHeadShark, 38, SE London, 25th September, Twin Girls 2yrs.
Potoroo, 33, West Berkshire, 25 Sept, DS 2 years
Laksa, 29, SE london/Kent, 26th Sept, no children.
Minxx- 35yrs, Andover, 26 Sept - 3rd pregnancy. DS 15yrs,DD 13yrs in 3 weeks.
ccpink, 30, market harborough, 26 Sept, FIRST PG, surprise
rachelandbumpsmum, age 35, SE London/Kent, 2nd baby due 27/9, one dd 14 months
Givememoremash, 37, West Yorkshire 27th Sep, 1st pg, boy
Diddle, 26, W.Midlands, due 28th Sept. 1DS 9 months + 2 MC
TinaLC, 35, West London, 29th Sept, first baby
MrsFish, 33, Derbyshire, 30th Sept, 1 DS (2 in June)
Plasmon,29, oxfordshire, sept sometime, girls 3 and 1
emj23 (formerly rhubarb90) 27, Shrops, due 30th September, one DS, 5

emalushka Sun 09-Sep-07 10:10:35

Many congratulations Kelmcd and welcome to the world baby Arben. Another gorgeous lovely baby to add to the growing list.

Wish wish wish my baby would hurry up!!!!

Haley2u - I would let your x partner at least be at some of the birth - He might be a complete tosser, but he is the father and there's nothing you can do about that - unfortunately! The baby wouldn't be here without him! Does that sound patronising? Sorry.

Have got a massive craving for trifle - got to get to my nearest supermarket now. xx

MrsFish Sun 09-Sep-07 10:12:50

Oh, hayley, I'm sorry, I didn't realise you had had such a rough time, I can't believe I have missed it... are you totally estranged now?

Is he going to be having a big say in how you bring up your child? What a tough situation,you are just going to have to do what you think is best for you

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MrsFish Sun 09-Sep-07 10:18:24

Just caught up on your other thread hayley, what a horrid situation imo if it would stress you out having him in there, then I would tell him he has to wait outside and he can see her afterwards.

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EmLouT Sun 09-Sep-07 11:19:11

Congratulations Kelmcd - another gorgeous baby in the arrivals lounge.

Hayley - I'm sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. I think you have to think about what is best for you - not what is fair on him - sod fair, you are the one who is going to be giving birth. If you would feel better without him there then that's your call - he can come and see her afterwards without having to be there for the intimite (sp?) bits!

Hope everyone is having a lovely morning!

hayley2u Sun 09-Sep-07 12:16:12

thanks everyone for being so kind. i might let him at birth but after what he has done to me , dont want him on birth cert until he proves him self to be a dad. anyone can be a dad but takes a real man to be a proper father, just dont want him having rights over her. especially when iv spent last 2 weeks in and out of hospital and he could not even contact him. i a feeling a fool letting him in there and my parents are et against the idea. but at sme time i dont want to be the reason he was not there when she asks i years to come. not heard from him all wekend hd no money either which he promised but wants to be there, just sounds completlly like he taking the piss dont you think.
i could quite happily never see him again. but will give him chance to see daughter althiough will be at my family home on my terms.i am soo confused over al this and just wish wed would hurry up and come get that bit out of way, then i can just protect my daughter and look forward to live with my 2 kids.
sorry to rant just noone else i cant talk to

EmLouT Sun 09-Sep-07 13:37:24

Hayley - That's what we're here for - feel free to rant as much as you like! It must be a very distressing time for you. Hang in there - just think - soon you will be holding your beautiful daughter in your arms!

ccpink Sun 09-Sep-07 13:55:01

totally agree with others Hayley - you should do what feels right for you - especially for the labour bit. You don't need any extra stress! We are here to listen to prob's smile

Congrat's to kelcd and spanglygrin

I am a bit like some others and feeling pretty chilled about it happening - don't feel it's very imminent but will happen when it happens!

Hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend

ps. well done kyala for having the chat

hayley2u Sun 09-Sep-07 14:53:57

so i aint a demon if i decide i dont want him there for birth i just wanna concentrate on me and baby and he aint been there for me so he dont deserve to be there

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