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Multiple births in late 2020

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LapsedVeganAcademic Sun 01-Mar-20 13:33:38

I know there's a twins thread on here already, but it's now so full of delightful newborn pics that I thought we could do with a new one for those of us with a way to go.

I'm 12+3 with DCDA twins who will, if it all goes OK, be my DCs 4 and 5. Currently feeling sick and very, very tired, but nevertheless excited. Anyone want to come and join me?

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LazyDogFox Tue 03-Mar-20 20:01:54

Hey, I’m 22wks with DCDA boys who will hopefully be here end of June! They are my first babies, it’s such a worrying/exciting time!

Supermummy2020 Sun 12-Apr-20 16:01:51

I’ve just found out I’m pregnant and with twins, which are identical. Still waiting for my NHS scan but I’m due end of Oct!

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