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Homebird10 Thu 27-Feb-20 08:37:52

Hi I am due in June and have decided I'd like to do an antenatal class. There is so much choice, I wondered if anyone had any reviews of the local options? I have found NCT £304, Noobies £280, bump and baby club £250, birth and beyond £150 and the one day parent craft £10 donation. I would like to meet people as well as gain information about the birth and general info about looking after a newborn. I liked the sound of Bump and baby as it includes a first aid course but not sure if its worth paying that much extra for. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Cardboard33 Fri 13-Mar-20 13:30:48

The children's centre in Kingston and Richmond boroughs do a really good children's first aid course for a voluntary donation of £2.50 per session (there are two) and there was a limit of 8 people per class. Just get on the waiting list as soon as your baby is born... You might be able to get on the list before, not sure. Tbh the classes offered at the children's centres generally are really really good, I also did baby massage for 2.50 a session, and you can go to any in Kingston or Richmond boroughs (assuming you live in one of the boroughs!)

I did NCT but in Teddington rather than Kingston, he's just turned one. We didn't look at any other options though although you can only go to Parentcraft at the hospital if you're not paying for any other classes. I know that they're unlikely to check if you do another class too, but we didn't want to take a place when we could afford to do classes privately.

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