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Due April 2008 - brand new thread here!

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EllieG Mon 03-Sep-07 12:18:10

OK - am going to take the plunge and start one...anyone coming?

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TheMaskedPoster Mon 03-Sep-07 12:40:18

Oo - Good one EllieG .. will post on this although nothing new to report (just nauseous, tired and have a sore back) so it is on my 'Threads I'm in on'.

Hope all are ok

EllieG Mon 03-Sep-07 12:47:51

Joys of PG eh? Can't wait til we all get to the 'blooming' stage. Though not sure I believe in it - think it might just be something people say to make you feel better about being fat.

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dolly1 Mon 03-Sep-07 13:07:07

Hi Ladies
just a quick post to say that I had another scan this morning with a lovely female sonographer (much prefer dealing with women but maybe that's just me) and she said all is fine.
The yolk sac is still 6mm so hasn't grwon and she said she's expect yolk sac to be 5mm anyway at 7weeks and the baby has grown and has a strong heart beat so I shouldn't worry. She said I should never have been told about the large yolk sac in the first place.
Going back to see her again next week just because I find it so reassuring. Of course we aren't out of the woods yet - but then no one is at 7 weeks. Feel we have just been given normal odds again which is all I could hope for.

It was a very fraught weekend but I'm feeling much better now.
Thanks so much for all your support. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

One of the main reasons I'm posting all of this is just in case someone else ever has this problem in future and happens to find this when searching through the threads. There is hardly anything on large yolk sacs out there apart from terrifying studies on the internet.

Anway, hope you are all well.


EllieG Mon 03-Sep-07 13:42:14

Hurray! Lovely news to know LO is healthy and well.

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lorisparkle Mon 03-Sep-07 14:13:39

Great news dolly1. What a relief for you.

For those with back ache it might be worth talking to your midwife. Last pregnancy I was advised to 'self refer' to the obstetric physiotherapists (I think that is right) who run a back clinic for pregnant women with lots of advice. I also went back for more support and had a rather nifty tuba grip which reminded me to keep my legs together! This time no back ache yet but I've had the odd twinge in my groin area which is where the pain got bad last time. Fingers crossed it won't get too bad as the physio said that it is a combination of my job and an out of alignment pelvis and as I am only doing 1 1/2 days teaching that part is out of the equation.

dolly1 Mon 03-Sep-07 14:21:17

What about accupucture for a sore back lorisparkle?
I see an amazing woman in London - not for back ache but for other stuff. Am sure shes part of the reason it only took my two months to conceive.
It's pretty powerful stuff and might help you. Also good for morning sickness, headaches etc for anyone else who is interested.

hpsaucey Mon 03-Sep-07 14:26:46

Thanks ELlieG - got some kip later.

Thanks soph28 too - nice to hear some happy stories. Tests is a difficult decision. Am doing the same - scans in case there's a problem they can sort out in the womb but no tests as I wouldn't have an termination either.

VERRY please for you Dolly1. Hope you can enjoy being pregnant now (well, apart from the backache, sickness, mood swings, increasing appetite etc. etc. etc. LOL).

Hope everyone else well.

loisstella Mon 03-Sep-07 15:09:01

O Dolly I am so happy for you!
I was just saying on our old thread how angry I was with that stupid doctor for upsetting you sooo much!
So did you scan today take place at the Fetal Medical Centre? I swapped my appointments after your hoorible experience!

Peachy Mon 03-Sep-07 15:12:16

Great news Dolly smile

I ahd one of thsoe glamourous tuigrips with ds3, as I ahd pain related to SPD (my pelvis clicked as I walked- seriously un nerving sund effect!), related in turn apaprenlty to ahving different length legs (dont I sound attractive?0, though i think that was her excuse just to pul on them and make me yelp LOL!

dolly1 Mon 03-Sep-07 15:30:00

Thanks ladies
Loisstella I actually went to the womans ultra sound centre just because I friend recommended it but I'm still having my other scans at the fetal medicine centre. They are meant to be great and according to my midwife they do tests at the 12w scan that most others don't until the 20w one - ie they are very advanced. And if you do need amnio or anything they are great.

Are you having all your scans privately? And what about your birth?


loisstella Mon 03-Sep-07 15:47:33

I don't know that we'll be able to afford that new bathroom if I do all my scans privately...haha.
I am just sooo curious that I want to do the 8 week scan. Also I have been suffering all the symptoms - blah - and have been 'slacking' at work a little. I feel that if I have seen the little peanut with my own eyes I'll feel less of a fraud (I know that probably doesn't make sense at all).

My 12 week scan is just in the local NHS hospital. I am a little nervous about that but then again women give birth every day - I guess they'll know what they're doing at the hsopital...

loisstella Mon 03-Sep-07 15:49:29

o and Dolly - you could report that doc who offered you a termination.
It's probably the last thing ion your mind - but I think its gross misconduct that he frightened and most likely seriously misinformed you the way he did.

dolly1 Mon 03-Sep-07 15:54:36

I know what it's like Loisstella - I want a new kitchen but it's looking unlikely! Sure you'll be fine on the nhs. What I would say is that if any issuses arrise from the 12w scan and you want any invasive tests then I've heard it's well worth paying for them privately. But I'm sure you want need any of that so no point thinking about it at the mo - I'm just such a forward planner!

It will be lovely for you to see your baby at 8w. You'll see a little heart beat and it makes you feel so connected to them.
Also you feel more pregnant when you see something on a scan. I was convinced it was all in my head at first!

loisstella Mon 03-Sep-07 16:11:13

Allthough... I feel plenty pregnant at the moment!
I don't know about you guys, but i've just had to put a little elastic band between my button hole and button of my trousers. I've not actually gained any weighth but my belly is popping out slightly!!!!

Peachy Mon 03-Sep-07 17:40:59

If you choose Amnio at any satge and cant do private, you can get the stats from a variety of hospitals and then ask to be referred to the one with the best rates smile.

My stomach is sticking out despite ahving lost weight everywhere else. My friend who uses the same CM and is due end of feb is quite big now though (but she's a skinny type anyway so no room for space, iyswim).

EllieG Mon 03-Sep-07 19:26:18

Oh no I am the only person just getting fat then sad how depressing. My belly sticks out - but then it did quite a bit before too.
Having said that, I am now feeling rather chuffed that I started the new thread and people found it hurrah for me (smug emoticon).

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Thelittlesoldiersmummy Mon 03-Sep-07 19:39:48

Dolly so glad the scan went ok

I have had a really crappy day period type pains in the bacl and belly and have had pink discharge when I wipe although only the once but now feel like this is not going to happen to me Also I have had no MS though I did with my DS the only real thing that reminds me I am PG is my sore boobs. I am 6+1 today and dont have another scan until next Tuesday. Also the next time my DH says 2oh dont worry that will make it worse" I think I am going to cry I just hope and pray all is ok. Sorry for putting a downer on things guys I am just so worried

smcg Mon 03-Sep-07 19:43:59

Thelittlesoldiersmummy, hope you are ok.

Just in case anyone else is going to the Birth Company, I'm just back from my appointment and found them great. However, I didn't see the doctor that you saw, Dolly. I saw a really nice female sonographer. Sorry the dr upset you needlessly.

EllieG Mon 03-Sep-07 19:50:01

Oh littlesoldiersmummy don't worry about 'putting a downer on things' - that is what we are here for, good days and bad. I'm sure your DP means well (I get the same kind of comments from mine bless him) but he cannot understand what it feels like to be you right now. Of course you are going to worry, it's entirely natural.
Have you had cramps before this PG or are these new ones? Has the discharge stopped yet? Spotting does not necessarily mean anything bad is happening, and I had LOADS of cramps around 5/6 weeks.
Hugs to you xxx

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Rainbowdays Mon 03-Sep-07 20:26:37

Hi all, sorry I have been away for a while, but I just moved house. My new house has no phoneline, so no internet connection for me for a while.

TLSM - I hope that you are taking things easy. Thinking of you.

Dolly - great news on the scan.

I am feeling big and fat, having no chance to squeeze into my other trousers now, even with elastic band. So now in maternity trousers, ahhh so comfy. The morning sickness has hit with a vengance, and I am craving fishcakes - I don't even like the things!

Thelittlesoldiersmummy Mon 03-Sep-07 21:05:45

It was only there the once when I wiped 9the discharge) I think I may ring the EPU tomorrow to see what they say. This may sound stupid but does anyone else check their cervix position still this is another thing that is worrying me my cervix has come now really low it was when I was checking it that afterwards when I wiped there was pink. I am so confused

KnitterInTheNW Mon 03-Sep-07 21:10:31

Hi all,

I haven't posted for ages but have been lurking, we've been madly doing the house up to sell. Rather, DH has ben doing a lot of diy and I've been doing a lot of being very tired and not much help!

I've had no sickness so far, fingers crossed it'll stay that way, and really have just been incredibly tired, very sore boobs that stopped being as sore for about a week but are now back with a vengence, and seem to be growing by the hour. I've been craving banana milk and lots of cereal with milk, and nectarines. I'm also keeping my jeans up with a hairbobble through the buttonhole! I've also bought some maternity jeans from DP that don't look like maternity jeans, they're great! They're my 'I can't believe they're not normal jeans' jeans!

I've got my 1st scan on wednesday pm, I'll be 9+1 by my dates but we'll see!

We're going out for my mum's birthday on the 15th with all my aunties and unces, and are planning on telling them our new as long as this scan is ok.

Peachy Mon 03-Sep-07 21:17:08

Ellie dont be jealous of the not fat thing LOL, been vomiting like there's no tomorrow! would happily do fat to stop the sickness!

TheLittleSoldiersMummy- hoping all is OK for you. Fingers crossed.

soph28 Mon 03-Sep-07 21:45:20

I've already put on 4lbs and that's on top of the weight I haven't lost from my other 2!! AND i feel so sick I can hardly eat- that's just not fair!

Also just had my sil laughing at me down the phone cause I'll have 3 LO's so close together (but that's the whole point- it's not meant to be easy, it's so that they can grow up close together). I haven't told anyone but so far my mum, sil, sister and next door neighbour have all guessed because of how tired/sick I am.

Am going to bed now, night everyone smile

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