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September 2020 part 2

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ChipsAreLife Mon 27-Jan-20 13:17:46

Just thought I'd start a new a thread grin

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ChipsAreLife Mon 27-Jan-20 13:20:29

I tried to post a link but @shiningstarz you took the last message lol! Hopefully you'll find this grin

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Sunshinexx95 Mon 27-Jan-20 16:02:39

I think we should continue here lol
I have no symptoms as well and I don't even have swollen breast anymore. And I am still testing which is stupid I know and the line is still dark but not as dark as before So that made me panic and I booked an early scan on Friday I will be 8 weeks by then

ChipsAreLife Mon 27-Jan-20 16:13:33

Hurray you found it @sunshinexx95

Don't worry at all! After a certain level of HCG the home pregnancy test don't work so it's normal for them to get lighter. I think it's called the hook effect if you google x

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Maybebaby2 Mon 27-Jan-20 17:10:45

Hi I'm here 🖐 I meant to do the same last night @ChipsAreLife I realised there were only 3 posts left after mine but it was late on and I fell asleep! Shame we can't put a link to this one on the other thread but hopefully everyone will find us! 🤞

@Sunshinexx95 I'm still poas too which I know is silly but I've no symptoms and keep thinking I'm imagining it all!

LatteLover12 Mon 27-Jan-20 18:46:00

Phew! Found you!

Thanks for the new thread @chipsarelife 🥳

OrDis Mon 27-Jan-20 18:52:13

Hello! May I join?? I’m 6 weeks today with baby #1 due around the 21st according to all the online calculators. Been absolutely fine apart from sore boobs until this morning when the nausea started! Thankfully it was gone again by about 10:30 but I suspect it will only get worse!

Sunshinexx95 Mon 27-Jan-20 19:11:54

@ChipsAreLife haha I found u! I had to find you haha you are my partners for the upcoming 8 month and maybe even more gringrin

I know right! I googled it and I actually diluted my urine (sorry tmi) and guess what the line got stronger than with the undiluted urine. shockconfused

How r you feeling? I have no symptoms at all to be honest .. I feel so unpregnant hehe

Lazydaisydaydream Mon 27-Jan-20 19:55:50

Glad I found this! I dont want to join the facebook group until I've told my family as I'm paranoid about someone figuring it out haha.

I've got my booking in appointment tomorrow and I feel really nervous. Don't know why as I've done all this before blush

LatteLover12 Mon 27-Jan-20 20:53:35

So I think my nausea is worse in the evenings at the moment. I had my tea at about 6pm but I'm now starving again so have sent DP off to cook me some halloumi. I live for cheese 😂

I've bitten the bullet with the GP practice as well. I went to get the new patient paperwork today and took the number for the midwife for good measure. Eek.

Anyone else still in shock? I still haven't told anyone. I'd happily tell my sister but I've seen her twice since the BFP and I can't seem to do it.

ChipsAreLife Mon 27-Jan-20 21:48:06

Welcome @OrDis! Ugh the nausea is an absolute pain. I'm 7 +2 and mine is in full swing. In my previous pregnancies it's gone by 10 weeks so just got to persevere till then!

Ha ha @sunshinexx95 brill!!! See nothing to worry about.

Good luck for tomorrow @Lazydaisydaydream! Ha ha I know what you mean, I also am looking forward to booking in but it's actually the least exciting appointment of the whole lot!

@lattelover mine is bad all day and night at the moment. I feel like I'm forcing myself to eat and have gone off everything! I normally love rice and veg and DH keeps cooking it and I just want to hurl when I smell it.

My boobs have stopped being so sore but are def bigger! I'm tired but my main symptom is the constant sickness!

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Roxy8203 Mon 27-Jan-20 23:01:18

@Bathwater @PieAndPumpkins @TG2019 @Sipperskipper @fizzyheart @Seahawk80 @TtcanotherG @MrsP0109 @NameChange30 @2019Mama @2020babyw @2020mama @Bishboshbanana @BlossomGem @BlossomGem @Bluebirdinmyheart @Boosnumber2 @botbird84 @Chadder2017 @Chanel05 @Chefwifelife @ChipsAreLife @Clairet20 @Crazymummyto3 @CurbsideProphet @Dipsy77 @emma278 @EverdeRose @ezridelmastro @glasha87 @Goldie0109 @Graciebutterfly @Happythecrocodile @HugeAgeGap @itsemily @Jane131 @Jmcaulf @JMill13 @Kangaroo77 @Kirstyaka @lastonetime @LatteLover12 @Lazydaisydaydream @Lea878917 @Lucieintheskywithnappies @Lumc86 @Marsje25 @Maybebaby2 @Mcgootwo @megan81088 @MrsForsyth @NCON @newlymarried2019 @Newyears2020 @notasillysausage @Osney @Penisbeaker24 @PeterPeterson @Piper1879 @Planeteer @Samk79 @ShiningStarz @Shinxey @snoozysuzi @Sparkle0920 @speedysloth @sugarisbitter @Sunflower2019 @Sunshinexx95 @tallulahhulah1 @temogemo @TheWanderlust @Threnody @UrsulaSings @V1983 @Watermelon2016 @xiaomao @zoelouwalk

Roxy8203 Mon 27-Jan-20 23:04:22

@2019Mama @2020babyw @2020mama @BelliniButterfly @ShiningStarz

Babytrain89 Tue 28-Jan-20 07:46:07

Hi everyone! Took me far too long to figure out the thread was full! Thanks to @Roxy8203 for the tag.
Felt really sick last night....gone again this morning...boobs aren't really sore anymore either. Got my GP appt nervous, feel like I'm imagining the whole thing!

Gastonimo Tue 28-Jan-20 07:55:15

Morning! Room for one more?
Got my BFP 2 weeks ago, my second pregnancy.
Feeling sick the last few days which I didnt have last time round.
How long did it take for your midwife booking in appointment? I can't remember from last time. I filled out a referral form at the GP 10 days a go and they got the doctor to call me because I'm on thyroxine and she said she'd arrange for an early scan and bloods to monitor thyroid via mdwife. But haven't heard from the midwife yet. I'm sure this normal and I'm only 6 weeks. But just want to get the tests done so I know my medication dose is still correct.

ShiningStarz Tue 28-Jan-20 08:18:59

Hi!!! Ahhhh I’m so sorry @ChipsAreLife I didn’t know the page would close!!! So glad I found you all again ❤️

Sparkle0920 Tue 28-Jan-20 11:03:44

Morning all! I’ve ended up being in such a bad mood this morning- I called the GP practice to book in my midwife appt (she doesn’t contact me) and they don’t have any availability until I’m 11 weeks which is over 4 weeks away! I have an early scan booked for Friday at the hospital I work at so I might ask if they would kindly book my dating scan in for me so at least that is done! I think it doesn’t help that the hospital I work at do booking appt’s around 8 weeks normally so I had that in my head as to when it would be! I’m not usually like this but maybe it’s pregnancy hormones making it worse 🙈

ChipsAreLife Tue 28-Jan-20 12:05:29

Welcome @ Gastonimo!
I called my GP and got my app over the phone. I'll be just under 9 weeks for mine. I think it's done differently in each area though.

Don't worry @ShiningStarz! You can only have 1000 messages on a thread on here 

@babytrain89 hope the GP app goes well and they can point you in the right direction. You're not going to feel symptoms all day everyday, feeling sick last night is a good sign! If you had nothing at all for weeks then worry but you've got symptoms!

Well done @roxy8203 for the tags!!!

@Sparkle0920 that seems like ages. I think where I am they aim to do scans between 11-14 weeks. I'm 7+3 and not had my dating scan through yet. With my last pregnancy my referral got lost but they got me in in time no problem.

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OrDis Tue 28-Jan-20 12:05:41

@Babytrain89- mine is the same, boob soreness and the nausea seem to come and go! I’m sure it’s totally normal but your right, I also wonder if i’m imagining it sometimes!

Babytrain89 Tue 28-Jan-20 12:55:35

@ChipsAreLife definitely not expecting to feel it all day every day...just surprised (pleasantly so) that I don't feel worse. Read statistic earlier that 320 babies are born to mums who didnt even know they were pregnant as no symptoms is also completely normal, so no need to worry if there is nothing for weeks either! I've just lost my innocence on positive pregnancy test = baby.

@OrDis Like you I think coming and going is my normal! Doesnt stop me fretting about it mind you!

Maybebaby2 Tue 28-Jan-20 13:48:32

I've just booked an early scan for Sunday, I wasn't going to have one but I need some reassurance. I do not feel in the slightest bit pregnant, my boobs aren't even hurting anymore which they were a couple of weeks ago. After 3 previous pregnancys, 1 mc at 12 weeks (years ago) and 2 children, this pregnancy feels nothing like the others. With me being a bit older at 40 I think I've spooked myself into thinking all is not well. So at least now I'll have an idea in just a few days 🤞🤞🤞

Roxy8203 Tue 28-Jan-20 14:44:40

@Maybebaby2 I've got everything crossed for you

Maybebaby2 Tue 28-Jan-20 15:54:10

Thank you @Roxy8203 x

ShiningStarz Tue 28-Jan-20 16:43:28

Thanks @Roxy8203 😊

Good luck to everyone having appts and scans in the coming days.

I too feel In un-pregnant!!!! Lol!! Feb 5th can’t come quick enough!! Scan no 2. I need to see that the peanut has grown 🤞

Sunshinexx95 Tue 28-Jan-20 17:55:05

@ShiningStarz awe i really hope our peanuts r going because I booked my original scan on the 6th of feb. but my symptoms completely disappeared and I got so worried so I changed it to this upcoming Friday... I'm crazy .. but I have literally not symptoms. I am worried for missed miss carriage but I talked to my midwife and she said it rarely happens. But why do I read about it all the time?! I don't wanna loose this peanut because this pregnancy have given me and my family so much happiness especially my parents and i am longing to see my kids playing in their grandparents garden .. so this baby is so so wanted right now.. I am turning 29 in March so I am so ready for this.. I hope it will go well for all of us

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