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Due Sept '07 - This Autumn we shall mostly be wearing stripes!!

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Hopeitwontbebig Wed 22-Aug-07 08:23:33

Just thought I'd get the shiny new thread up and running. Well done Twit on the thread name

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Hopeitwontbebig Wed 22-Aug-07 08:29:13

Thought I'd put our stats on here too...

Maddison, 28, 31.08.07, DS1 6 DS2 21 months
Sparks02, 25, due 1st Sept, first pregnancy
fff45, due 1st Sept, first pregnancy.
Honey2theb, 22, wales, 2 mc, no children, due early sep, girl
Cathbell, due 1st Sept, 1st baby
amyclaramum, due 1st Sept, DD1 8, DD2 5, girl
Trinity1, 33, WestSussex, 2nd Sept, DD 14mths
FioFio - 29, 2nd Sept, Kent dd 7 ds 5, surprise
jdd0709 36, South London, 2nd Sept, 1 ds 2yr, 1 mc
Enormouschanges - 2nd sept, north london, second baby, dd now 15 months. 1 mc.
Spraklynewthing, 29, Kent, 3rd Sept, first pg, girl
Pinkhearts 36, Australia, 3rd Sept, DS 5 years and one miscarriage
Minniethemouse, 35, London, 3-13 Sept, 2nd pg, but terminated the 1st.
Kerri, 28, due 3rd Sept, 1st timer, surprise
kelmcd, 28, London, due 4Th Sept, 1st Timer, boy
Bendybus, 4 Sept 2007, London, DS 2.5
Norfolkbumpkin,34, Norwich,4th Sept, first pg
Pennypops, Reading, 5 Sept, first PG, surprise
Rach35, 33, France, due 5th Sept, first pg
Sophus, 38, Cambs, 6th Sept, first time, surprise
Miss Mapp, 34, due 7th Sept ds 22mths
Ajasec, 30, Yorkshire, 7th sept, DD 4, DD 18 months
Gils, 25, Scotland, first pg, surprise
Pepa, 32, Toronto Canada, 2nd dc due 7th September, ds 17 months
Tinkjon, 7th Sept, 1 DD, surprise
Maretta, 8th Sept, Manchester, ds 1 will be 4y3m and ds2 2y
FilBrit, Sussex, 8th Sept, DD age 3, girl
jemima78, 29, Due 9 Sept, first timer
LoopyLouLisa, 25, Bristol 10th Sept, DS 12 months, girl
spangly ,31,Due 10 Sept,DD 19 months, surprise
MrsBumblebee, 31, Kent, 10th Sept, first pregnancy, boy
Loobybump, 20, Plymouth, 11th sept, surprise
Flossam, 26, Bristol, 12th sept, DS 22mths.
lou031205, 27, Southampton, 13th Sept '07, DD-21 months gap.
EdieMcredie, Sep 13th, Norwich, one previous miscarriage, no children, girl
mistresstara, 30, 13th Sept, first timer, surprise.
Gin Girl, 22, Oxon/Bucks, 14th Sep (ish) first timer.
MMooMar,36,West Mids,Due 14th Sept,DS aged 2, surprise
JemimaPuddleduck07, East Sussex,due 14th Sept, have one DD age 7 and one mc,
clainne, 32, due 14th Sept, first pregnancy, surprise
Kinki, 38, Kent, 14th Sept, 2 boys (7&2), boy
Auschick 15th sept, London, ds 12 months, surprise
Canadianmum, 36, 15th Sept, London, twin boys 4y, surprise
TOD due 15 Sept, Ireland, DS 24mths
minimenace Due 15 Sept
Emalushka 27, first timer and baby is due 15th September.
seamonster, 31, due 15th Sept, Herefordshire, 2DS, 1DD, 1M/C
Chattyhan, 24, North Hants/surrey, 16th sep, DS will be 2y9m, 1 mc, boy
Chicca, 32, Spain, 17 Sept, DS will be 3.2
Mrsdoubleyou, 29, Herts, 17th Sept, (1 prev m/c) no children
JuJuMoo, 27, Huddersfield, due 17th Sept, 1 DS 2.2
Atalantis, 27, Oxfordshire, 17 Sept, first timer, boy
Luxmum, 17th Sept, DS 17 months
Nettee, 29, 17th September, DS will be 2 1/2, surprise
Hannahsaunt, 33, 18 September, ds1 will be 2wks short of 7, ds2 4.8, 2 m/c last year
JoniMitchell, 36, due Sept 19th, DS 24mths and one miscarriage
MrsMar 36 yrs, London 19th Sept, first time, boy
Nicki10 24 yrs, London 21st Sept, First time, girl
Rin23 32 yrs, London 21st Sept, first time, girl
drcaroline, 31 yrs, Hove - East Sussex, 21st Sept, first time
willjo, 29, SW London, 21st Sept - girl, 2m/c 1 baby boy lost at 22 wks of pg
Nibbs, 33, SW London, 22nd Sept, DS 16 months
Potoroon, 33, West Berkshire, 22 Sept, DS 21 months
PurpleLostPrincess, Due 22 Sept, '30, girl Basingstoke, 1DS(12), 1DD(8), 2m/c's
Bluebird83, 24, Blackburn Lancs, EDD 22nd Sept, 1st Baby
TeeCee - 35yrs, London, 23 Sept - 3rd pregnancy, DD1 5 yrs (has Down's syndrome) DD2 13 months, surprise
NewDKmum, 30, W Midlands, 23rd Sep, dd 10 months, girl
Hopeitwontbebig, 31, Northants/Oxfordshire. 23rd Sept, DS1 10, DS2 7, 1 M/C, girl
holsnovell, 23rd Sept, 1 DD, girl
Toadstool, 38, Bristol, 24th Sept, DD 5 yrs, 1 mc, girl
FactsAndFigures, 30, 24th Sept, first timer
HammerHeadShark, 38, SE London, 25th September, Twin Girls 2yrs.
Potoroo, 33, West Berkshire, 25 Sept, DS 2 years
Laksa, 29, SE london/Kent, 26th Sept, no children.
Minxx- 35yrs, Andover, 26 Sept - 3rd pregnancy. DS 15yrs,DD 13yrs in 3 weeks.
ccpink, 30, market harborough, 26 Sept, FIRST PG, surprise
rachelandbumpsmum, age 35, SE London/Kent, 2nd baby due 27/9, one dd 14 months
Holly29, 33, London, due 27th Sept, first timer, boy
Givememoremash, 37, West Yorkshire 27th Sep, 1st pg, boy
Diddle, 26, W.Midlands, due 28th Sept. 1DS 9 months + 2 MC
dal21, 28th Sept
TinaLC, 35, West London, 29th Sept, first baby
MrsFish, 33, Derbyshire, 30th Sept, 1 DS (2 in June)
Plasmon,29, oxfordshire, sept sometime, girls 3 and 1
emj23 (formerly rhubarb90) 27, Shrops, due 30th September, one DS, 5

Is everyone on here?

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FioFio Wed 22-Aug-07 08:29:55

Message withdrawn

Hopeitwontbebig Wed 22-Aug-07 08:32:02

link to stats thread also

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Hopeitwontbebig Wed 22-Aug-07 08:34:50

Morning Fio, I'm seeing him next week, but I spoke to my GP on Friday and he's pathed the way for me so to speak by writing to my consultant. He totally agrees with me that a CS would be the best idea given my history. I went into hospital yesterday because I was getting loads of tightenings and a bit of a 'show' type thing and I was trying to explain my situation to the midwife and she wasn't having any of it.... a lot of them are v anti caesarean aren't they? PS my baby is still breech.

What date have you got for your cs, remind me

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dal21 Wed 22-Aug-07 08:35:24

HIWBB - nicely done! Posted on the old thread and will repost here!

Hi everyone!

Hopey - it worked! Not napping yesterday worked! I fell asleep by about 9 and had a really good sleep til about 3. Was a little restless at 3 but then slept til 6 when DH got up. I still tend to wake up same time as him as am still in routine of getting up to go to work! As hard as I try; cannot sleep past 7. So unless i really want daytime naps for me anymore! Anymore news on the show front?

PLP - thanks for sorting that for Emj. Cannot believe how many of us are due in Sept! This thread is going to get so unbelievably busy and exciting!

EmLou - how much longer do you have builders in for? We have them back in today (again) for little problems with the installation with the bathroom. Grrr. They have just arrived and I am heading out so they can get on with sorting the problem. But I do understand how unsettling it is to have them in your house, is just not relaxing!

MrsF - hope you feel better this morning and yesterday was just an off day.

Loopy - havent commented on your dilemna as I have no experience with your situation. But hope that it all works out.

MrsM - nicely done on the cooking. I have been busy stocking up on indian food - lentils/ curries etc. they freeze really well, think i will also make a lasagne and cottage pie (cant believe am making cottage pie in aug....) so we have a mix of things.

Twit - anymore contractions?

Kyala - its good that you have your results and well done for insisting on having the test done! Sorry it rules out a homebirth (think you were hoping for that?) Not really sure what strep b is...

Re. the heartburn, I tried something last night and will keep trying. I normally take all my vits in the morning (including a live acidophilus tablet) and never get heartburn in the I took another one with dinner in the evening and felt fine. So if anyone is really suffering with it - maybe worth a go?

Loopy - re the arnica - for a csection, I understand you start taking it 12/24 hours beforehand. But do double check that my sources are right on that.

Hello to everyone else, am pretty sure saying hello to everyone who has posted will soon become fairly impossible!
I am off out shopping, still raining in London but am not going to complain! Hope everyone is ok - and good luck to those with appts/ waiting results. I cant keep up who is waiting for what!

Hopeitwontbebig Wed 22-Aug-07 08:35:36

PS haven't found out about arnica, haven't got a clue about it! Definitely want to try it though.

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FioFio Wed 22-Aug-07 08:36:16

Message withdrawn

FioFio Wed 22-Aug-07 08:38:14

Message withdrawn

Hopeitwontbebig Wed 22-Aug-07 08:39:31

I'm glad to hear it. OMG re your first delivery, how awful for you. The 5TH!!!!!!!! Are you all sorted and prepared (mentally too)?

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Hopeitwontbebig Wed 22-Aug-07 08:41:39

It's a worry these tightenings aren't they, esp as you're booked for a cs, I too felt v fobbed off yesterday. Apparently my cervix is slightly open too, but as it's my 3rd that's not unusual. WHAT ARE THEY SAYING ABOUT MY BITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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FioFio Wed 22-Aug-07 08:42:34

Message withdrawn

FioFio Wed 22-Aug-07 08:43:07

Message withdrawn

LoopyLouLisa Wed 22-Aug-07 08:44:34

didn't start taking the arnica til after section last time as cs wasn't planned but thought it might be better to start earlier this time. seeing mw later today but think i asked her before and she didn't give me an answer. hope i can sleep tonight. am feeling like a zombie already but ds1 wont let me slob x

Chattyhan Wed 22-Aug-07 08:48:22

Morning all!

While my brain is functioning (mildly) thought i'd give it a go!

PLP - thanks for comment re DS playing up - i find he always plays up when he's been visiting others. I see it as my payback for deserting him! He woke a 2am but wasn't too much of a pain and seems happier this morning - i just have to keep him busy!

At night i'm waking much more frequently now - generally i'm very uncomfortable but don't have too much bother getting back to sleep!

EmlouT - My DP sounds just like yours! He said he was feeling a little under the weather last night and wanted to just do nothing and watch TV he then wanted to have a lie in this morning on his day off so i had to get up at 7am! I commented that it should be me lying in and he pulled the line 'If i get ill and can't work we will have problems!' He's also referring to paternity as holiday!

Jemimapuddleduck your hospital sounds fab! Mine Frimley Park in Hants isn't all that! I haven't seen it since DS was born 3 yrs ago but not expecting any improvements! I just hope it's not as busy as they didn't have room last time!

Mrs Fish - i've gone past the short temper to i couldn't care less! In fact finding it difficult to gat motivated at all!

Loopylou - sorry to hear about your dilema. I think it is unreasonable for you to be expected to take on DSS this close to arrival of LO but maybe a compromise is to say he can stay for the weekend to have a break from his mum but that he'll have to go back monday because you've got too much on! My little bro is 14 and i know what you mean about needing to be entertained! I'd make sure he understands a weekend with you will be quiet and dull!

HIWBB - my show wasn't volumous and it was 1 week between show and labour for me!

As for arnica - i found 6c and 30c and was recommended 200c on here so i asked shop assistant and she said 6c! Advice was to take it from onset of labour! So for CS i assume before theatre! Don't know if that helps at all!

Hopeitwontbebig Wed 22-Aug-07 08:54:51

Fio, I'm swinging from complete denial to being stupidly excited. It's the sleepless nights I'm really not looking forward to going back to It does all feel new and stange again, with the other two being that bit older. Feels like the first time again somehow.

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FioFio Wed 22-Aug-07 08:56:47

Message withdrawn

Hopeitwontbebig Wed 22-Aug-07 08:59:18

dal, glad you had a better night lastnight, I too had a fairly good night, apart from the most horrendous nightmare about my FIL, who is incidently coming to visit today. You remember the one who threw the tea over the Boxer???

Chatty, DON'T say that to me!!!!!!! I'm hoping this showy discharge stuff will settle down again, got period type pains again this morning!

PS think we should tag on how many wks we are at the end of our messages so everyone can keep up without looking at the stats page. I'll start..

HIWBB 35+3

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LoopyLouLisa Wed 22-Aug-07 09:00:12

forgot to say thank you for all your supportive messages. sorry for posting the dilemma on here as it's not really related but i feel like you're my friends and i needed sympathy and support from people who wouldn't use the line 'but you're only pg'.

think it's gonna be resolved and will allow him to stay whenever he needs to but not gonna allow a teenager's tantrums (re: not being allowed a body piercing at 12) to ruin this time in all our lives when it should be about the new arrival. i may never have another baby and those first days cannot be 'got back'. i figure that if i don't insist on some of what i want then i'll only end up very resentful and bitter to dp and dss in the long run. too many people keep saying that of it was my ds i would allow him to stay, but my ds is going to be cared for by my mum for a few days when i come home from hospital to allow me to rest and stitches to heal!?!

vent over (for now lol) xx

Hopeitwontbebig Wed 22-Aug-07 09:01:34

Fio, my oldest will be nearly 11 and youngest 8. They are v excited, however they were asking me yesterday if the new baby would get all their attention. Um, do they actually get attention then , must be doing something right in their eyes!! Joke!!

Are your's excited?

HIWBB 35+3 ( do I write that on every message )

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FioFio Wed 22-Aug-07 09:05:15

Message withdrawn

MrsMar Wed 22-Aug-07 09:10:05

Morning everyone, love the new thread title!

Sorry to post and dash, off to hospital for some more bloods (having them done there cos I'm doing a pre-eclampsia study, bit of a pita but you never know when you might benefit...)

On the arnica front... I bought some yesterday, they are 30c and the instructions are 2 every 2 hours for the first 6 doses (between meals) then 2 pills 4 times daily for the next 5 days. I asked the health food shop guy and he said for cs start taking them the day before, for labour (which obviously you can't predict) start taking them once you're sure you're in labour. I did think if you're sick they'll come back up, but apparently you can chew them which will speed up their absorption so even if you are sick hopefully some of it will get in to your system.

Will check in later, take care everyone xx

Hopeitwontbebig Wed 22-Aug-07 09:10:57

You sound amazingly strong FioFio if you don't mind me saying. It's astonishing where we find this inner strength isn't it. That must have really touched you hearing that your daughter told your teacher about the baby.

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Hopeitwontbebig Wed 22-Aug-07 09:13:08

Thanks MrsMar for the info on Arnica, that's good to know. Wonder what it tastes like . Good luck today at the hospital.

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FioFio Wed 22-Aug-07 09:15:04

Message withdrawn

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