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Christmas babies - are you ready for Christmas? :)

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ohdearymemumof3 Fri 29-Nov-19 09:54:52

Mine is due on 21st too❤ baby #3.. i am also soo scared of labour even though iv done it twice🙈..
I havent washed any of babys clothes.. havent packed my hospital bag.. havent put the crib together.. havent washed the carrycot and carseat (im using my sons old one as its only 2yr old).. havent started christmas shopping.. i have my driving test booked for next week so stressing about that too!! got so much to do but im always in pain and no energyyyy😫 xx

ELJ1502 Fri 29-Nov-19 09:38:05

I'm due the 21st of December. 🙂 I'm done Christmas wise. I started early so that I didn't have the stress of sorting things now.

Baby clothes are washed and sorted but not in our house. We moved house 2 weeks ago and it has definitely been one of the more stressful things. The house is liveable but very dated and in need of lots of work. Luckily, my partner is handy and doing as much as possible before baby arrives.

The only part I'm generally not comfortable with is the not knowing. This is my first and I keep being told most go over with their first but my midwife doesn't think I'll make it to 40 because of how big baby is. All the uncertainty around Christmas plans makes me ridiculously nervous!

StarlightIntheNight Fri 29-Nov-19 06:30:13

I have two DC, who are very excited about Christmas, plus a third due 20th of December! I have 3 weeks and so much to do! I have been doing loads of laundry trying to get the general newborn baby stuff ready....and now I must start on all the xmas stuff!

Still need to order my stroller (have an old one as back up in case new one is not here on time). I need to pack my hospital bag.

Feeling a little nervous about giving birth! I have done it twice, but I am a big baby when it comes to hospitals etc. I always wonder how I managed with my first two lol.

How is everyone else feeling?

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