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Due in the New Year - waddling our way past the half way mark

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mixedmama Wed 15-Aug-07 15:52:34

Hellooooo there

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Bettymamma Wed 15-Aug-07 15:59:39

WHATTTTT - we have 43 messages left!

Cazzybaby Wed 15-Aug-07 16:04:11

oooo a nice shiney new thread!

Naetha Wed 15-Aug-07 16:04:30

Wohoo hello there!

Been having a great chat on another forum today about creationism vs evolution. I like to think I beat the internet! Unfortunately porridge brain has set in with a vengeance, and I just can't think like I used to - I'm really into logic and reasoning, but trying to follow a train of thought at the moment is like remembering a dream

Bean had a growth spurt a couple of weeks ago, but bump hasn't really grown since, so I've got into that daft paranoid time (like just after your first scan) where I start to panic if I haven't felt any movement for a couple of hours, and then when I do feel something I worry that it was just a muscle twitch! Argh give me my brain back!!!

We gave in last night, and decided to buy the Mazda6 Its a complete extravagance, but its such a good deal (they chucked us in an MP3 and 6 CD multichanger as a deal-maker) that we couldn't say no. We pick it up in 2 weeks!!!

We've still got some money left to redo the kitchen and bathroom, although this is getting smaller and smaller! I'm just glad we have any money at all - god bless this daft housing market and DH buying a house when he was 19 in 1996!

Mmm spag bol for dinner tonight

Bettymamma Wed 15-Aug-07 16:13:54

Naetha - zoom zoom zoom!
(bet you'll hear that more than once.)

Watch out trying to do the kitchen and bathroom before the baby. I am currently on the 'i want to kill my builder' thread. 5 weeks with no kitchen so far, house like a tip and am slowly haemorrhaging money all over the place.

LilyLoo Wed 15-Aug-07 16:14:50

oooh good name motherofz , well done mixedmama , hope no one gets lost

mixedmama Wed 15-Aug-07 16:17:01

Congrats on the car - i knew you would make the right decision

we are just selling our house that we bought as an investment two years ago and stand to make a packet - unfrtunately we were incredibly extravagant when we couldnt afford to be so and therefore once we have paid everything off we will be back to zero with a little left over for a car and a little to start us off on savings - but we have learnt our lesson and will certainly not be so silly again. Hopefully will be able to reinvest and actually live in the property as then we will still be making money on the property as we are in the whole olympic zone and property is shooting through the roof.

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mixedmama Wed 15-Aug-07 16:19:42

I have only just figured out the world of links.... the small things that keep me happy.

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Naetha Wed 15-Aug-07 16:33:04

Thankfully the kitchen is being fitted by my Stepdad, so hopefully any costs should be fairly up front! The kitchen as it is now is OK, but it hasn't been changed for 20 years, the appliances are all 20 years old and its very very brown. In fact the whole house is brown or beige - very depressing in a way I didn't think when we first looked around it. Thankfully we're (slowly) putting our stamp on it, and turning it blue

Bettymamma Wed 15-Aug-07 16:36:03

oh no go for it - my kitchen was the same. Everything very beige and 1983

mixedmama Wed 15-Aug-07 16:44:32

Thankfully we moved into a place that had only just been built so we have a very 2007 kitchen.

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Naetha Wed 15-Aug-07 17:01:19

Tbh its just as well this LO is (according to the scan anyway) a boy, as the spare-room-cum-nursery will probably be blue regardless!

MrsMcJnr Wed 15-Aug-07 17:24:32

Thanks Mixedmama for letting me know where you all are

mummyto2littleprincess Wed 15-Aug-07 18:37:09

MrsMcJnr im 23 at the mine but will be 24 when baby 3 is born some people would say nasty things about me but i dont really care this is defenitly the last baby said that with dd2

were going to find out the sex

i also see your on clexane too i have to have them during my pregnancy due to having blood clot with dd1 i was only 18 and got a blood clot god sometime my tummy is black and blue with bruises

barristermum Wed 15-Aug-07 19:34:32

As ever, vaast amounts to catcgh up on and a new thread what's more. Well done on the new car Naetha - I sense a Little replacement therapy for the motorbike you are not indulging in at the moment. Funny what you say about your house - the place we bought 2 years ago turned out to be entirely painted in a mushroom colour that we just didn;t notice when we bought it - I reckon I've spent more time choosing shoes than we did looking round the most expensive thing I've ever bought. Anyway, everything was mushroom - walls, radiators, window sills, skirtings, even the glass fanlights over the doors. Took us a year but "operation eradication egyptian sand" is now completed.

I get squirmy liquid moves lying in bed - is this baby? How exciting - I think I may be starting to bloom as I have not been sick for 9 whole days - heartburn seems to have taken over from the nausea but it is a massive improvement.

Awen - did you enjoy the show - I walked past the mayflower this afternoon as I left court - wd've thought of you if I'd known.

Mrs McJnr I am still cross with your mther and her fat obsession - what she wd do with a daughter like me I can't imagine - does she have any idea how upsetting for you thisis?

And likewise beller re your ex - may his willy get caught in his zipper just like Mrs McJnr's Dad!!!

And to the dreamers - follow them - life is too short to do a job you cannot enjoy.
big hugs

toomanyshoes Wed 15-Aug-07 21:17:39

hello, been ages since I posted but just wanted to say hi. I do check in and catch up with all your posts fairly frequently but by the time i've read them I have run out of time to post!

Am now 20 weeks but am another one with a rubbish hospital who can't scan me for 3 more weeks so have booked a private scan to find out the sex on saturday! Am v excited and just can't wait anymore. It also means I can take DD which she will love (only one person allowed to come in with you at nhs one)

4 weeks left at work so manically trying to tie up all the loose ends and get my cover sorted. Will be pleased to finish but will probably go mad with boredom after a fortnight and want to go back! Worked until 2 weeks before last time and swore never again, v stressful job with lots of travelling and just fancy a rest and lots of cuddles on the sofa with dd before she has to share me! (anyone else feeling slightly guilty about 1st baby not being the only one anymore? I know it's daft but feel a bit sad for her!)

Feeling lots of movements now and looking very pregnant - been offered a seat on the tube so it must be obvious!

I would definitely be up for a London meet up if you decide to do it. Would be fun! x

LilyLoo Wed 15-Aug-07 22:08:30

toomany i due to go back in nearly 3 weeks and am feeling depressed already. Am thinking i might finish at end of Nov now rather than end of Dec then i can return, if i am after the summer hols next year. For the sane reason to spend soem time with dc's esp dd whilst ds at school before baby arrives as going to be so busy at xmas can't see us having much of a rest then !

tripletsandtwins Wed 15-Aug-07 22:47:58

Hey! Am I allowed to join this thread? I'm pg with twins due on 1/20/08.....Hope your pregnancys are going OK, and that you are all well

LilyLoo Wed 15-Aug-07 22:48:55

ooh welcome your our first twin pg , congrats and welcome

LilyLoo Wed 15-Aug-07 22:49:57

Have you got triplets ? Just wondering from nickname ?

tripletsandtwins Wed 15-Aug-07 22:51:20

Yeah, I've got 3 year old triplets and now twins on the way...5 under 4 ... oh joy!

MamaMaiasaura Wed 15-Aug-07 23:16:10

hi guys Right ds in bed now as just back from theatre (chitty chitty bang bang) was absolutely superb!

Run down of today..

Had scan today.. baby doing well, all measurements tally with due date. Baby moving/waving etc. Dp has scanned pics on to pc just need to transfer to laptop. Anyway, everything is normal and as it should be. Was a little annoyed at comment on scan sheet tho saying poor image due to increased BMI and as she doesnt even know my weight and my BMI is/was healthy when i fell and havent put on enough according to research for this stage. Am hiking up size 12 maternity jeans which are on tightest setting too so think she was talkng bollox and just looked at my huge boobs .

Moan over tho, dp, ds and my mum all got to see scan and we found out the flavour too.. Is a little boy!

Hosp appoint for ds went well in terms of lots of info and very reassuring. The nurse was brilliant with ds and through it all. He was at his complete best and she thinks he is super fab . They couldnt give us dates today but could be between 2 and 6 weeks.

Am sat here eating calippo orange before bed and just wanted to update you all.

Imawurzel - how was your scan today hun?

beller Thu 16-Aug-07 07:46:37

Morning all!!

Naetha - Thats how I felt, and thats why I hired the Doppler for a month (after the scare as well), best £20 i spent! Congrats on the new car!! I am having my valued today by volkwagen dealer..(not sure if i can be arsed with selling it ), but i know what i want for it, and if they take the pee, ill sell it privately. I think im going to go for a Toyota Rav4?

Barristermum- One of my friends has taken to calling him "the sperm donor"! hahaha

Toomanyshoes- Still of your early maternity leave!! Enjoy

Tripletsandtwins- Welcome! yay our first set of twins!!! You really will have you hands full eh? Good to have your on board xx

Awen- Congratulations on your boy!!!!!! Glad the scan went well and Ds appt xxx

Imawurzel Thu 16-Aug-07 08:04:23

Size 12!!!! I'm in 16's. Was 14-16 before.
It went well Awen.Baby growing well. Asked what it was. Said think a girl as cant see any boy bits but not ruling out a boy.
She didn't put anything in my notes. Just looked at them . again.
Right off to get ready for work now .Cheerio.

MotherofZ Thu 16-Aug-07 08:08:36

Tripletsandtwins - congrtualtions on the twins! Do you have a cases of mutiple births in your family or was it just random?

Awen - congrats on finding out flavour

Had a wierd dream last night - dreamt I had a baby girl on Xmas day!

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