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May 2020 - where we get our 12 wks scan and wave goodbye to 1st trimester. hello 2nd trimester

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AmIseeingRight Thu 03-Oct-19 20:26:08

@mintbear I haven't posted on FB yet. I find the whole thing too busy there are over 100 people. With DC1 my FB was smaller and I've still kept in touch with some of the ladies.

Tbh, I don't see much point of the FB this early. Hopefully with time it will get into a nice flow.

@Sunshine8888 excited for the 12 wks scan and as bad as it sound I can't wait for 1st trimester to be over, I'm over the sickness and all day nausea. I think it's worse this time round as I'm older or maybe my mind just forgot this phase 🥴.

Also 1000 post so time for a new thread! WoW

AlmostAlwyn Thu 02-Jan-20 09:16:43

Happy new year! tcrsmile Is anyone still following this thread? How far along are you? How's it going?

I'm 22 weeks now and looking forward to my "20" week scan in a week. It's a bit late as I've been away, but hopefully everything is fine in there! Feeling baby kicking every day smile We'd like to find out the sex so fingers crossed baby doesn't have its legs crossed like last time! grin

AlmostAlwyn Thu 14-Nov-19 14:43:17

I got some peppermint oil yesterday and my husband gave me a shoulder and neck massage using a couple of drops in some coconut oil. It was great! My headache went away and I slept really well (toddler did too so that helped! grin). It was back this morning, but a brisk walk actually really helped. I've still getting a couple of twinges at my nape, but otherwise... touch wood! smile

Skiaddicted Wed 13-Nov-19 19:25:47

Sorry to hear you are all suffering, although glad its not just me with the head aches! Had one for about 4 days, not ideal with a toddler

Sunshine8888 Wed 13-Nov-19 18:17:10

@AlmostAlwyn I have a killer headache today 😢 it’s making me feel a bit sick. I hope this isn’t going to be a regular thing 😭

AlmostAlwyn Wed 13-Nov-19 15:38:07

@Sunshine8888 I just suffered through in my first pregnancy too, but I'm finding it more difficult with a toddler! I read headaches are pretty normal (hormones + increased blood flow), though my mum is stressing about pre-eclampsia.

Hoping I can persuade my husband to give me a neck massage later grin

Sunshine8888 Wed 13-Nov-19 14:51:12

@AlmostAlwyn I am getting headaches too, they’re horrible but I’m not taking anything for them. Just suffering through! My blood pressure was low at my 8 week app. Hopefully it will be checked again at my 16 week app on Friday.

AlmostAlwyn Wed 13-Nov-19 14:04:34

I haven't had much in the way of sickness or cravings or anything, but the headaches have arrived! Had a headache last night so took some paracetamol at 10, then woke up with a headache again at 4 so took more paracetamol. Woke up again at 6.40 - but too early to take more! sad

My blood pressure is normal so just one of those things I guess. Fingers crossed this phase doesn't last too long! I've ordered a 4 head stick so hopefully I can use that instead of the paracetamol. Anyone have any other remedies?

Skiaddicted Wed 13-Nov-19 13:44:48

Oh yes biscuits too......and cake.....I'm usually such a healthy eater too!!

Sunshine8888 Wed 13-Nov-19 13:05:47

@Skiaddicted I’m exactly the same! Can’t get enough carbs. Also sweets and biscuits. I feel so unhealthy!

Skiaddicted Wed 13-Nov-19 11:25:34

Im addicted to carbs, carbs and carbs at the moment its not good!

I long for a sofa day, alas DC1 is very active and not keen

flossy12 Wed 13-Nov-19 00:46:49

@Skiaddicted my colds easing off now, still working my 12 hours but spent my day off on the sofa 😂😅 printed off a pregnancy menu to help with ideas on food 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Skiaddicted Tue 12-Nov-19 19:41:45

@flossy12 its a nightmare isnt it, i think ive had a cold for approx 15 years at this point blush sorry to hear the sickness is still playing up at times

My back and boobs are utter agony, ended up lying in bed all day after phoning in sick. Think the big boobs are causing the bad back

flossy12 Sun 10-Nov-19 11:20:23

@Skiaddicted it's on and off really, the cold isn't budging though 😡 exactly it does nothing for a cold 🙄 I'll have a look at that group today thank you!

Skiaddicted Sun 10-Nov-19 08:26:46

@Coastaldreamer around here you get a call in 2-3 days after the test if there is an issue, if not up to 10 days for a letter. We had ours Monday last week so fingers crossed we are all clear smile

@flossy12 has the sickness eased at all? Im cold filled too, its horrid only being able to take paracetamol, it just doesnt cut it! Also if you join the JoJo preloved clothing facebook groups you may well find second hand maternity stuff much cheaper

flossy12 Sat 09-Nov-19 20:20:30

@Coastaldreamer I'm trudging on ☺️ still being sick every other day, and got a really bad cold but apart from that everything else seems to be going ok ☺️ I can't remember then telling me the heart rate at our scan at all, wonder if it's on the scan pic 🤔 mine little peanut wouldn't stay on it's back for the measurements so not sure how long the letter will take sorry hun xx

Coastaldreamer Sat 09-Nov-19 18:20:29

@flossy12 hey Hun how're you getting on? So we had our scan on Thursday. All looking good 🤗 heartbeat of 185bpm!! Just waiting for the downs etc testing letter to come through. Can I ask those of you who opted to have the testing how long did your letter take to come through?

They also dated me further than I thought. So I'm now 13w+2 and due 14th May smile happy to be dated further 🙃

flossy12 Tue 05-Nov-19 15:59:58

@Skiaddicted your not the only one 😂😓 this is my first pregnancy , I'm 12 weeks and pre pregnancy was a size 6 but now I'm struggling to fit in any jeans or pants, having to wear long dresses and multi layers

Think it's time to go shopping x

Skiaddicted Mon 04-Nov-19 10:23:09

So i had to dig out my maternity clothes on Friday, please tell me I'm not the only one who looks blatently pregnant already blush

Skiaddicted Sat 02-Nov-19 13:45:17

We also have a Joie 360 and love that one the most!

Oooh thats such a clear scan picture, i know nothing about nub theory so going with 'aborable baby'

Sunshine8888 Sat 02-Nov-19 10:09:49

@flossy12 it’s so hard to guess! I’ve compared to my scan pic (girl) and see differences so I’m guessing boy for you! 💙

flossy12 Sat 02-Nov-19 00:59:12

@Coastaldreamer seen your scan post I'm due on the 17th of May so will be 12 weeks on Sunday so your only 1 day behind me for now 😊😊

flossy12 Sat 02-Nov-19 00:34:34

Anyone good with Nub theories?? My friends had a look at our 12 weeks and thinks it could be a boy 😅 I'm not taking any chances until our 20 weeks scan but would be nice to know if anyone has conflicting answer

AlmostAlwyn Thu 31-Oct-19 16:50:35

@Skiaddicted I already told my parents and siblings at around 5 weeks as we were having a family celebration and it was nice to tell them in person (I don't live in the UK). I didn't get any pictures from the scan today, but I've got a regular scan with my gynaecologist on Tuesday so I'm sure I'll get pictures then (possibly 3D!). I'll start letting friends and wider family know then. It's always nice to announce with proof! grin

Regarding the car seat chat, we have a Joie 360 spin and can really recommend it! We started with a Cybex Aton Q (no base), but didn't use it outside the car (to clip it into the pushchair, etc) so the 360 would have been suitable from the start. It can be used rear-facing till 18kg (and forward facing from 9kg) too.

Skiaddicted Thu 31-Oct-19 16:19:26

@almostalwyn thats fantastic news, mine is the week after next and depsite a positive private scan a few weeks back I'm also very nervous for bad news! Are you planning to announce to friends and family now?

@caspianberg if you're looking at that type we have the Joie Stages for our dc1 and its great! Well priced and Joie do their own independent testing so better than the standard. Buying anything if the amounts these things costs is painful isnt it, and you just dont want to get it wrong!

AlmostAlwyn Thu 31-Oct-19 14:55:29

Had my 12 week scan today - all looks good and normal. Low risk for pre-eclampsia, negative for Downs, etc. Due date updated to 6th of May. I'd kind of convinced myself that something was going to be wrong, so it's a relief! smile

How's everyone else getting on?

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