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34 weeks pregnant - am i being ridiculous?

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stanleysmother Fri 10-Aug-07 09:26:42

I'm hoping some sensible mner can tell me I'm reading too much into things and stop being a paranoid mentalist! Had scan on Wed at 34+0 to check position of placenta as was low at 20 weeks. Had moved out of the way... so far so good. They did growth scan while they were at it and the research fellow doing the job said he was concerned about the baby's leg bones being too short and not following the curve. The consultant came in and asked what the odds for DS were (1: 5200), remeasured and said that it was fine, within the normal range, just on the lower end of the scale. That was that, they don't want me back and didn't mention it on the scan report but now the seed is sown in my brain I can't stop thinking about it, even though I am sure there's no way they'd have let me go without ordering more tests, right? Even writing it down I feel a bit of a loony but I think I've just got the end-of-pregnancy jitters... any reassuring words (or even harsh ones telling me not to be so daft!) Thx

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harleyd Fri 10-Aug-07 09:42:43

please dont let it ruin the rest of your pregnancy by worrying. im sure if they were concerned then they would have re-booked you for extra tests/scans. and you did get to see the consultant. i would be more worried if it just had been the bloke doing the scan. good luck with your baby

goingfor3 Fri 10-Aug-07 09:44:41

Do you or dp have shorter legs. Neither DP or I have long legs infact dp's are short so it was no suprise when DD! had shorter than average legs on a growth scan.

scorpio1 Fri 10-Aug-07 09:45:17

Don't worry, they would not have let you go if they had any doubt. At least the consultant came in and said it was all fine-the sonographer was probably just being overcautious.

Enjoy the rest of your pg

Trinaj Sat 11-Aug-07 10:40:43

Try not to worry my ds had - and still has VERY short legs! He's nearly 3 and in 12- 18 month trousers!
But it doesn't stop him he's the daredevil of the two!
Stay positive - scans aren't always right anyway!

twentypence Sat 11-Aug-07 10:54:11

Why when scanning for a low placenta can't they just look at the placenta and say "yes, it's fine, off you go."?

I went in and told them only to look at placenta and they still measured everything again. Argh.

macmama73 Sat 11-Aug-07 10:58:40

My friend was told she might need a CS because the baby was so big. He was completely normal, 3900g and 51cm (sorry I only do metric, no idea what that is in lbs!) My gynie said that the scans are basically giving you an idea, but that the reality can differ by quite a bit.

Don't worry too much, they would have had another look if there had been a real problem

stanleysmother Mon 13-Aug-07 08:44:24

Thanks for your replies. Am feeling a bit calmer now. Just wish the bloomin research fellow could have kept his mouth shut until he'd checked with the consultant... if he's not qualified enough to make that call then why sow the seed in my mind? Don't they realise they are dealing with hormonal women for God's sake! What I would give for a few less facts & stats and bit more old-fashioned bedside manner and common sense. Alas a thing of the past it seems!

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SweetyDarling Mon 13-Aug-07 09:42:26

SM, our little one comes up similarly on the scans (I'm 37+3) - we have nick-named him stumpy!
Earlier scans showed that I had restricted blood flow to the placenta so I have had regular growth scans. Apparently if there is any growth restriction the legs are the bit that show it up as nature will make sure that the brain and internal organs are uneffected and so get all the nutrients they need.
So basically, if it's just the legs that are a bit shorter than expected then it's not a big deal so long as everything else continues at the normal rate. Legs just catch up once the baby is born.
If you have any concerns though, just book yourself in for an extra growth scan down the track.

margoandjerry Mon 13-Aug-07 09:44:18

stupid thing to say to you. My girl is very tall but always had short legs on the scan - and still does. Like me!

beansprout Mon 13-Aug-07 10:06:11

It's annoying when they do this as they have a context to put it in and we don't, not to mention that we are the pregnant ones!! As others have said, if they were concerned, you would have another appointment lined up so please try not to worry! Easier said than done, I know!

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