BFP - Anyone else feb 2020? Continued ...

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Marleym28 Sun 28-Jul-19 21:12:52

Continued thread as the old one reached 1k

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Marleym28 Sun 28-Jul-19 21:16:21


Please can you help me tag the others?

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MeganMama28 Sun 28-Jul-19 21:30:21

Tentatively hopping on - I hope that's okay!

My due date is 28th Feb but as its our first baby I'm expecting him/her to be a bit late! Just hopefully not one day late otherwise it'll fall on the leap year 😂

Marleym28 Sun 28-Jul-19 22:28:43

It won't let me tag the others.

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OccasionalNachos Mon 29-Jul-19 05:50:34

Hello smile

@MeganMama28 that’s quite exciting, the potential for a leap year baby - it would always be a talking point!

After my 12 week scan I got new dates & am now due 28 Jan but a) quite likely to go over into February and b) I enjoyed following people’s stories on the last thread so I’m going to stick around here.

I’m 33, 13+5 today, first baby, very unplanned! Took me a long time to get my head around it & am still very apprehensive.

bessie84 Mon 29-Jul-19 10:28:24

waves hello - place marking x

Cupcakes1234 Mon 29-Jul-19 11:10:13

I'm currently due 26th Feb according to an early scan I had at 7 weeks, but if it's anything like my first it'll be a March baby. I have my 12 week scan on 13th August so my dates could all change again

MumbleLumble Mon 29-Jul-19 12:39:47

Hi can I join please? I'm due 19th Feb with my 3rd. My first two were both nearly 2 weeks late so I can guarantee this one will be born on 29th. That's how unlucky I am! I'm suffering with HG with this pregnancy. Is anyone else still absolutely exhausted? I feel like I'm either at work or in bed.

Guin146 Mon 29-Jul-19 13:03:02

Any recommendations for a private baby scan on a Saturday near Brighton please?

Cupcakes1234 Mon 29-Jul-19 16:27:09

@MumbleLumble I'm absolutely shattered all the time and if I'm not tired I'm feeling sick. It's just wiping me out. Although I've not been as bad as you as I've not been sick so suppose I'm quite lucky but he house is falling apart as I just don't have the energy to keep on top of it like I used to

MumbleLumble Mon 29-Jul-19 16:48:28

@Cupcakes1234 I know how you feel as my house is falling apart too. The dogs barely getting any decent walks at the moment, the bare minimum of washing is getting done and we are living off easy junk food. The guilt is so bad. DH is trying to be understanding but he is a neat freak and I know it's getting to him having to come home and do everything. He does normally do his fair share but as I only work part time, I normally do the most. Hopefully the worst will be over soon and we will both get some energy back.

ImMeantToBeWorking Mon 29-Jul-19 16:56:14

@ManicPerchant19 (hopefully you have found this thread) I am a Dub who relocated to the west. After all the messing with the hops apparently not getting my referal etc. I cried to my mam, because I don't think any of that would have happened if I was up home!!

@Savvysaz how did the scan go??

InOmniaParatus13 Mon 29-Jul-19 17:02:31

Hello all!

My morning sickness returned with a vengeance today, ugh!

Hope everyone is well 😁

Randomly, this baby hates carrots 😂😂

ImMeantToBeWorking Mon 29-Jul-19 17:34:03

@InOmniaParatus13 my worst one is red peppers, but mine also seems to hate veg. Made soup at the weekend to get some veg into me and I don't even like it!!

InOmniaParatus13 Mon 29-Jul-19 17:45:44

@ImMeantToBeWorking - I feel your pain on the veg front! I tried making soup and smoothies also, but this baby is having none of it!
Anything orange flavoured seems to make me throw up too 🤷🏻‍♀️

Marleym28 Mon 29-Jul-19 17:47:51

Hopefully everyone's starting to see the continued thread.
Apparently mine has decided it doesn't like dinner. Come bed time queue the upset tummy sad
Thought it was just Chinese on sat but then same thing last night.
I have my scan Friday and told family yesterday (everyone was in the same place) but now I'm starting to freak out. Really worrying about Friday now as been getting cramps a bit and achey shoulders etc. Anything and everything is trigging my anxious mind :/

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ManicPerchant19 Mon 29-Jul-19 17:51:58

I did @ImMeantToBeWorking thanks! Its crazy how centralised the services are isn't it. I have had to make a few trips into the Rotunda ED and each time have been so grateful to have the ease of access that comes with living in Dublin. I've heard some hospitals aren't offering anomaly scans as standard any more! And the 12 weeks scan has now become the 14 week one.

Savvysaz Mon 29-Jul-19 18:02:11

@ImMeantToBeWorking little fluttering heartbeat was there! Nothing wrong that they can see 😊

MumbleLumble Mon 29-Jul-19 19:04:50

Glad to see other babys aren't liking veg. The thought of putting any veg in my mouth makes me feel sick. I was really into healthy eating before I became pregnant but I don't think I've eaten a vegetable in about a month!

lovesT Mon 29-Jul-19 19:11:30

Glad to see this post! I didn't know it would stop at 1000 ... hello again smile

OccasionalNachos Tue 30-Jul-19 05:30:07

@MumbleLumble I was the same in the early weeks - usually quite a healthy eater but I was chewing & chewing some broccoli & eventually had to spit it out because I was on the verge of puking. I had a raspberry magnum instead!

OccasionalNachos Tue 30-Jul-19 05:31:57

Any tips for decent maternity clothes? Nothing in Mothercare appeals, it all looks like pyjamas, & I do prefer real shops than buying online but lots of brands seem to only have maternity ranges online. My local huge H&M had half a rack of tops, that was all.

lovesT Tue 30-Jul-19 07:34:21

@OccasionalNachos I have ordered some maternity leggings from Jojo Maman Bebe that we're reduced to £7! They haven't arrived yet but hopefully they'll be good. I haven't looked too much at the rest of their stuff but might be worth a look. There is also a website called patpat that a friend used and they seem to have some nice mat clothes and very cheap! Not sure what that says about the quality though, I haven't tried them yet. I don't seem to like any clothes in shops at the mo!

ShopoholicIn Tue 30-Jul-19 07:54:25

Signing in.. due date 5th Feb

tisonlymeagain Tue 30-Jul-19 07:56:36

Veg-free here too!

12 week scan today (though I am 13 weeks) and I'm so anxious - even though I had a scan at 10+3 and all was fine.

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