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NCT class cost warning!

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YouWhoNeverArrived Fri 07-Jun-19 11:14:58

The actual antenatal education that NCT delivers isn't great IMHO. My husband and I are doctors and we used to have to interrupt our NCT teacher because she regularly said things that were misleading or unhelpful, in our opinion.

It can be worth doing if you make friends doing it. I did NCT last November. There were 5 couples in my cohort and 2 couples stopped coming to meet-ups pretty quickly. The remaining 3 mums and babies still meet up occasionally, but I don't think we're going to end up best friends for life.

IrishMamaMia Thu 09-May-19 07:20:45

That is pretty ridiculous. Could you say you mixed up the dates?
When I was pg the nct birth course cost about £250.Used the cash to buy a pram instead and found a cheaper hypnobirthing class.

Fatted Thu 09-May-19 06:54:42

Our local family centre ran lots of classes like baby massage for free. Definitely wait until you have your baby and speak to the HV about what's available.

YouJustDoYou Thu 09-May-19 06:52:54

It's a waste of money in general.

Sessy19 Thu 09-May-19 06:51:19

Although I am booked on the course, I think that £240 for 5 sessions is STEEP, so NCT is not a purse-friendly option. Had I shopped around, I’m SURE there are other courses that are better subsidised. But. It’s done now! 😂

AllyR19 Mon 06-May-19 19:13:21

So I was very excited to be booking on to a baby massage class with NCT. Bare in mind I am being very prepared and haven’t actually had my baby yet. I booked in for baby massage for January 2020 and paid £50 for this course, however discovered there was a sooner class in November 2019 which would seem more appropriate and better for me and my baby as by January my baby will be moving about and probably less keen to lay still to be massaged. I emailed within 2 days of realising this and asked if I could transfer class and seeing as I have been organised and booked 8 months ahead I didn’t think this would be too problematic! However NCT policy is that to transfer course will cost £25 and to cancel it will cost £30! Completely understand if this was last minute or even 4-6 weeks before a course starting. So disappointed about this, especially being the first thing I have booked and planned for my baby. Anyone booking on to NCT courses - make sure you are picking the right course and right date because you will be charged a ridiculous price to cancel or change regardless of how far in advance you book! A complete money making scam to charge that amount.

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