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Spasms 17 weeks

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Twilam Tue 23-Apr-19 20:17:03

Glad your spasams have stopped now! Mine come and go but I guess that is part of the joy 😜?! Yep this is my first how about you! Congratulations to you too

NervousBFP Tue 23-Apr-19 19:45:13

Thank you so much for your response... The spasms actually completely stopped so I assume it was just growing pains.
I'm uncertain as to whether I can feel the baby move yet but I really cant wait until I feel it for definite.
Is this your first baby? Congratulations!

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Twilam Sun 21-Apr-19 11:05:25

Spasams not spats 😜

Twilam Sun 21-Apr-19 11:04:48

Thinking about this again I did have spas and like twinges or stitches at 16weeks - I just put it down to the bump growing and body stretching and since no cramping I wasn’t worried - it’s my first so not sure - I hope I’m not to blaise though!!

Twilam Sun 21-Apr-19 08:12:48

Hi! I thought I was having spasms a bit earlier than 17weeks but then my mum said I’d start to feel fluttering - baby moving
If she hadn’t told me about it I think I would continue to think it was body doing weird things when in fact it’s the little one moving around ! I’m 18 weeks now and feel them often. It’s lovely
Sometimes referred to like bubbles or my fav like a goldfish!
Maybe this isn’t the same as what you have but I’m so happy I know about it 😊 good luck and congratulations

NervousBFP Thu 18-Apr-19 20:57:11

Hi all,
I'm 17 weeks pregnant (and very anxious), I've been having abdo spasms all day (not a particular pattern, it feels like a sudden shock when it happens, not crampy as such), no bleeding or anything.
We heard the heartbeat this morning so the baby was okay at that time
Has anybody else had spasms around this time? Is this quite normal or should I be worrying? Midwives generally tell me to just monitor things and phone if any bleeding (ive only phoned them twice in the past - once with bleeding and once with pain).

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