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Due in July- The Winners Enclosure!!

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Princesspowersparkle Thu 12-Jul-07 02:07:20

Caroline- took your title to follow on the horsey theme!!

No idea what I'm having. Wanted to find out but DH didn't and as it meant we'd have had to pay for a private scan we didn't bother.
What about you?

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Chrissybobs Thu 12-Jul-07 06:50:07

I have been awake nearly all night tonight, I'm sure I only got about an hour.I'm going to try for a wee nod again now.Soooo frustrating, feeling a bit teary now.

I might have missed it but did Justbeme have her LO?

Myfairone Thu 12-Jul-07 07:53:00

Morning all!

How are we all today?

I got a few hours sleep last night so have taken advantage of the extra energy and done my ironing!

I am still laughing out loud at Caroline's comment about how she has turned into a labrador! Love that visual

Twoplusone - I am so sorry to hear about your DD's friend at school. Thinking of her and well done on being as truthful as you can with your DD.

What is everyone up to today? My DH asks me every day what I'm doing and then comments that I shouldn't be doing it. I have taken to bending the truth in the hope I wont get caught out!

Think I may go over my hospital bag again. General consensus was 3 vests and 3 sleepsuits so I shall add another one in. Thanks for the advice girlies.

Hope everyone slept well.

whompingwillowinthedewmeadow Thu 12-Jul-07 08:33:02

Morning!! I have stuff laid out in the general vicinity of my bag, but it actually isnt packed. So must do that. That could be my task for the day.

Still overawed by all the cleaning. I can be proactive in the mornign and then by lunchtime Im shattered. Try to be more energetic as want to play with DD and DS. Tried to play hide and seek in the orchard with them - its v hard to hide when you're massive!

Justaboutmanaging Thu 12-Jul-07 08:49:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiggsy Thu 12-Jul-07 08:55:05

morning all! we're all quite cheery this morning hope we're all ok
was on the phone to my dear old dad last night having a general moan about aches, pains etc. he decided to cheer me up by telling me it'll just get worse when bumps here and i'll be truly exhausted and get post natal depression!! think he really was trying to cheer me up tho...
anymore twinges/niggles?? soo exciting

Kyte Thu 12-Jul-07 09:13:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Myfairone Thu 12-Jul-07 10:07:13

We are all cheerful this morning arn't we! Bless our families for trying to cheer us up! All my Dad keeps saying is 'wont be long'!

I love how our DH's are doing their job of being overprotective and we are now finding little ways of deceiving them! Kyte love your 'pj tactic'! I tend to tie my hair back because he knows I never go out like that (or at least I never used to! hahahahaa)

I am deciding whether to go to Ikea or not....think it may be too much walking but would love some drawer dividers now that I have discovered what's actually in the drawers!

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 12-Jul-07 10:12:52

just noticed someone asking about justbeme (sorry, I'm shamelessly lurking on your thread for baby news...)

She had a little girl on Tuesday. see here.

Foxy is still waiting, poor love

Caroline1852 Thu 12-Jul-07 11:51:49

Everyone really is cheerful today, how nice and very infectious.
Going to see anaesthetist today and have bloods done etc in prep for my c-section on Monday. When I had my DD 20 months ago at the same hospital, prior to going into theatre we were put in a room with an ensuite bathroom to get ready. In the bathroom was another door - directly out to the corridor and I remember feeling very pleased that there was a means of escape - a sort of running away exit where I could leave without having to explain myself to anyone - partner, medical staff or whatever! Do you think it is normal to have these kinds of irrational thoughts?

marchbunny Thu 12-Jul-07 11:58:55

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all your congratulations, and well done to everyone else who have had their LOs. To all those waiting - rest, rest, rest and sleep, sleep, sleep!!!!!

A few details for those who have time to read. Friday morning had a small show and plenty of false contractions which stopped when I started moving around, carried on as normal on Friday - plenty of Braxton Hicks. Woke up at 3 am on Saturday morning, more contractions and a bit more of a show. All a bit irregular, but for some reason I decided it was all going to happen so called the parents up for babysitting duties!

Managed to have a little walk round the village fete in the afternoon whilst having strongish contractions but still irregular - decided to go in to be checked as my last labour was pretty quick and did not fancy giving birth on the motorway!! Was just 4cm dilated, decided to come home put on the the marvellous Tens machine. Contractions for the next two hours coming every 4-6 mins getting progressively stronger. Went back in at 8 pm, 6cm - Tens still working well, started on the old gas and air - like a good strong drink. Anyway to cut to the most important bit, waters broke at about 11.25 pm, up on all fours urge to push was becoming stronger. Decided I would like Samuel to be born on the 7/7/07 so gave it all I had and out he popped at 11.56 pm!! He is gorgeous! Feeding all the time - doing really well. Just a few stitches for me. feeding time again. will catch up again soon.

Cyee Thu 12-Jul-07 12:47:52

Hi everyone - hope you're all feeling good. I echo the earlier sentiments - try to keep living life until things kick off! I love that I was out for dinner a few hours before things started happening.

Again, for anyone who wants to know a few details. For everyone else, move onto the next message!:
My EDD was Sunday, and sure enough, about 1.30am I started having pains. Once I established it wasn't the delicious calamari it was about 2.30am and I couldn't sleep through them. So I came downstairs and used the ContractionMaster web site and lurked around MN, catching up with MelissaM. Initially pains were about 6/7 mins apart, so I had the tens on at a low pulse.... and basically so it continued. Pain very bearable, but couldn't sleep which was really frustrating. Things tailed off on Sunday afternoon but by about 8pm they were coming every 3 mins. Pain definitely still fine on the Tens.
Went into hosp at about 9pm and since I'd had no show and my waters hadn't broken, I fully expected to be sent home, however I was examined at 10.30pm and was 4cms. There was another check scheduled at 2.30am. I got onto G&A by this point.. God it was so good after 9 pretty much alco free months!!! By 12.30am pain was worse, but bearable, I was just really tired. So, thinking I'd be there for ages, I decided to have some Pethidine. This was a really tough decision for me because I had it in my mind that I could do it on G&A alone. Aaanyway, like the G&A I think it just spaced me out a bit. The last cms of dilation were the worst part for me, I found the constant contractions really hard.
My comedy moment was that I realised that if I made a monster sound (think lion roar impression) on the out breath of the G&A it felt REALLY good. So I did this, much to my DH's amusement, though he had the sense not to tell me this at the time. It was through this that the MW realised I was ready to push as I was clearly getting a bit of a kick from this and guessed that I was probably getting some kind of urge to push(which I found surprisingly pleasant albeit I a freak?). So she decided to examine me at 2am. My waters were bulging, she broke them, I got onto all fours, and at 2.16am Eva arrived.... She came out all at once in one push, and plopped onto the bed while the MW was about 10metres away. I could see my DH jump away from the bed and heard him exclaim 'it's a baby!' MW nearly died.. but Eva was fine. Good apgars, loud cry, 6lb13oz. Little tear but no stitches.

The last few days have been mad - just getting to know her, letting my body recover, trying to get the hang of bf-ing (ouch). It's just mindblowing and I don't think the reality has set in at all.

Now... having set out to put a brief post together, I have clearly failed! Seriously though, as a firsttimer I have really dreaded the birth part, and in fact my whole life have been scared about what would happen to me. SO mainly, I want to say that if there's anyone out there who feels/felt the same, please don't worry. Yes it hurts, yes it's not like anything you've felt before, yes it's scary when you're not in your comfort zone and don't know what's happening/what to do. However your body is amazing, and your mind gets you through it (and some drugs of course, if you wish). So I just want to wish everyone still to come every bit of luck in the world.... and I STRONGLY recommend the primal noise bit

Many apologies for all of this gushing firsttime nonsense and see you all on the PN thread!

Princesspowersparkle Thu 12-Jul-07 12:52:45

Ahhh Cyee- congratulations! You did really well. Looking forward to trying jungle noises soon
Enjoy yourself with you new DD xxxx

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dal21 Thu 12-Jul-07 12:59:41

Congrats Cyee! Thanks for sharing, it sounds as though it was an amazing birth!

Justaboutmanaging Thu 12-Jul-07 13:07:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiggsy Thu 12-Jul-07 13:09:58

congratulations cyee - can't believe i'm going to miss out on all the jungle noises and being abusive to dp that i've spent the last eight months looking forward to!! just realised i've got less than twelve days to go now till i get to meet my baby...

twoplusone Thu 12-Jul-07 13:55:31

Great birth stories..

Cyee- I remember making lots of strange noises when having ds.. no doubt will do again. The only thing that gets me is both times I have been to tthe delivery suite at the hospital you can hear a pin drop.. they wont know whats hit them when I get in I am not quiet at the best of times.

Seen the mw this morning.. lo has popped up slightly gone from 1/5 papable to 2/5 palpable. But this is to be expected as it is 3rd pg. everything else is ok though. I have told dh that we need to so lots of waking. MW also informed me that here they wont induce until atleast day 10 which means I will be getting induced as dd is leaving for her hols. Am going to plead with the consultant on monday, before stressing my self out over it. But I really dont want dd waiting a whole month till seeing her new baby brother, I want her to be one of the first to see him. She is so looking forward to it..

Hope everyone is ok, and the niggles are meaing things for some people.
We have aleaving do to go to wasnt going to go as DD still of school, but she feels better now just her throat hurts so we are going.. (I need to get out of the house) there is a bouncy castle.. I have been told they want me on it bouncing, in the hope it will start me off!!! I think I may burst it let alone anything els lol

Take care all.

Caroline1852 Thu 12-Jul-07 14:04:40

JAM - LOL at the runaway pregnant woman..... feel so normal now for having only considered it not actually put the running away plan into action. With my first baby I remember when he was a week late (induction looming) looking out across the fields and wishing that I could just go down to the field and have my baby away from all this medicalisation. I ended up having a long failed delivery with a stuck baby and an emergency c-section . This afternoon in the bath I thought it would be nice if I could give birth naturally at home before the c-section on MOnday. I really am losing my marbles!
Lovely to hear birth stories, thank goodness some people are fessing up to a bit more pain relief than 2 x paracetamol.

Catz Thu 12-Jul-07 14:12:57

thanks for the birth stories Cyee and marchbunny. Cyee, it's so nice to hear a positive first time story!

I'm still here and don't feel as if anything is likely to be happening immediately. Had loads of period type pains in the last few days but they seem to have stopped now (though did have more of a show last night and this morning). Just wish someone would tell my Dad that calling twice a day to ask whether 'anything has happened yet' is not a good idea!

Another quesiton on hospital bags (before I repack to use Caroline's revolutionary idea of leaving nappies and towels in the car!!). What kind of clothes have you packed to come home in? I don't have many clothes I still fit into at the moment - do you think maternity clothes that I was wearing at about 6 months would be OK or am I being optimistic!

bilblio Thu 12-Jul-07 14:22:20

Just been reading bits of this thread out to DP, he's worried I'll run away now. He's told me if I start being irrational he'll tell me and I have to listen to him... yeah right!

Planning on having a lazy day today, still aching loads, slept quite well, got up at 8 I was exhausted but couldn't get back to sleep, came down for some breakfast then at about 11 went back to bed. I managed to get to sleep but then Mum phoned to see how I was. I think I'm going to have to ban her from phoning me.

Do people not realise that if anything happens we'll want the world to know, but most of the time I want to try and forget how much I hurt, and how long I've potentially got to go.
I wish the MW hadn't told me she thinks it'll be early, I've still got a week to go, so I could be waiting about 3 more weeks!

tiggsy Thu 12-Jul-07 14:36:58

looks like we have a couple of candidates for a friday 13th baby!

Caroline1852 Thu 12-Jul-07 14:53:40

Unless the candidates turn refusenik and run for the hills!

JennsterSlugSlayer Thu 12-Jul-07 14:54:38

Sorry Cyee - PMSL at the dh jumping away from the bed and mw nearly dieing (how the heck do you spell that?). Not surprised baby Eva had a loud cry!


Great to hear mums and babes are well.


Caroline1852 Thu 12-Jul-07 14:55:06

Bilbliop - Tell your DH foot massages and back massages on demand are the only things that are going to stop you running away now. Perhaps with the odd pot of Haagen Dasz ice cream?

typhoonsmum Thu 12-Jul-07 15:00:59

Have just had an horrible realisation.

DD and MIL are going to see DSD1 play on Saturday. (DH, DSD2 and I are going this evening) DH is going out with the lads on Saturday night.

I'll be in the house on my own. Sods Law. I'll go into labour then I just know it. I won't be able to get hold of anyone. DH will be drunk (or on his way there)

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