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Where's that bloomin' Carol Vorderman when you need her as the August '07 Countdown begins....

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tokentotty Tue 10-Jul-07 17:05:14

Whaddyathink ???

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Mrsshuvel Tue 10-Jul-07 17:07:33

Hahaaha like it

Mrsshuvel Tue 10-Jul-07 17:12:24

Urgh those pains have scared me sufficiently enough to go home and pack my hospital case properly!

tokentotty Tue 10-Jul-07 17:14:21

Think I'm going to go and look for my bag as well !!

The linea thing is a dark line that is supposed to go from your belly button down to your fanjo that appears in pregnancy and then fades away afterwards. Read about it recently and then remembered someone mentioning it years ago to me but made me realise that at no point had anyone here said anything about having one.

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Mrsshuvel Tue 10-Jul-07 17:15:14

Oh yeah i have that, can't actually see it but DP has confirmed its existance

tokentotty Tue 10-Jul-07 17:15:56

Ah ok. Just that I wasn't sure looking at that pic on my profile if I did or whether it was the seam on my trousers....

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Mrsshuvel Tue 10-Jul-07 17:19:20

Get your DH to have a look for you. Or take a close up photo for yourself. Might do that myself so i can see how terrible these stretchmarks actually are.

tokentotty Tue 10-Jul-07 17:20:23

Not a bad plan MrsS.....
Right, fancy forty winks so catch you later

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Mrsshuvel Tue 10-Jul-07 17:21:02

Off home now, hopefully don't get anymore pains. The station is right next to the hospital if i do though and have my notes with me. Been carrying those around for the last week.

conkertree Tue 10-Jul-07 17:21:43

took me a minute to get it as for some reason i didnt read the end of the thread title - but am with you now.

annie75 - feeling pretty darn heavy just now - cant really work out if the head has dropped but it definately feels like its right there when i am walking. getting a little bit of heart burn too now.

5 1/2 days of work left - am very excited to be finishing. starting to feel slightly in control of leaving too which is nice.

no linea negra here - but have got little stretch marks under the bump which i am choosing to pretend dont exist as i cant see them unless looking in a mirror.

conkertree Tue 10-Jul-07 17:22:49

hope everything is fine mrss - maybe the baby was just having a good shove around causing pains.

Annie75 Tue 10-Jul-07 17:34:54

Yep, reckon I've got a line - sort of 'x' marks the spot - but no stretchmarks as yet. Read that they often emerge during labour. How mean is that??

Like the pic, TT. Your DH is artistic!

growingbagpuss Tue 10-Jul-07 17:38:48

blumin heck!

I've only been out 1/2 hour (well maybe it took me a little longer) and you lot have stretched a whole new thread!

I've got a linea nigra - but I'm v fair so it shows lots -mine is all wobbily where the stretchmarks are!! it goes even wobblier post baby!

Shouldn't have walked to nursery..... am in agony now and out of breath. funny coz my heart rate doesn't seem to go up... maybe that's why I'm so out of breath?!

Saw another Mum who's fairly recently had her 2nd LO. She said how long left... when I said 4 weeks, she said "blimey" and looked .... am i that huge? maybe i look it with DH's tracky bottoms off, as I've been varnishing DS's pine box today...

katybird Tue 10-Jul-07 17:39:34

Phew, just got through all the posts from yesterday evening/today, we are a chatty bunch aren't we? Not complaining, I love catching up with everyone. Yay for the new thread!

TT and MrsS, love the photos! You both have fabulous bumps. Might get DP to take another pic of mine tonight. Hope you're ok MrsS, realised it won't be too long until we have our first birth story on here!

I don't have linea negra yet but I'm due towards the end of Aug so maybe it'll appear later, still waiting for my belly button to pop too! I don't think I've got any new stretchmarks, all my old ones from puberty have started to expand but they're silvery not red and angry. But I do have little purple vein marks on my bump, anyone else have those?

Still have a long to-do list too:

- haircut and colour
- pedicure but without polish so I can use the birth pool
- dentist
- lady garden trimmed
- finish painting spare room
- pack hospital bag
- write birth plan
- buy nappies, buggy, sling...

Hmm, not sure I've got my priorities right...

growingbagpuss Tue 10-Jul-07 17:40:30

sorry - freudian slip there.... tracky bottoms ON !! I did not walk to nursery with no trousers on!

mum2george Tue 10-Jul-07 17:49:50

Growingbagpuss, know what you mean about your Mum, sounds like you are in a no win situation. My Mum is alot like that too so every sympathy.

MrsS, love the photo. Hope you feel better after a bit of rest.

My stats are the same as Conkertree & washersaurus - 1st August - surprise

Have got back from my pedicure, picked up DS and cooked and eaten tea, feel much, much better Am going to give him an early bath as he looks shattered and then eat loads of chocolate before DH gets home. Does that sound like a good plan?

katybird Tue 10-Jul-07 18:09:29

Sounds like a perfect plan mum2george! There's a stats thread here if you want to add yourself to the list.

bananabump Tue 10-Jul-07 18:12:49

Yay! new thread, thanks TT! I see you girls are filling it up as quick as you can lol

Just think....there could be the first birth announcement on this very thread.

I just went shopping in town for probably the last time before this baby arrives, it's just too much like hard work, waddling slowly everywhere with regular wees and sit-downs. I bought some raspberry leaf tea tablets and took a couple before we walked round. Don't know whether it was the walking or the tablets but had a few big braxtons on the way to the car. Stopped now I'm at home resting, so I'm not worried.

Bought this for my big sisters birthday, after an hour of dithering in and around h samuel (I'm a libra, chronically indecisive) because the whole willow tree range is lovely, decided on that one in the end because she has also just got engaged. So taking that over to her in a bit, hope she likes it.

I don't have a linea nigra, but then again I'm very very fair so maybe that's why? Dp took a few pics of the bump (clothed, don't wanna scare anyone) earlier, he took one lying on the floor looking up, and I look like a scary giantess, don't think we'll get that one developed, somehow...

growingbagpuss Tue 10-Jul-07 18:13:20

I'm impressed Mum2George - DS and i have just eaten Apple and cheese, and he's currently protesting about having a bath... but if he wants to watch Night Garden then that is the price he must pay.

Havfe eaten junk today (except the apple and cheese). Just want to drink Galoons of milk (LOVE the stuff!!)

now I want a pedicure too........

katybird Tue 10-Jul-07 18:21:02

It was probably a combination of the raspberry leaf and the walking banana, glad you're feeling ok now you're back. Lovely present for your sis, my friend had a similar willow tree sculpture on top of her wedding cake.

I still look relatively slim front-on in our bathroom mirror, but I keep catching my reflection when I'm out and blimey, I look gargantuan!

mum2george Tue 10-Jul-07 19:00:22

Bananabump, that pressie is lovely. My little sis bought us the one of the couple holding the baby as part of our wedding present as she knew we wanted children straight away. Feng Shui and all that

Growingbagpuss, how much do you HATE the Night Garden, or is that just me? Feel really sorry for all the first timers they have no idea of these little treats that lye in wait for them DS is in bed now but I think he may have gone past it. He keeps shouting me back with silly requests.

Really enjoyed the pedicure, even more because it was a pressie. Asked everyone for either Next vouchers, for maternity clothes, or salon vouchers for my birthday so I could treat myself and am really glad I did now.

Did I mention that I'm aneamic? The MW forgot to take my 28 week bloods so they only got done a week ago. The doctors phoned me yesterday to tell me to pick up a prescription for iron tablets. Couldn't understand why I was so exhausted all the time but that will be why. Kept telling the MW at my appts that I was really tired too She really is crap.

mum2george Tue 10-Jul-07 19:08:05

Katybird, just seen your to-do-list and was wondering which sling you are going to get. (sorry, I'm a bit obsessed with them at the mo). I've just bought this one in red:

Can't wait for it to arrive so that we can have a little practice.

Seems I can choose a sling but still can't decide on a name if its a girl, and there is only 3 weeks and 1 day to go to EDD! HELP! Anybody else still undecided on names or is it just me and DH?

myweegirl Tue 10-Jul-07 20:20:06

hello - like the title of the new thread.

just trying to catch up with everyone's news since last week. glad that everyone's is doing ok nd that the unusal pains/and unplanned trips to day units have all been ok.

i know i don't post very often but where are all the other'a whose names are on the stats page??

i'm choked with the cold too - can't seem to shake it. so it's not helping the sleep situation DP snoring, up to pee about 10 times a night, heartburn, not being able to get comfy, finding it too hot at times, sore hips etc etc.

mum2george - my dd absolutely loves the night garden - but we've had to stop her watching it before bed as she just gets too excited and won't go to sleep. which really isn't the point of the bed-time hour

i took delivery of a freedom sling today
- not tried it yet and they've sent a dvd with instructions on it.

friday is my last day of working - and even better the next 3 days are only half days due to the amount of flexi i've got left - and even better than that i'm working them at home

sorry for the long post!

PurpleRabbit Tue 10-Jul-07 20:29:51

Hi, I like the thread name too!

mum2george - no you're not the only one still deciding on names. We have a girl's name, which we would have used for DS if he'd been a girl, but DS has the only boy's name we both like so we're really stuck.

Saw the midwife yesterday and baby is transverse. She doesn't seem to think it's likely to turn now (I'm 36 weeks tomorrow) so the VBAC I'd really hoped for doesn't look likely to happen any more . Got to see the consultant on Tuesday to discuss what's to happen.

Going to go and put all DS's baby photos into his baby books now, so they don't get mixed up if new baby looks like him!

lizziemun Tue 10-Jul-07 21:18:12


We also cannot decide on a girls name (same last time). Boys name is fine as we choose last time.

It also doesn't help that no longer like the names we had last time. I am also fussy (as per DH ) as i not keen on unisex names or the more modern names.

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