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Is there an October thread?

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Womblove Mon 21-Jan-19 11:35:47


I maybe the first to post that I am due 2nd of October 2019

I am just calming down after the initial shock...

We are delighted but this little one is a BIG surprise!

We already have three girls age 15, 12 & 9.

My husband felt I was pregnant this morning before I even did the test. I was due on today but last few days I keep getting this disgusting smell that nobody in the house was getting... before my shower I just twigged that I had not started so had a test and did it.

I stood in the shower shaking and when my husband came in I burst out crying as was so worried what he would say... but of course he was not surprised at all and was happy...

We are shocked, nervous but happy.

I am 40 and he is 45 and so we are a little worried about being older parents. I said its even more of a reason we both stay healthy and fit.

I do feel stirring in my belly like I am about to come on so don't want to get too excited in case baby does not stick.

My last pregnancies we told everyone instantly but I am worried about taking my kids on a roller coaster of emotions if I lost the baby. My oldest has her exams this year too so will hold out long as possible, I am more worried about it making her wobble!

Look forward to meeting people as they join.


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Womblove Mon 21-Jan-19 12:00:30

oops there is already a thread under Pregnancy called Due October 2019

so will pop over there!

Not sure how to delete this one?

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