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The March-ers 2019 - #8 3rd Trimester

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Angelmiracle Tue 08-Jan-19 12:59:39

Thread 8!

Things are ramping up now mamas.

Get your hospital bags at the ready grin

Thread 7 link:

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Angelmiracle Wed 09-Jan-19 20:33:49

@thefirsttimer- EDD 23/02/19 - first baby - Boy
@Wineandchoccy- EDD 24/02/19 - 2nd baby - dd is 3
@olivia2019 - EDD 25/02/19 First Baby
@Frenchgal - EDD 25/02/19 - first baby -Boy
@Sjohn81 - EDD 25/02/19
@pushit - EDD 25/02/19 - DD(2yrs9m)- baby twins
@squashbanana1- EDD 26/02/19- first baby
@orangekitkat13 - EDD 27/02/19 - first baby - Boy
@Velcro88 - EDD 27/02/19 - first baby
@hamandpease - EDD 01/03/19 - first baby
@Shampooeeee- EDD 01/03/19- 1 DS (2yo)
@Purpleflower1983 - EDD 01/03/19 - baby girl
@TurquoiseWeekend - EDD 01/03/19
@puravida31- EDD 01/03/19 - first baby
@PartridgeJoan- EDD 01/03/19- first baby
@SDP84- EDD 01/03/19 - DD (8yo)
@LittleKitty1985- EDD 01/03/19 - first baby - team blue
@Sophlou- EDD 01/03/19 - 2 DC
@Priscilla83 - EDD 01/03/19 - first baby
@toastfiend- EDD 02/03/19 - first baby
@wordsmithereens- EDD 02/03/19 - first baby - Girl
@Barleyfive -EDD 2/03/19
@Hermagsjesty - EDD 02/03/19 - 2 DC (7&5)
@Jellybean023- EDD 02/03/19 - first baby
@ladycarlotta- EDD 03/03/19 - first baby - Girl
@MoosterTheMoose- EDD 03/03/19 - DD (4yo)- baby girl
@ClaireMcd13- EDD 03/03/19 - DD (4yo)
@Murphyrocks- EDD 03/03/19 - 1 DS (2yo)- Boy
@MistakenHoliday- EDD 03/03/19 - one DD (3yo) - Girl
@NotDoingThat- EDD 03/03/19 - first baby
@rainbownugget28- EDD 03/03/19 - first baby
@MrsSax- EDD 03/03/19 - 1 DS - Boy
@Jessclarkky- EDD 03/03/19 - 1st baby - Girl
@XxsimonexX- EDD 04/03/19 - baby boy
@babycatcher411- EDD 04/03/19 - 1DC
@Mamawithnumber2 - EDD 05/03/19
@sunnywithachanceofpanic- EDD 05/03/19
@TheWanderlust - EDD 06/03/19 - first baby - Girl
@Buttons2 - EDD 06/03/19 - 1 DC
@MrsLCW -EDD 07/03/19 (will be induced around 14/03/19)
@chamcourts - EDD 08/03/19
@starheart- EDD 08/03/19
@7415N1d0r1391117- EDD 08/03/19- 2 DS - Boy
@sarahandduckarehigh - EDD 09/03/19 - 1DS (almost 2)
@Marmite2018 - EDD 11/3/19 first baby 🍼
@lemonsorbetinthesun- EDD 11/03/19
@Mum2bejac -EDD 12/03/19
@loopyloo85 - EDD 12/03/19
@WhataLearningCurve - EDD 12/03/19 - Boy
@Smilenow2008 -EDD 12/03/19
@march19 - EDD 12/03/19 - first baby- Girl
@Hans123 - EDD 13/03/19
@Gronk27- EDD 13/03/19 - First Baby- Girl
@HelloPeopl3- EDD 13/03/19 - first baby-Girl
@cpearce88- EDD 13/03/19 - first baby
@myotherbagisgucci -EDD 14/03/19 - 1DC
@Harlennjerome - EDD 14/03/2019
@Agnie- EDD 14/03/19
@ballanj - EDD 14/03/19 - first baby - Boy
@Welshgal18 -EDD 14/03/19
@melissa112 -EDD 14/03/19 - Boy
@SunshineAndRainbows6 - EDD 14/03/19 - first baby - Boy
@MisBit1 - EDD 15/03/19 - 1DS will be 3yo
@HidCat -EDD 15/03/2019 - 1DS (5yo)
@Jenlou1992- EDD 15/03/19 - first baby
@Miami81 - EDD 15/03/19 - first baby
@physicskate - EDD 15/03/19 - first baby
@SharonO225 - EDD 15/03/19 - 3 DC - Girl
@Spud2019 - EDD 15/03/19 - Girl
@NatashaRomanov- EDD 16/03/19 - 1DD (8yo)
@pearcrumble- EDD 16/03/19 - first baby
@cactusplant- EDD 17/03/19 - 2 DC
@Angel0071987 -EDD 18/3/19
@SoBoredofWaiting- EDD 18/03/19- Boy
@bluebelltulip- EDD 19/03/19 - 1 DD 18 months
@HoldOnToHope - EDD 19/03/19
@Kee80 - EDD 19/03/19- 1DS - Girl
@modgem - EDD 19/03/19 - first baby
@rachieachie- EDD 19/03/19 - Boy
@Orville82 - EDD 20/03/19 - 1 DS (3yo)
@ALRM - EDD 20/03/19 - first baby
@RMack22 - EDD 20/03/19 - first baby
@SquirtlesMumAgain- EDD 20/03/19 - 1 DS (3yo)- Girl
@BadBadBeans - EDD 20/03/19 - 1 DS (2yo)
@Elizabeth134 - EDD 21/03/19 - first baby
@cornflower1- EDD 21/03/19
@Daisy2990- EDD 21/03/19 - DS (5yo)
@Charlotte1x -EDD 22/03/19
@penguins18- EDD 22/03/19
@TheOneWithTheBaby- EDD 23/03/19 - first baby
@Minichuch- EDD 23/03/19 - DS (3yo)
@Doodles1234 - EDD 23/03/19
@Jenfur- EDD 23/03/19 - DS (2yo)- Boy
@MyMumDimensionJumps- EDD 23/03/19- 1 DC
@fanks- EDD 24/03/19 - 4 DC
@Jadeelx- EDD 24/03/19 - 1 DS 8 months
@RachelYC- EDD 24/03/19 - first baby
@Newbie2703 - EDD 25/03/19 - first baby
@Trevor - EDD 25/03/19
@Bellendejour- EDD 25/03/19 - first baby
@firsttimemumjess1 - EDD 25/03/19- first baby
@AssumeItWasSomethingClever - EDD 26/03/19 - first baby
@sherbertdibdab -EDD 27/03/19 - 1 DD 21 months
@cardboard33 - EDD 27/03/19 - first baby
@Hurradieweltgehtunter- EDD 27/03/19- baby twins
@nightmanagerfan - EDD 27/03/19 - first baby
@AceyMac13 - EDD 28/03/19
@Moleeye - EDD 28/03/2019
@Tiffbump- EDD 28/03/19 - 2 DC
@Villagefete -EDD 28/03/19 - DD(9yo)- Boy
@MsLioness - EDD 28/03/19
@absolutehush- EDD 29/03/19
@TeaRexx - EDD 29/03/19 - first baby
@thecherryontop - EDD 29/03/19 - DD (4yo)
@Angelmiracle- EDD 29/03/19 - DS (5yo)
@PassTheAfterEights - EDD 29/03/19 - first baby
@HappyOtter - EDD 29/03/19 - first baby
@BuffaloGiraffe - EDD 30/03/19 - 2 DC
@Fredders - EDD 30/03/19 - first baby
@Sictransitgloria -EDD 30/03/19 - Boy
@silvertongue - EDD 30/03/19 - first baby
@Jenda - EDD 30/03/19
@LovelyFishy - EDD 31/03/19
@hanny24 - EDD TBC
Meghan Duchess of Sussex - EDD 31/03/19 - first baby

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Wineandchoccy Wed 09-Jan-19 20:39:49

Hello checking in from a premier inn last work trip away of 2019 👏

Angelmiracle Wed 09-Jan-19 20:45:19

Im sure you're glad about that!! @Wineandchoccy grin

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kee80 Wed 09-Jan-19 20:55:57

Checking in smile

HidCat Wed 09-Jan-19 20:57:44

Hi everyone, I'm in hospital being monitored for preterm contractions but at least no sign of early labour. Only 30+5. 😞 Got a course of steroids and drugs to slow down contractions. looks like they're fairly happy for now though.

@melissa112 that's great news that progress is being made on the MH front. With regards to the carrycot, I just used the whole pram base as we had room for it and hard floors. I also have a travel cot for plan b.

Thanks for the new thread @Angelmiracle!

ballanj Wed 09-Jan-19 20:59:43

Checking in 👋🏼👋🏼

ballanj Wed 09-Jan-19 21:01:51

@Angelmiracle glad I'm not the only one who's done that at a cash machine!

ballanj Wed 09-Jan-19 21:03:30

Hadn't given much thought to where Hulk will kip/chill when he's downstairs. I guess we could use our pram cot as it's sturdy enough but I might just pick up a cheap Moses basket to keep downstairs in any event. I can't see me moving the Snuzpod up and down the stairs every day!

Wineandchoccy Wed 09-Jan-19 21:04:39

@HidCat hope you are ok and you can go home soon.

Yes I am @Angelmiracle and the bed is pretty comfy as well so hopefully I will sleep

SoBoredOfWaiting Wed 09-Jan-19 21:28:12

Checking in 😊

melissa112 Wed 09-Jan-19 21:55:43

@HidCat hope all is ok!

Sictransitgloria Wed 09-Jan-19 21:59:06

@angelmiracle I bought a moses basket from Asda today on my lunch break funnily enough.

@hidcat hope things settle down and you are able to go home soon.

Angelmiracle Wed 09-Jan-19 22:26:49

Aw @HidCat that must be scary! Hopefully its a false alarm and baby stays put!

I read an article about the youngest ever preterm in America was born at 21 weeks doing brilliantly - we're all well past that now confused but preferably none come too early!

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Angelmiracle Wed 09-Jan-19 22:29:34

@Sictransitgloria you can't go wrong with them. They're nice and snug for baby. I was told by everyone not to buy one but my aunt offered me one few weeks after DS was born and I happily accepted it. He loved it and got 3 months out of it. It was larger than most they sell these days.

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TheWanderlust Thu 10-Jan-19 08:14:38

Checking in! Can't believe we're on the final countdown already!! Where has the time gone??

BadBadBeans Thu 10-Jan-19 08:45:41

Flurry of activity on here of late! Everyone is getting into gear...

@melissa112 yay, I'm so glad you had the salad and enjoyed it! Positive experiences like that are so helpful in reducing anxiety in future. Well done you. I'm glad your MH appointment was positive too. Regarding stands, we had a stand for the Moses basket upstairs, but we used the pram carrycot downstairs and we just kept it on the floor. It was easy peasy.

On Moses baskets, DS was a fairly large baby (8lbs 12 and then tracking 75th percentile ever since, with the odd foray into 91st) and he was in his for three months. I thought it was worth having it personally - he was lovely and snug in there, and it was easy to take that and the stand with us when we went to stay with people. Our Moses basket was second-hand from a friend, and arrived to us a bit crushed having been through three babies. I had to stitch it back together in places... But I just gave it a wash with Milton a few weeks before baby was born. Will prob do the same again this time. I am going to buy a new mattress for it. I'll use DS's as a kneeler in the garden so it won't be wasted!

We have reusable nappies from a friend. DH is very sceptical about whether I will use them or not, as I bought a load secondhand last time that I didn't use. That was because they were really, really crap though and leaked through within an hour every time. They were obviously worn out. My friend assures me that the ones she has given me are 'bomb proof'. So I will be having a go at using those from about 6 weeks, but probably only when we are at home. We did use the Naty nappies for DS but then our local supermarket stopped stocking them and we switched to Pampers. I'll have to have a little investigate as to what is available now as a more responsible disposable nappy. And then maybe bulk buy them online. Anyone got any thoughts?

@babycatcher411 I am finding movements more painful than last time, which surprises me as I had assumed things would have stretched and that it would be easier. This baby likes to bunch itself up and lie so that it is really pressing my bump outwards, and I find the pressure quite uncomfortable at times. I have also had a few occasions where it has done something - not sure what; maybe pushed against my cervix? - down low, and it has made me stop and gasp in pain!

@VillageFete congratulations on the good news about your scar tissue, and on having your C-section booked! Mine is too. I am aware that it may be moved around, but it's nice to be able to feel like I can start preparing. I'm sure that it will help lessen my anxiety.

@ballanj I run a bit but I wouldn't call myself a runner, and I haven't run since the first trimester I'm afraid, so I can't help you! I was so rough with sickness, and then with the low iron, that I dropped runs / gym completely and switched over to swimming. With DS I gave up running at the gym at around the 6 month mark - I just found it too uncomfortable. Don't worry - you'll be amazed at how quickly you get back into it once the baby's out! Listen to your body for now, and don't beat yourself up if you're not able to move in the way you expect. You will be back to it soon enough!

@cardboard33 Having read your posts over the last few months, I hope you don't mind me saying that I think your attitude to your medical situation is absolutely amazing. It has really given me food for thought on how I am approaching my own (far less significant!) medical worries, and I honestly think it has changed me a bit for the better! So thank you for sharing. On a lighter note - haha, I hadn't realised how sexist Theme Hospital was, no! Shocking! I did love it though. Yes the 7 weeks thing was a bit odd - I had never thought that DH would want to get married, but he actually had a health scare that made him reconsider. The health scare was well over by the time he did propose, mind you! We did it in 7 weeks because I was a teacher and we wanted it done by the end of the summer holidays, rather than having to wait for a year for the next suitable time. We had a DIY wedding with a party in our back garden, so we needed summer weather! I do wish I'd had a little more time to enjoy the preparations and do a few more crafty bits for it myself, but our friends and family did lots of DIY for us and I think they all enjoyed helping out - it was very much a team event! I have lots of happy memories of it.

@LittleKitty1985 I had to take my ring off towards the end last time, and I got carpal tunnel from about 36/37 weeks too. It was the middle of summer though and I am really, really hoping that I escape that this time as the weather is colder. It wasn't much fun - sympathy to you. I didn't put my wedding ring back on for months afterwards!!!

@Gronk27 talking to the couple sounds like a good way forward. Well done on the MA form - I still need to get my MAT B1 from the midwife!

AssumeItWasSomethingClever Thu 10-Jan-19 09:00:08

Checking in!

In regards to upstairs/ downstairs sleeping arrangements, one of the main reasons I like the purflo was due to it having a tall sturdy metal stand that can make it act as a bedside crib but the bassinet itself can be also be clipped off and it's lightweight enough to be carted around the house.

I'm getting loads of low kicks over the past 2 days. I could feel babies foot (possibly!?) move and stick out of my body right down by my pubic bone yesterday. Very weird!

At my 28 week appointment the midwife said baby was in the breech position but they aren't worried until 30 odd weeks. I've tried having a feel to find baby but can't make out what's what! Anyone got any tips on baby mapping?

toastfiend Thu 10-Jan-19 11:30:05

Just checking in!

First NCT session last night. I really enjoyed it and everyone in our group seemed really nice. DH forgot to take his slippers off before we left, though, and only realised when we were halfway there and too late to turn back. How to create an impression, anyway!! 🤦‍♀️😂

VillageFete Thu 10-Jan-19 11:41:32

@BadBadBeans What date have they given you? How exciting!

@HidCat Oh, please keep us updated. Lots of love and positive thoughts to you.

@Cardboard33 - You're amazing, and I really hope it's many, many, many, many years from now before you need to ever think about leaving this world behind.

I've bloody forgotten everything. Since I had my DD 9 years ago things seem to have changed, massively! What the hell will my son sleep in? Is anyone getting/got one of those "next to me" cribs? DD had a moses basket but from memory it didn't last long. Also, what will your baby sleep in downstairs? Any ideas would be great. With having so much on with nursing my friend and her passing, I feel like i'm only just giving this pregnancy a second thought now. Can I also have your thoughts on those "sleepy heads" Are they safe for overnight sleeping?

I'm both employed as a freelancer, and self employed too. Waiting for my employer to get back to me to let me know if I qualify for SMP (I defo don't) But they are really dragging their heels. I want to get my MA forms sent off as i'm sure there's probably going to be a backlog/delay...

babycatcher411 Thu 10-Jan-19 11:46:58

Yeah @AssumeItWasSomethingClever wouldn’t worry about position at this time 20% are breech at 28/40, only 4% by term.
Mine is cephalic but I still get kicked down below- on his last scan he had a foot firmly pressed against his head.

@Hidcat, I hope all is well and it all settles, I was an inpatient twice in the last 10days, once ?labour and a PV bleed but thankfully all settled and everything is fine. They do like to scare us at times these babies!

SquirtlesMumAgain Thu 10-Jan-19 11:56:04

Thinking of you @hidcat - hope things settle really soon.

Ref sleepyheads etc for overnight - no generally they aren't recommended for unsupervised sleeping as most arent breathable enough if baby managed to roll over/turn into the side. That said people still seem to use them overnight but I personally wouldn't take the risk.
Whichever one you are looking at check that specific manufacturer's guidelines.

Just off to the Aldi baby sale... Wish me luck!

Jellybean023 Thu 10-Jan-19 11:59:14

Checking back in.

Gronk27 Thu 10-Jan-19 12:33:30

@badbadbeans how annoying! Mine gave me it straight away after my 20 week scan! Also check out Kit and Kin nappies 20 percent off subscription at the mo.

Just been for a breastfeeding course. Very interesting!

Off to Aldi in a bit

Harley8888 Thu 10-Jan-19 12:41:21

Hello everyone!

I've just joined mumsnet. Hope you have room for a first time mum grin

Im 30 weeks pregnant with baby boy. Due date is March 19th.
Anyone else in the West Sussex area?

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