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August 2019 Part 3: nausea, scans and big reveals

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ScotsBaby2 Wed 02-Jan-19 12:24:00

Part 3 already!

A list of those already on the bus. Welcome to newbies. It's the countdown to 12 week scans. I think I have nearly a month to wait though :-(

(July): MrsC87, JodieRobson

30th Jul: Triskaidekaphilia
31st Jul: Mrsof20118, Jelliestogether
1st Aug:
2nd Aug: Kateroslin, Cardi86
3rd Aug: IrishCypriot, Bakingabean, UnicornDust17, Sammi0805 Aileenr(3rd-5th), Kbloom, Ninunina
4th Aug: FrancesV83, MrsRyan15, DT1390, Sric1994 (4th-8th), Emma1224
5th Aug: SenoraSurf, EverythingNow, Noopey, Kileah18
6th Aug: Sunshine1987, MrsH1990
7th Aug:, Clairelee17
8th Aug: Newtoallthis101, orangefolly, Mammytosuperbaby (8th-12th), sunshinerainfollower, Carlyisamum
9th Aug: Stylix1981, Whoopsies
10th Aug: SullyWife, Moonchild23, QueenofFox, CautiousOptimist
11th Aug: Crossfitgirl, Albeans, DolleyMix, Blueberry2018
12th Aug: Brownzy, Kmic, Lothirial
13th Aug: Avacadooo, lmason17, marajade12, canonlyhopexo
14th Aug: Lemon1, Purplelion, TDLO, RiseYeSunkenShip
15th Aug: Canor10, Poppy012, Blii
16th Aug: Elito, Abw94, ss3ajb
17th Aug: Chiatta
18th Aug: MummaGiles, LouPenny25
19th Aug: Coneywonder, ScotsBaby2, Jummynbean, Starreyeyed13
20th Aug:
21st Aug: NursieMum27
22nd Aug: quackersmooo, bluesdetoi, loveshinealight
23rd Aug: Sunnydays321, DippyDiplidocus, 1BobbinWinder
24th Aug:
25th Aug:
26th Aug: ScarletGlow, mamma2be, sacrecoeur0712
27th Aug:
28th Aug: Moncwf, Octobergirl91
29th Aug: Twitwooo
30th Aug: PinkLady89x, misssunshine86, FunkyEmzie, WOMANlikeME (30-1)
31st Aug:
2nd Sept: 03cclarke

Due dates TBA:




Wine winner

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orangefolly Wed 02-Jan-19 12:31:28

Jumping on! Gosh I am so tired today, am back to work but really just want to sleep!

EverythingNow Wed 02-Jan-19 12:42:25

Morning all. MW today.

Has anyone else been experiencing sharp pains? I'm 9+2 (scan at 8+3 showed right size baby, if a little bigger than dates and 174bpm hb) I had these pains dead on 6wks too but they stopped whereas I had them in the night and today. They're sharp and in the middle of my lower abdomen right on the pubic bone line. I'll ask the MW this avo and Google suggests round ligament pains, I just don't remember this with my other 3! But then I wasn't filled with worry with them!

mamma2be Wed 02-Jan-19 13:06:14

Just wanted to jump on and say a big thanks to everyone for their well wishes on the previous thread! Just had a scan at the EPU and they could see a small gestational sac, but it's underdeveloped to what they would expect to see. Because of the heavy bleeding and lack of embryo they think it's a failing pregnancy but have to go back in a weeks time to be sure. 😔

I'm going to duck out of this thread for now - but I do wish you all wonderful ladies long and healthy pregnancies! 💞

orangefolly Wed 02-Jan-19 13:08:24

I'm so sorry @mamma2be - really such a tough break. My thoughts are with you.

EverythingNow Wed 02-Jan-19 13:08:37

Oh @mamma2be so sorry to hear that xxx

MrsRyan15 Wed 02-Jan-19 14:03:27

So sorry to hear that @mamma2be take care of yourself xx

clairelee17 Wed 02-Jan-19 14:21:13

The nausea and sickness is really ramping up today - so hard to work! Thank god I'm working from home today, might have to do so for the rest of the week!

Ninunina Wed 02-Jan-19 14:37:33

So sorry to hear @mamma2be sad

clairelee17 Wed 02-Jan-19 14:45:34

@mamma2be So sorry to hear this. Thinking of you xx

UnicornDust17 Wed 02-Jan-19 15:01:55

Oh blimmin phone didn't refresh and I didn't see this post. Sorry @ScotsBaby2

I'll get that one deleted

UnicornDust17 Wed 02-Jan-19 15:03:55

So sorry @mamma2be sad

sunshine1987 Wed 02-Jan-19 15:29:55

So sorry @mamma2be xxx

KMic Wed 02-Jan-19 15:47:58

Oo I found you all! 3 threads already! Hard to keep up!!!

Nursiemum27 Wed 02-Jan-19 16:14:30

So sorry @mamma2be 😢

Nursiemum27 Wed 02-Jan-19 16:15:29

Sat here with so much to do and no energy and a sicky feeling that hasn’t left me all day!! One productive thing I did do was order a Chinese 😂

Whoopsies Wed 02-Jan-19 16:41:05

@mamma2be so so sorry x

Found you all! I'm 8+6 now and really feeling sick aaaallll the time!! Still managing to eat as long as it's savoury!! Last day of being away at my parents today, I've been so spoilt with lots of help with ds and having all my meals cooked for us etc. Will be nice to be home tomorrow but will miss it for sure. Hope everyone else is getting on well.

ScotsBaby2 Wed 02-Jan-19 18:35:18

So sorry @mamma2be look after yourself xxx

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scratchbass Wed 02-Jan-19 18:49:15

I hope you don't mind me jumping on the thread so late, it's my first Mumsnet post. Sorry to hear about any losses. Although a planned pregnancy, I've been reluctant to feel that I'm pregnant until I get a scan. I've self referred to the maternity unit and just need to inform my GP by phone.

According to my period app I'm 8+1 and due 13th August. Around week 6 I was nauseous, bloated, tender and tired, but the nausea seems to have gone down a bit and my breasts aren't as sore. My digestion has slowed down completely despite being completely ravenous most of the day.

I was running/spinning before this, so I've been trying to keep moving, although tiredness has been getting in the way. I'd be happy with a couple of 30 minute runs and a spin class each week. I also do quite an intensive pilates class and plan to do a couple more weeks before changing to a prenatal class.

UnicornDust17 Wed 02-Jan-19 18:52:27

congrats @scratchbass and welcome :-)

RaindropsRoses Wed 02-Jan-19 18:53:12

Can't believe how fast these threads are moving! 3 already! Just checking in. First day back at work today and a few sicky moments but mainly just knackered, thankfully everyone else is too after the time off.

So sorry mamma2be, Sending you hugs x

RaindropsRoses Wed 02-Jan-19 18:55:38

everythingnow Ive had that last time with ds and this time too. Last time it was so bad at 6w on one side that I was referred for an early scan suspected ectopic but everything was fine. Last week I had it really bad left side and was worrying but it didnt last very long and then yesterday randomly on the right. Hope that's reassuring.

ScotsBaby2 Wed 02-Jan-19 19:16:15

Congratulations @scratchbass Welcome! You sound so much more active in pregnancy than I am when I'm not pregnant. I need to fix this after this bambino.

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RiseYeSunkenShips Wed 02-Jan-19 19:42:28

Sorry to hear that @mamma2be sad look after yourself xx

First day back at work for two weeks today and almost fell asleep at my desk more than once!

Has anyone here had gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy? I’m wondering if i’ll Get tested early for it this time. I’m doing sugar free January (no added sugar so I can still have fruit) and then going to go onto my GD diet from feb once the nausea has hopefully settled (cannot give up white carbs at the moment, they’re getting me through the day!)

scratchbass Wed 02-Jan-19 19:46:18

Thanks @UnicornDust17 !

@ScotsBaby2 it is a struggle at the minute! Tonight has been spent on the sofa with chocolate.

Getting in on the dry January chat at work so it's not too obvious that I'm not drinking. My final night out pre-pregnancy test was my work Xmas-do so that'll keep rumours at bay for a while!

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