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July 2019 - Part 5!!

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Kentishgal Tue 11-Dec-18 12:49:45

Here goes...hope this works...

Wonder how many threads we'll have completed before the end of the first trimester!

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wombatron Tue 11-Dec-18 12:58:57

Checking in! Feeling a bit more human now!

MakeAWhish Tue 11-Dec-18 13:01:08

Checking in! X

Kentishgal Tue 11-Dec-18 13:06:55

Here's a link to the google doc we had running previously...

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allthegoodnamesalreadytaken Tue 11-Dec-18 13:07:37

Checking in! Sickness has finally subsided now i'm almost at the end of the first trimester and feeling far less tired so finally able to look forward to xmas! Got my official NHS 12 week scan on monday feels like a milestone!

Hoping everyone else suffering with sickness at the moment get some relief soon

DianaBlythe Tue 11-Dec-18 13:24:49

@Kentishgal - just opened the google document and it’s also shared your hospital bag list. I am overwhelmed by your supreme organisation!

vixy1988 Tue 11-Dec-18 13:32:17

Hi guys,

Checking in.

AIDE2424 Tue 11-Dec-18 13:37:56

Marking my place 🤞🏻 I’ve been quiet the past few days, I’ve had 2 days where I weirdly ( and worryingly) did not feel pregnant! But woke this morning and the sickness is back!

Bought this cute book today, to fill in it goes always from the first trimester to the baby’s first birthday! It’s the first thing I’ve really bought and I love writing and keeping notes.

I have my NHS scan on Friday to check everything’s okay still, I’m 8 weeks tomorrow by LMP but think I’m 8 weeks on Saturday or Sunday going by my dates. And then I have a private scan on Sunday too. Very nervous about my scan on Friday incase there’s any problems I haven’t been sleeping this week at all but wondering if that’s because the scans playing on my mind xx

Delilah7 Tue 11-Dec-18 13:47:03

Checking in x

FuzzyPixel Tue 11-Dec-18 13:54:38

Thank you for starting a new thread. I will fill in the Google sheet today too.

Kentishgal Tue 11-Dec-18 13:55:07

DianaBlythe I wish I was that organised that it was my list but unfortunately not! Think it was one of the girls who sadly left the group. In fact, I think I only packed my hospital bag at 40 weeks last time!

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GiGi18 Tue 11-Dec-18 14:08:39

Checking in, thanks for the new thread. I've felt like death the last few days, so sick and tired all the time. Three days left of work then I'm off till the 27th, cannot wait. X

wombatron Tue 11-Dec-18 14:11:37

Is there anyone here who found their nausea more under control by week 8 or 9? I keep reading about it going till 12-16 weeks but is it this bad all the way? I could weep for my Christmas plans

ReginaPhalange89 Tue 11-Dec-18 14:23:23

Checking in!

Has anyone had a private scan at 7 weeks ? Wondering how much you can see ? I wanted to book one for next week when I'll be closer to 9 weeks but I can't get an appt 😭 there are a few left for tomorrow evening when I'd be 7+2 but that's a bit earlier than I'd wanted, I wanted it right before Xmas so I can feel confident telling family !

DianaBlythe Tue 11-Dec-18 14:26:43

I keep thinking it’s getting better but vomited in the car on the way to work yesterday. Working from home today but still vomited at home this morning. 10+4 today. I think there were a few people around 10 weeks saying they were feeling better though. Makes sense if placenta is taking over a bit. Sorry you feel rotten.

wombatron Tue 11-Dec-18 14:29:11

@ReginaPhalange89 I could see a heartbeat, a sac and a blob at 6+4. Nothing that looked at all like a baby. Truthfully I won't be telling people till 13/14weeks as I'm ever the pessimist. But everyone's different!

wombatron Tue 11-Dec-18 14:30:33

I'll try and locate my scan photos. Was only last week but fuck knows where I put em!

ReginaPhalange89 Tue 11-Dec-18 14:40:50

I've managed to get one for the 23rd so I'll be 8+6 and hopefully able to see something by then !

HchyScott Tue 11-Dec-18 14:44:40

I’m 11 weeks tomorrow and from last week food aversion and nausea improved dramatically. Still got acne and cry at the drop of a hat but it’s nice to actually want to eat.
Ain’t worried today as getting a few almost period like pains but I haven’t been for a number two for a couple of days, my tummy really seems to have popped out today so whether that’s growth and it’s stretching pains or I just need to poo who knows lol!!

HchyScott Tue 11-Dec-18 14:45:33

* I am that is meant to say!

wombatron Tue 11-Dec-18 14:46:29

Oh yay! Good luck with that @ReginaPhalange89 - you're my due date twin I think so I'll be rooting for you!

ReginaPhalange89 Tue 11-Dec-18 14:48:46

Ah thank you @wombatron! 3rd baby and I've never had an early scan before ! Don't know why I'm so nervous this time around !

BirthdayKake Tue 11-Dec-18 14:53:17

Checking in. Thanks for the new thread. hope the Doughnuts are ok xx

Sickness and pure exhaustion haven't calmed down here, but I think I'm around 9 weeks and that's the peak of hormones anyway, apparently...

cathyj87 Tue 11-Dec-18 14:57:06

@Regina I had one at 8+1 and could see the heartbeat, baby just looked like a peanut but heartbeat was the star of the show!

Bought some maternity clothes at the weekend to pre-empt clothes not fitting and might have to go back for jeans soon, getting a tad tight here!

Onestep2 Tue 11-Dec-18 14:58:30

Checking in 😊

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