June 2019 - Thread 2

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rollerskaterdata Tue 16-Oct-18 10:39:53

New thread for those of us due in June 2019 😊

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Kescilly Tue 16-Oct-18 10:49:25

@LadyM0ndegreen baby 3, DS1 is 16 years old, DS2 is 8 months. EDD ??? (Breastfeeding so don’t know when I conceived or ovulated)

@Emma88w baby 1, EDD 30th May

@Torsz baby 1, EDD 30 May

@SassehMonsta baby 2, 3yrs 9 month DD. Due date, 31st May.

@Iswallowtoothpaste baby 2, 5 YO DD, due date 1st June.

@thatsoccerchick baby 2, DS was 3 in July. EDD 1 June

@Beautifulblue baby 2, 15 month old DD. Due date 2nd June.

@carlyb baby 1, EDD 2nd June

@RC000 baby 2, 2.9 old DD, due 3rd June

@rollerskaterdata baby 2, (DS is nearly 4), EDD 3rd June

@pemb baby 2, EDD 3rd June

@BLM18 baby 1, EDD 3rd June

@fee1234 baby 1, EDD3rd June

@pollykins151 baby 2, DD is 12months. Due date 3rd June.

@hopefulbabydust123 baby 1, EDD 3rd June

@Kescilly baby 1, EDD June 4th

@Stormwhale baby 2, Dd is nearly 5. EDD 4th June

@littlemissamy 5 year old DS, EDD 4th June

@annihall baby 1, EDD 4th June

@ksjourney baby 2, (DD is 6yrs), EDD 6th June

@stellarfox baby 1, EDD 6th June

@mummytomollyandbean baby 2, DD is 16 months. Due date 6th June.

@beardotdo baby 3, DTs 3YO. EDD 6th June.

@Mrsssmith11 baby 2, DD 4YO. EDD 7th June

@habbyhadno baby 3, DS1 is 5 this month, DS2 is 15 months. EDD 8th June

@SockQueen baby 2, DS 2YO. EDD 8th June, I think

@cookiecrumble88 baby 3, DD 9 DS 5. EDD 8th June

@ButtonTum baby 2, (DS is 19m months), EDD 9th June

@Azure83 baby 2, 21mo DS, due date 9th June

@MadeInCornwallx3 baby 3, DS is 4 (5 on Halloween), DD is 2.5. EDD 9th June

@Tryingtoswallow101 baby 1, EDD 10th June

@chocomalt baby 2, EDD 12th June

@confessionsofatrolleydolley baby 2, 2 year old DS, Due date 12th June

@Bimbabo baby 1, EDD 12 June

@Catren27 baby 2, EED 13th June

@jacquejacque baby 1, EDD 13 June

@craftycanary baby 1, EDD 14th June

@chipsandburgers baby 3, dd10 dd5, EDD 15th June

@pawpatrolandprosecco baby 2, DS nearly 4, EDD 15th June

@kimbishop86 baby 2, DS 10.5 months, EDD 15th June

@CollyWombles, baby 5 (rainbow baby), EDD 15th June

@KateTheHuman Baby 2, DS 3 years 9 months, EDD 16th June

@napssavelives baby 3, (ds1 5 & ds2 3), EDD 17th June

@Seastargirl baby 3, (DS 6, DD 5), EDD 17th June

@toomanyflatwhites baby 2, DD 2.5, EDD 17th June ish

@blondcat baby 1, edd 18th June

@toasterstrudle baby 2, DS 15 months, EDD 18th June

@CurlyWurly3 baby 1, EDD 19th June

@hexagon01 baby 2, DS 17 months, EDD 20th June

@holly257 baby 3, DS1 3 years & DS2 2 years, EDD 21 June

@Skybooks baby 2, DS 3 in Dec, EDD 25th June

KoalasAteMyHomework Tue 16-Oct-18 10:52:41

Yay found you all!! Still haven't added to the list as need to get on a laptop but will update when I can!

PurrMaid Tue 16-Oct-18 10:57:53

Hi everyone, I’m here following the second thread! I never added myself to the list, when I eventually get on a computer I will do it 😄

beardotdo Tue 16-Oct-18 10:59:33

Saying hi. Went to the Doctors this morning. Has referred me to the midwife and my booking in appointment is 5/11. I’ll be 9+4.

Stormwhale Tue 16-Oct-18 11:07:54

Hiya, Thank you for starting the new thread.

I got my date for my 12 week scan, it's on 27/09. That seems so far away! I will actually be 13 weeks.

Got my early scan tomorrow though at 7+1 so at least that's something. Feeling nervous about it though.

toomanyflatwhites Tue 16-Oct-18 11:08:32

Phew, I'm glad we haven't all decamped to Facebook yet! I definitely don't want to join there until we hit 12 weeks at least, it just feels too uncertain still at this point (5 weeks today!).
Random question...Does anyone else cycle? I do a very short bike from home to nursery/nursery to be station and then the same again each evening. Obviously I haven't gained any weight or changed shape yet, but I feel like I'm off balance on my bike already! Might be the 13kg toddler on the back I suppose, but i cycled short distances right up until 8months+ in my first pregnancy (as I had SPD and couldn't really walk!) and don't remember it being like this!

LadyM0ndegreen Tue 16-Oct-18 11:18:07

Had my booking appointment yesterday. Feels like I was just at the hospital, DC2 was only born in January this year.

Blondcat Tue 16-Oct-18 11:18:14

Hi just checking in to the new thread.

Curlywurly3 Tue 16-Oct-18 11:23:58

I've just seen the doctor about my sharp pain on my left side and the dull crampy in my left leg. He didn't examine me, he said I'm very early (5 weeks) and to see how I feel in 2 weeks. I asked about the flu jab and he said as I'm so early I'll have to wait. He thinks the pain is nerve related..

Great, so I'll just sit it out for 2 weeks and worry!

poppyseed2 Tue 16-Oct-18 11:26:32

Just marking my spot on the new thread

jacquejacque Tue 16-Oct-18 11:29:29

Just checking in! Nibbling on a rice cake and feeling distinctly green and frazzled today. 

annihall Tue 16-Oct-18 11:31:06

Any tips on how to deal with nausea at work? Feeling terrible and have a no food policy in the office with only one 30min break for lunch. Don't want to tell them yet as still quite early...

Skybooks Tue 16-Oct-18 11:31:32

Hello to the new thread, starting to panic now 3 test all say positive bit I think my irrational testing might come back.

3weeks and 6 days today, I hated knowing so early last time and promised myself I wouldn't test so early this time around....

Tryingtoswallow101 Tue 16-Oct-18 11:40:46

Just checking in. Feeling very nervous about the whole thing today.

joeybear1 Tue 16-Oct-18 11:57:43

Hi everyone. My name is Jo, I'm 29 and this is my first pregnancy. I'm 5+2 today and due on 13th June. I'm a bit scared and anxious at the moment that it might all go wrong, or that it all goes well but I won't have a clue what to do! It probably doesn't help that we're not telling anyone yet so I only have the OH to talk to about it.

I'm hoping to book in with the midwife today, been trying for a week but keep getting passed from pillar to post.

fee1234 Tue 16-Oct-18 12:00:18

Checking in, 6+5 today. Ordered those nausea bands to see if they work because I constantly feel like I'm on a boat 🤢

Napssavelives Tue 16-Oct-18 12:10:15

Checking in , still feeling ok. Makes me worry that everything isn’t ok. Bloody early pregnancy!

stellarfox Tue 16-Oct-18 12:25:51

Hello just checking in too. I’m 6+5 today. Time is still crawling along. I have my first midwife appointment next Thursday and hoping to have a scan soon after that. Although just realised I’ll be severely jetlagged after coming back from holiday and have booked an appointment for 4.30am current time so I’m going to try to push it back! Still a bit anxious and want to get to 8 weeks as I think the risk of mc is quite low after that. Haven’t told anyone yet but I’ve been on holiday and not back until next weds! Kind of nervous to tell people. I’m not sure why!

toomanyflatwhites Tue 16-Oct-18 12:32:26

Haha @Napssavelives I'm the same! I'm sure those who are puking horribly think we're mad but I'm almost wishing for symptoms... 5 weeks today and nothing but the insane exhaustion that's probably toddler related! (Sorry if I'm repeating myself but there are sooo many people on this thread I feel like it's probably ok!)

Kescilly Tue 16-Oct-18 12:38:17

I was wishing for nausea, then when I had it yesterday I could've kicked myself for not enjoying myself when I didn't have it. I'm 7 weeks today and haven't felt much today though.

I've told my husband that he can expect me to worry when I don't have symptoms and complain when I do have them.

Feeling miserable because of this cold and just want to get through the next few days. Does anyone have a scan this week?

Mrsssmith11 Tue 16-Oct-18 12:57:51

Marking my spot on this new thread.

6+4 today and feeling very nauseous. DD has had a really bad cough for a wee while and I've got it now. It's making me gag, I'm coughing until I nearly puke, and since I'm on the verge of puking at all times this is not pleasant!!

I've got my midwife appointment next Thursday too. Hopefully they'll get me booked in a bit earlier for a scan due to previous mc. Although my mc was later on so they might not. It'll definitely help with my anxiety if they do.

Holly257 Tue 16-Oct-18 13:05:29

Jumping on I'm 4+4 today and started feeling slightly sick, usually doesn't hit me until 6 weeks hmm my boobs are ridiculously sore, heavy and full also having loads of cramps and I have for the past week been to the Drs and just told me everything's stretching! the symptoms are making me feel slightly better but I suffered a MC last year so I'm a nervous wreck!!!

LivingOnAPear Tue 16-Oct-18 13:13:04

I’m another one not joining fb yet. Would rather wait until I’m further along, I haven’t added to the list yet either.

@fee1234 the bands really worked for me last time. I hid them under bracelets or a watch but no one actually noticed when I didn’t. You have to get the pressure point exactly right or it doesn’t work so double check online how to find the place.

@joeybear1 I’m having similar issues booking a midwife and am now worried it won’t happen in time. I’m not sure why they make it so complex. Hope you get it sorted

@annihall. Have you tried mints or crystallised ginger (if you are allowed sweets). Mint works for me with morning sickness but Ginger doesn’t. But I know it helps others. Also try the travel sickness wrist bands. It’s hard when you can’t snack tho.

@toomanyflatwhites. I cycle everywhere and did in first pregnancy. I have a similar weight toddler on back too. I’ve not noticed feeling off balance anymore than normal but I know I read something about how certain hormones increases make you clumsy or less coordinated so I’m sure there is something scientific behind it. I’m not sure when the relaxin kicks in but I think that makes it a lot worse.

I’m also having really vivid dreams and most of them seem to be based around sex. It’s probs my one of the best pregnancy symptoms so far smile

annihall Tue 16-Oct-18 13:34:05

@LivingOnAPear I might be able to get away with mints, thank you! Will definitely try that

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